Dan Ellis Slinks Away From Twitter

Most of you have probably followed the Danellisgate over the last few weeks and I won’t rehash it here, but last night the result of the social media fiasco was that Lightning goaltender @33dellis left the Twitter community after being battered and bruised by many fans and bloggers.

His final tweets read like quotes from the Lightning Marketing Manual for Dummies and he sounded like an NHL child being scolded by his General Manager:

I am grateful for those who have shown support in the last couple days but am incredibly sorry for those I have offended.

Twitter was a great way to see inside the life of athletes outside of public media. But this is even too much for me.

I feel bad for the sincere followers/fans who just wanted a glimpse of things from the inside. But with the recent explosion…

I am shutting down my twitter because in no way shape or form do I want this to disrupt my team.

I deeply care for my teammates and faithful followers. This has all been misconstrued to no end and ppl’s feelings are getting hurt.

As Ellis left Twitter he  made us all aware of his charitable contributions resume, highlighting his donations to underprivileged kids and his pledge to the Garth Brooks (Friends in Low Places) charity. I couldn’t help but feel that this smacked of Brad Garrett proclaiming that, “Some of my best friends are black.”

Ellis went on:

There was never any intention in my tweets to undermine ppl (people) who are in different income brackets. I donate 10% of my salary each year to..

Help under privileged (underprivileged) kids across the world. as long as I play in the NHL my peldge (pledge) will remain the same to The Garth Brooks Foundation.


I deeply care for the less fortunate and make many efforts to be of even marginal help. I wish you all a happy twitter experience and…

Hope you do not allow this misunderstanding to form the basis of your opinion of me. I welcome any of you to meet me in person to chat.

But no longer will I xpress things through this medium. Thx again to all the good ppl (people) I have met on twitter. I wish you all the very best.

Peace out twitter!

Perhaps Ellis will find a different way to soothe his boredom with other pursuits besides “stirring the pot.”

I view Ellis as a highly paid athlete that is sort of a doofus. He loved using the social media on a daily basis  to tell us all about his wonderful life, but left with his tail between his legs after not being able to stand up for his own comments. Hopefully his play in net will be a little stronger than his glass jaw.

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About the Author: WB Philp is a published hockey writer who has a built in disdain for Barry Melrose. He covered the Detroit sports teams for many years until he came to his senses and moved to the Sunshine State. He is a true puckhead on a mission from God (Gordie Howe) to make hockey relevant in the south. He lives in Hockey Bay USA and covers the Lightning full time. Did I mention he hates Barry Melrose?

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  1. George Prax says:

    This officially made my day, maybe even more than when the whole #DanEllisProblems hashtag got started. The guy maybe didn’t deserve the romping he got but that’s the internet, and if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen (which, amusingly, is exactly what he did).

  2. Woody Bass says:

    Funny how everyone wants to bitch and whine about Ellis speaking his mind… but they want to over sensationalize and over exaggerate the situation at the same time.


    No.. he didnt handle it well should have spoke his mind and left it at that.. and its a damn shame it appears he was forced to leave Twitter…

    Considering we are less than a month from the camp and the NHL season opening up… and THIS is what you just HAD to blog about?

    Give me a break.

    • WB Philp says:

      Thanks for the comment Woody. I think it’s great that Ellis spoke his mind…but own it! Don’t apologize or leave the medium if you believe in what you said. As far as being forced to leave Twitter…If you have information that that is true, please share! I would feel much better about Ellis if I knew he didn’t choose to take his puck and go home! All in all…I could care less what Ellis does as long as he stops pucks.

      • Woody Bass says:

        I do not know that for sure.. but I certainly suspect there was pressure to do so… after all.. we already know Vinik (not saying he’s behind this either) likes his privacy.. and my guess is he likes negative press even less especially of this nature. His closing comments.. based on what i read up to that point… just didnt sound like him.

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  4. Clubber Lang says:

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  5. [...] not have been so bothered had he manned up, done his job and stopped the puck. Perhaps Ellis had a Twitter flashback moment that distracted him. The puck went in, so any action preceding that was “necessary.” Can’t [...]

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