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I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately and this blog isn’t going to exactly redeem my status on the world wide web. This is my Fast Feather Friday edition with the latest snack-size facts on the Hawks.

Yours truly will have some more in depth pieces coming out in the near future, leading up to the World Juniors, Olympics and adding unique player profile segments as well.

Here we go:

~ The Blackhacks (<- that’s not a typo) have lost 2 games in a row in regulation for the first time in 5 years. No, not really, but it was the first time this season and it’s with good reason. The injuries aside, the team hasn’t had a strong for 60 minute effort over these games.

~ I’m all for “making a point” if you’re an NHL head coach however, I do not agree with sending Brandon Pirri down after you’re already short a Shaw and a Handzus. Let him play another week until their healthy and then send him for a touch up in the minors.

~ When Joakim Nordstrom was sent down to Rockford at the start of the year it wasn’t all due to poor performance. I was thinking the same thing that was echoed this week when he was called up. Sure they wanted him to go down, work on his overall game but most importantly, focus on becoming a penalty killing specialist. Lord knows, they need one or two these days.

~ I hate Brookbank being used as a forward. I do love having the great depth on D though.

~ Handzus is back tonight vs. Anaheim and it shouldn’t feel so relieving to most fans… but it is. The big Slovak will hopefully help settle the crew down. Faceoffs is an area that I’m sure the Hawks would like to see Zeus improve on. He’s currently at 51% (3rd on team based on sample size behind Toews and Kruger) but he’s proven at the dot and they need him now.

~ Kyle Beach was traded today to the NYR for Brandon Mashinter. I’ve said this multiple times, but I’ll say it again; I do not forsee Beach ever playing in the NHL.

~ Antti Raanta could help his cause tonight by playing a solid game. Based on historical evidence, I do not think the Hawks coaching staff came into this season saying, “Let’s play Corey 70 games”. He’s getting over worked and this has only been based on necessity. I’m not sure what’s to become of Nik-Nikky 9-Door Khabibulin, but the writing is on the wall. The Hawks have not been shy about put unproven, yet skilled Finnish goalies to the test!


That’s it, that’s all!

@TyCam out!

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  1. Steven says:


    “Nik-Nikky 9-Door Khabibulin”, what a waste of a roster spot and $2M or so in cap space.

    I Never understood why the Hawks brought Beach back this season. Hawg roster filler?

    Enjoy the Hawk/Leaf game.


    • Yeah – I think the Khabby signing would have made sense at around $1 mil. not $2 mil.

      Me neither… I guess it was a status/pride thing (I know Bowman didn’t draft him but still…) as a former high 1st round pick.

      Thanks bud!