Fast Feather Friday (11/8/13)


~ BREAKING: I thought Claude Noel would be the first coach fired but Dale Tallon has just let go Kevin Dineen and staff this morning. Other’s should follow shortly. Brian Rolston’s brother, I’m looking at you!

~ Patrick Kane is pure magic: his work against the Jets, stickhandling through them like butter was a sight to see. If he keeps racking up those highlight reels, he’ll find himself inching closer to the best in the game in that category, Pavel Datsyuk.

~ Hawks are sorry: the Blackhawks PR team worked a little overtime on Wednesday after a fan took Adam Pardy’s helmet off his head and put it on his own inebriated one. That was funny. The classy, classy lady who poured beer on him was not. It was also a waste of beer. Courtesy of the NHL – here’s the video.

~ Nikolai Khabibulin still adjusting to puck possession Hawks: Khabby will most likely get a start on the road in Dallas this weekend. This is a huge game for him to show that he still belongs on this team. A thought I had when analyzing Khabby’s poor play is that he may not be accustom to the type of style the current Hawks play. In his first stint with the Hawks he faced 28 shots/game and in Edmonton in the last 4 years, he was up to 30 shots/game. Keep in mind it’s only a small sample (with one game he was pulled) but he’s looking at 22 shots/game in 2013. Moving forward , he will continue to be sheltered by a great Hawks’ defence though. He just needs to come up with a couple big saves and stay solid in their, that’s a new scene for the Russian tender these days. This would be hard for a goalie that used to getting peppered with shots and always trying to keep his team alive. Then again, maybe I’m just searching for excuses.

~ Jeremy Morin searching for closure on benching: Morin was a healthy scratch on Wednesday’s 4-1 win vs. the Jets. I know Q is a big Brookbank fan and wants to get him, Rozy and Kostka (when he returns) as much ice time as possible. I personally thought Morin was fitting in nicely on that third line. He’s bound to have his ups and downs.

~ Hit Parade: the Blackhawks through 16 games are 20th overall in hits. It doesn’t sound impressive but when looking at an average per game they’re up 18%. They found themselves dead last in 2012-13 which isn’t surprising based on their style. It is nice to see some more physicality however. This is due in part to the youngsters attempting to impress and earn an everyday roster spot. Andrew Shaw and Brandon Bollig are leading the way with 47 and 42 respectively.

~ Marcus Kruger finally looking more efficient at the dot: he’s up to 51% and climbing. He’s 56% successful short-handed so maybe those exatra hours with former faceoff specialist Yanic Perreault are paying off. One thing though, he is still getting kicked out of too many draws from the get-go

~ Brandon Bollig sighting on the PK: he had some PK responsibility in his time in Rockford. Although not the most ideal candidate, he just another notch in Q’s versatility belt. He is by far the most improved Hawks player in my opinion. His work along the boards, protecting the puck is his best asset on the forecheck right now.

The Hawks are in Dallas on Saturday and home to Edmonton on Sunday. Let’s see if they can build off that momentum from Wednesday’s win or if they regress to a non-60 minute effort squad.

Ty Cam Out!

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  1. Phil says:

    Nice work Ty !!! I have NO CONFIDENCE in Khabby and want him GONE yesterday. ENDY STORY. The Morin scratch was puzzling. Maybe Q was expecting a more bruising game and inserted Brookbank for that reason. Kruger improving at the dot, but still losing too many d-zone draws.

  2. I hear you with Khabby… I think I was just searching for an excuse. I did want to do some digging on the amount of rubber he’s been seeing vs. how much he’ll get this year. Something to keep an eye one.

    I used to play a little net (most of it floor/road. haha) but the more shots I got, the more I liked. Easier to get into a groove.

    Now he’ll have to face less shots and for longer periods of time. Maybe to hard for the 40 year old Vodka connoisseur

  3. Steven says:

    If Khabby is truly cooked then what? Call up Raanta and hope for the best? I really don’t want to cross that bridge quite yet.