Lazy Sunday UPDATE: Hindsight is… Something Alright

Brandon Pirri
11/3/13: Update on a Lazy Sunday. So what I don’t want to write another blog. Lay off me, back-to-back’s are HARD!

The Hawks had a nice win yesterday vs. the Winnipeg Froliks. It was almost embarrassing to watch if you put yourself in the skates of the players you used to love like Ladd, Big Buff and Fro-Fro. The entire team looks deflated. In my opinion, Claude Noel looks like he’ll be on his way out soon and friend Al Cimaglia suggests old pal Mike Haviland could be in line for the gig. Great work as always by Al!

The Calgary Flames come in to the United Center limping as well, grounded after a quick start. Calgary is also down their leader Mark Giordano which hurts them immensely. The Hawks should capitalize early and often on the weak prey. The schedule only gets harder from here, so points like these need to be taken to the bank. Calgary is also down their leader Mark Giordano which hurts them immensely.

Look for Crawford to get the start again tonight and the lines to remain the same.

Ty Cam Out!


11/2/13: It’s great to be the master of evaluation after the fact. “I told you so” says a friend that vaguely told you how he didn’t think a trade, a signing or a rule change was going to work out. Well, no guff genius, it’s easy to reinforce your statement when it’s all said and done.

NHL GMs, Coaches and league decision makers don’t have that luxury when their job relies on them to be the experts; everything short of being fortunetellers actually.

The grass is always greener on the other side. This is a cliché you hear in your day-to-day lives and it rings true.

Quickly, before I get into some conversation starters that focus around hindsight being 20/20, here’s a quick preview of the Hawks vs. Jets afternoon game today.

The Chicago Blackhawks are 8-2-3. This is a fortunate thing because they have been very bad at times. The Jets on the other hand need to help their buddy Claude Noel get back to a winning record as they are 5-7-2 and have looked dreadful at times themselves.

Johnny Toews looks to build off his latest success after netting a hat trick against the Ottawa Senators earlier in the week. The bad news for Hawks fans is, the team as a cohesive unit looks about as good as Braden Holtby’s crisis aversion skills.

The Hawks must focus on what’s made them successful over the last few years. The vets need to play the team game Coach Q has preached since his time in Chicago, then the youngsters (if they want to stay here) better follow suit.

Ty’s Tidbits

Hindsight is 20/20, here are the top mistakes (and surprises) so far in the NHL to date. So Hawks related, some hockey related:

~ Khabibulin with Hawks: It’s been well documented since Khabby’s last game that he may have fooled the Hawks with black magic to convince them that he could still play. If you talk to Oilers fans though, this shouldn’t have been a surprise.

~ Razor with Flyers: Ray Emery wanted a shot at a #1 gig in the NHL somewhere. I was not surprised with his decision with Philadelphia as there weren’t many job openings. I was surprised of his length and salary he committed too. Also, no one should be shocked with the frustration building in Philly. They’re not good and Holmgren should be on the hot seat. At least Razor taking the focus off how bad they are! (courtesy of my friends at

~ Frolik’s PK skills: Who would have thunk it? The Hawks were elite in this special team last year but opted to trade Michal Frolik to the Jets in the off-season. Honestly, this isn’t the only reason and they will climb back from the basement but they need to find that player to fit that role. Whether it’s Ben Smith or Brad Mills, someone needs to step up. Also, Marcus Kruger needs to find his game. I’m a big supporter but it’s been tough these days.

Speaking of Frolik, he’s got a lot of people on notice these days. I would never have guessed his name would have landed on the front page of a magazine.

thefourthperiod - Frolik
                                                 (courtesy of Dave Pagnotta & Co. at The Fourth Period)

~ Hawks decision to let Brandon Pirri simmer in the AHL: Last year’s top scorer in the AHL Brandon Pirri has been the topic of a lot of message board conversations over the past few years. Is he ready? Is he the answer for the 2nd line centre? Well he’s there now and looking to continue to find his game in the NHL. He could be a nice option moving forward with Handzus looking a little molasses these days.

~ Varlamov’s situation with his girlfriend: No hindsight needed, awful idea bud!

~ Edmonton to go with Dubnyk: I am thoroughly interested in the Edmonton Oilers because they remind me of the Chicago Blackhawks right before they took the next step to elite-land. I was disappointed they decided to go rely solely on Dubnyk again in the net. Seems like a nice kid but they should have jumped on a more secure back up (no offense Jason Labarbera) like a Ray Emery, Jonathan Bernier, etc.

~ Anyone who doubted Alex Ovechkin: He looked like he lost his focus a little bit but… heeeesssss baaacck! Nice to see that exciting brand of hockey back in Washington by No. 8. It’s great for the sport.


What are your biggest “told you so…” moments this year?


Ty Cam Out!
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    Let’s not forget the beautiful laser by Hammer to tie the game.