The Hammer and The Crow

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The Blackhawks have been busy as of late signing two main cogs to lengthy contracts. Corey Crawford earned a 6 year, 36 million deal for his efforts in backstopping the franchise to its 2nd Stanley Cup in 4 years. While Niklas Hjalmarsson signed a backyardigan deal at 5 years, 20.5 Million.

It all evens out as it appears Crawford’s deal is an overpayment at 6 million per year but the one they call Hammer, signed a sweetheart deal at 4.1 million. The latter could have received 5+ annually with another team desperate for a dependable 2-3 d-man.

Crawford got his day with the Stanley Cup which also included the signing of his big deal. Hammer, on the other hand, had no cup but quotes that probably made players around the league cringe a bit, however, I’m sure it was music to Stan Bowman’s ears as GM.

“Maybe I could have gotten more somewhere else, but I make a lot of money, so I don’t have to think about that too much” said the Swedish defender while the ink was still drying on his new agreement.

Al Cimaglia said it best:

Al Cimiglia - twitter - Sept9

With a hockey fanbase starved for news in the cat days of summer (shout out to cats as my dog tried to bite my nose off yesterday) these signings sent as ripple effect for even non-Hawks fans through the nation. Message boards lobbied after the Crow signing that the Hawks will be sending Hammer packing.

I, on the other hand posed the question that another high profiled d-man might be out before #4. Brent Seabrook is a solid leader and vital piece to this team, however his return even next year would garner a lot of interest. I wanted to challenge fans thought process because no player on the blueline has been as consistent as Hammer has been in the last 2-3 years.

The Hawks are in good shape still moving forward in terms of salary cap as the expected increase still gives them flexibility in the upcoming years. The core is locked up and ready to contest for the cup for seasons to come.

Hockey’s around the corner and this blogger is gearing up for another year of exciting times on the ice and off the ice in ye ol’ mancave.


Ty’s Tidbits

~ The Rookie Prospect Camp kicked off Thursday in London, ON and I just watched the baby Blackhawks take on the baby Maple Leafs failing 3-2 in a shootout. I’ll have my notes from the game in the next couple of days along with some random happenings from this Summer.

~ Follow me on twitter @tycam for constant and slightly entertaining Hawks updates this year.


Ty Cam out!


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  1. Steven says:

    Hey there Stranger,

    Been Jonesing for your blog for awhile. Glad you’re back. Sounds like your dog has issues on who’s the boss.

    Watched the rookie game in six via the Leaf home page. Mac was Mac last night. Second Leaf goal was so typical of his four years with the Winterhawks. Position,position, position. One more foot out and he stops it.

    On the two signing. I still can’t believe Hammer gave the Hawks such a huge discount. Another season like the last, he easily could have gotten north of 5 million. His comments in the presser were refreshing to say the least. I’m sure Stan will be quoting him when he starts talking with the wonder twins agent. Crow on the other hand is a bit odd at first blush. Six million for six years? WTF time,right? I’m thinking, the FO knows within a percentage point or two what the cap will be and where its trending in the future. Six million wont look so horrible in a few years, even a bargain if Crow doesn’t poop the bed.

    How many minutes till the puck drops?