Lovers in a Dangerous Time

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You’re welcome for the Canadian content. But what does it all mean? Why did I select this amazing song? Well, the Blackhawks are in the midst of their 6 game road trip, coming off a shootout win against the Calgary Hitmen… I mean Flames. This is a game that the Flames will have nightmares over. In no way, shape or form should the Hawks have won that game. Ray Emery’s heroics aside, the Flames did miss open nets and hear the ringing of posts/crossbars multiple times.

A win like this can be filed in the luckier than H-E-double hockey sticks department. It’s wins like this that allow the coaching staff as well the players, the opportunity to evaluate what they truly have on board this crazy train. People’s true characteristics are brought to light, welcomed or not, in times of duress.

With 7 of the first 9 games on the road and this current extended trip seeing stops in San Jose, Phoenix and Nashville still on tap. For better or worse you are really going to have your bonding time with your teammates.

Via the twitter-machine: Mark Lazerus ‏#Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa on Ice Show trip: “When we come home after those six games, we’re going to really know where our team is.

Marian, get out of my head. This was probably the mindset of many prior to this trip and it will be interesting to see how the vibe is post road trip. Halfway in, so far so good… well on paper. These next few games could be a snowball in the face to this team. I’m not sure how someone kept that snowball in tact from the abrasive temperatures of Calgary, but a wakeup call in the “L” column in a big way seems imminent.

Are these 2013 Blackhawks close enough to dig deep again and endure the remainder of this grueling road trip in successful fashion? Does the team have this sort of playful chemistry? (*Courtesy of

I know the 2009-10 team was a special beast. It’s not everyday you get a connection like the BC boys: Ladd, Brouwer, Seabrook and Fraser , the Hossa and Kopecky BFF status or the Rockford boys helping each other take off their training wheels. In all honesty, it was a team that Chicago won’t see for years to come.

Sure, those core guys are still there, but times have changed; Sharp is without his jokester companion Burish and Toews and Kane now reside in their own rooms. To me, I think a passing of the torch to the younger generation is needed to keep that room loose. Andrew Shaw and Brandon Bollig would be 2 recent AHLers that I presume would be the strong personalities the dressing room needs. I know a lot of fans fail to see the “point” of playing Bollig. I for one see the value in it not just for what he brings on the ice, but by how he’s viewed by the veteran players and leaders in the room.

If anyone has ever played hockey you have a certain level of respect for role players. There’s nothing that builds camaraderie than when you get completely run over by a kid who seems far too young to be sporting a moustache, when out of nowhere a team mate comes to your aid. He’s not known for scoring goals or even setting them up, he is on your team to stand up for you and the rest of your teammates. Actually think about that from Patrick Kane or Marcus Kruger’s 180 pound perspective or this fellow blogger’s 107 lbs frame in minor hockey.

Like it or not, these are the guys that you want on the ice when things go bad as a player, even if he’s the guy keeping you up late at night on the road with stupid jokes and pointless hockey talk.

Let’s see how games 4-5-6 turn out in this whirlwind road trip. If there are any repeats like the one in Cowtown, roommates will be welcomed to tuck them in and tell them everything is going to be alright!


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  1. Taylor C says:

    Great read man. I definitely underestimated / overlooked the impact of the role players on the Cup team vs. this team. I figured with the core still intact, they were essentially the same threat for a cup. Kopecky + Hossa, Brouwer / Ladd / Seabrook, Bolland + Byfuglien were good friends, etc.

    Those guys need replacing if they’re going to be as dominant down the stretch!

    • You weren’t the only one. A lot of people were saying Byfuglien and Versteeg were going to be the biggest losses during the dismantling and they were important but someone like Andrew Ladd was missed much more. Not a flashy guy but just did everything well while keeping some youngsters in line.

      I also heard a story that Toews and Co. were really upset when Ben Eager was traded – they really liked him as a person and what he brought on the ice.

  2. Mike E says:

    Great article Ty.

    The loss of a guy like Ladd is irreplaceable and its no wonder that Winterpeg scooped him up and made him their captain after 10 days (give or take).

    Im betting the departure of Eager had something to do with the bar brawl with the bouncers at the Quail and Firkin. He’s always been a bit of a cement head.
    Personally i think the Blackhawks X factor moving forward has got to be the goaltending. Crawford is on fire but needs the consistency that lacked last year. Emery is a solid backup but can hardly be counted on day to day.

    Man I love hockey

    • Thanks Mike.

      Eager doesn’t make the “best” decisions on OR off the ice at times but is a warrior.

      Agreed on Crawford. My thinking when the Hawks signed Brookbank AND Rozsival in the off-season was the are trying the Chris Osgood special (see: creating a wall of shot blocking defencemen in front of a mediocre goalie) and to a certain extent that has paid off but Crawford has looked sharp in this early season.

      You’re bang on with that C word though… CONSISTENCY.