Blackhawks Fix: Randomness for a Hockeyless October

Fine. So the season isn’t starting on time, I’ve accepted that, BUT that will not stop me from finishing my game-by-game breakdown of the Blackhawks season. I mean, I’ve come this far and quitters never prosper. Apparently the stubborn and rich do though (cough… all NHL owners… cough).

It truly is a shame that we’ve crossed the bridge of another lockout under Bettman’s regime. The feeling most players got was that the NHL had this lockout pre-determined and their concessions fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, there’s nothing us fans can do except play the waiting game. As much as I’ve heard remarks from fans stressing their disgust, declaring they are boycotting the NHL for a while, you know for the most part Bettman’s right; the fans will come back. I know I will be and I wish I had it in me to take a hiatus but due to my Canadian bloodline, I’m afraid hockey has etched itself so far into my DNA stream that there’s no way I can kick it and Bettman knows… how does he know?!?!

This blog will look at the 3rd portion of the Hawks season in my game analysis. My tone has obviously changed due to my recognition of a shortened seasoned. Since I’ve touched on most teams, brace yourself because from here on out… this could get weird.



Thu Jan 10 – Stars @ Blackhawks – We kick off the reaming the 2nd half of the season with this funny video. I love Vernon Fiddler – Hilarious stuff!

Sat Jan 12 – Blackhawks @ Bruins – Tim Thomas was smart by quitting before he was locked out. He knew what was up and we all thought he lost his marbles.

Sun Jan 13 – Sabres @ Blackhawks – It’s inspirational to anyone who’s ever been called a squirt, shrimp or “hey, you’re too short to go on this ride” to see 5’9 Tyler Ennis make the NHL. He signed a 2 year deal with Buffalo and looks like he’s going to be a important part of their team moving forward. Here’s a great behind the scenes look at his story –

Wed Jan 16 – Blues @ Blackhawks – Ok, I’m bored with you St. Louis, as you were.

Sat Jan 19 – Blackhawks @ Predators – With Halloween approaching, I thought it was fitting to have this section of the blog is brought to you by the spooky Tennessee State Prison. It was built in 1898 and held about 1,000 inmates. It was ordered in 1992 by a federal court to close it doors but it’s creepiness lives on through tales of execution, riots and fires. But don’t worry they still offer tours to the public… and you said there wasn’t anything else to do in Nashville.

Sun Jan 20 – Flyers @ Blackhawks – This would mark the 1st meeting between these two teams. In need of a shakeup, I really admired how Paul Holmgren was able to trade his 2 marquee players while gaining successful pieces for the present and future. He will however have to continue to search for that Chris Pronger caliber replacement. Sorry Luke Schenn,  you don’t count.

Tue Jan 22 – Stars @ Blackhawks – Long time Star and short time Blackhawk Marty Turco just joined twitter @mturco35. Marty you’re welcome for the plug. In related news, Marty Turco Pad’s ( @martyturcospads ) has been tweeting since late March 2012.

Tue Jan 29 – Blackhawks @ Blue Jackets – A friend of mine played against Steve Mason this summer in ball hockey. He was not a goaltender, instead he played out. Maybe Steve was trying to secure himself as a 4th line forward in Columbus this season?! Hmm… maybe not a terrible idea.



Fri Feb 1 – Blackhawks @ Flames – I apologize Flames fans, I’m not picking on you on purpose but this video needed to be dusted off and released back into the world – . I remember watching this entire game; I was in a glass case of emotion that’s for sure.

Sat Feb 2 – Blackhawks @ Canucks – Boy do I hate the Canucks. There I said it. But the main reason why I hate them so much is because of how well they match up against the Blackhawks. I think a big step in the right direction coincides on how Mike Gillis handles the Luongo situation. There aren’t many suitors and despite the rumours I do not think the Hawks are interested. It’s not their modus operandi to pay a starting goalie that kind of cabbage. It will be interesting to see when the NHL resumes, who is seriously interested in Lou.

Mon Feb 4 – Blackhawks@ Oilers – I can see one place where the fans are rooting for an extended lockout being Oklahoma City. The Barons are the Edmonton Oilers AHL affiliate and with the news of Taylor Hall only a couple weeks away, fans will be buying tickets early and often to check out the young talent on this team. Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Justin Schultz are already in OKC, eager to make mediocre, fringe AHL players look silly.

Thu Feb 7 – Blackhawks @ Sharks – Pat Falloon was the Sharks first ever draft pick. He had back-to-back 60 goal seasons for the Spokane Chiefs of the WHL. Although he will always be a consolation prize to Eric Lindros that year as Falloon went 2nd overall in 1991, his skills were undeniable. Here is another example of unpredictable nature of prospects. I’m constantly reading on Blackhawks message boards, the overhyping of certain players. The reality is there’s no sense of breaking the piggy bank open to buy your brand new Kyle Beach or Brandon Saad or Teuvo Teravainen Blackhawks jersey because until they perform consistently in the NHL then they’re nothing but an unproven prospect.

Don’t get me wrong, Pat Falloon was a good player but never quite lived up to the hype and a lot of that was speculated towards his conditioning that earned him the nickname “Fat Balloon”. This sounds very familiar in some younger players these days. Kyle Beach I’m looking at you because you’re name is just too easy to make up a nickname for.

Sat Feb 9 – Blackhawks @ Coyotes – What a perfect segue from my uncalled for Pat Falloon story. Here’s a tidbit to chew on. While Pat Falloon ended up returning home to Manitoba to play in the North Central Hockey League from 2001-2007 and now I can only assuming is now bouncing around a rec hockey league, his former WHL teammate played for Phoenix last year amassing 77pts.

Tue Feb 12 – Coyotes @ Blackhawks – If you were too lazy to look up who that player was, I’ll help you out… it was Ray Whitney. He was drafted by the San Jose Sharks in the 2nd round in hopes that chemistry with Falloon would translate into the NHL. It did not.

Wed Feb 13 – Blackhawks @ Red Wings – The recent news of Dominic Hasek retiring deserves this … shoot sorry Detroit fans, I meant this A tremendously unorthodox style that one could not even begin to teach, the Dominator will always be known as a human highlight reel, a 2 time Stanley Cup Winner, a 6 time Vezina winner and a 2 time Hart Trophy winner.

Fri Feb 15 – Ducks @ Blackhawks – Quack… quack… quack… quack… This is in honour of The Mighty Ducks 20th Anniversary. Released in October 1992, part #1 of this epic trilogy would go on to anger minor league hockey coaches everywhere by the Fall of ‘92, “KIDS! The flying V does not work and it will NEVER work!”

Sun Feb 17 – Bruins @ Blackhawks – The Bruins have been spending money like mad this off-season but it’s been for a good cause. Milan Lucic, the latest to be locked up joins Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand for at least the next 3 years. Not a bad foundation they have started in Bean Town.

Tues Feb 19 – Red Wings @ Blackhawks – Carlo Colaiacovo, when you finally lace them up for the Red Wings just remember no pressure. You’re not “Him”, don’t even try to be “Him”.

Fri Feb 22 – Blue Jackets @ Blackhawks – I got nothing so here’s an amazing hit by Jack Johnson –

Sun Feb 24 – Canucks @ Blackhawks – As much as this lockout is painful to go through, it might have been more painful if the season started on time for Ryan Kesler. After a whopping 3 surgeries within a calendar year (shoulder & wrists) the Canucks have announced a January return would be more plausible then the originally anticipated November/December. It seems rushing back is a problem with a lot of players but in Ryan’s case it looks like it pays to wait, literally, he’s still getting paid his 5 million per season because he was on the IR when the players were locked out.

Wed Feb 27 – Senators @ Blackhawks – The last game in February would have been the lone seasonal battle versus the Ottawa Senators. The Sens have a great head coach (with a outstanding mustache) who has implemented a successful system. With the younger talent led by Norris Trophy Winner Erik Karlsson working well with the veterans like Spezza and Alfredsson this team could continue to surprise. It would be a shame to see Alfie retire after this season if the entire 2012-13 campaign is cancelled… although he might not be the only one if this is the end result.


So there you have it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weirdness. I will be back with the remainder of the Hawks season in the final edition of the game-by-game breakdown.

In light of this lockout my plan was to play a simulated season on NHL’13 and report back on those games (wow, is this what it’s come to?) but I’ve seen too many other bloggers with the same idea so I will attempt to get the creative juices flowing to come up with other content during this time. Besides I don’t own NHL’13… or a gaming system, so that would have been tough.

Non-Hawk Hockey Topics on the Brain: It looks like more and more players are flocking to Europe and other leagues to keep in game shape. While Bettman, Fehr and company are meeting again today in New York I remain rather pessimistic that this will get done in time for all of us to see hockey this year. The sides seem to be so far off and they are focusing on minor problems while purposely avoiding the main issues at stake.

I will be searching for my NHL replacement through the OHL and AHL to hopefully cure some of my hockey woes. I will be attending the home opener for the Toronto Marlies this Saturday, I might as well settle in and order another bag of popcorn and enjoy because this may as well become a long-term solution.

Non-Hockey Topics on the Brain: With the new array of television shows on for the fall, are there any that have caught your eye? Any that are just downright awful? I’m currently watching Revolution, J.J. Abrams new masterpiece that has Lost fingerprints all over it. It’s one I’ll continue to check out. Tonight is the Chicago Fire premiere and I will be tuning into that one as well.

Let me know your thoughts.


Ty Cam out! (@tycam)

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  1. Walton says:

    Good point on the most hated man in Ryan Kesler…getting paid to sit out..hate him. Is their a predicted final finish I dont see a record posted?

    Our divsion was weak with the Dead Wings regressing and CMB being a minor league tea and Nash losing a defencemen looks like Bettman screwing the Hawks again.

    Not sure what is more interesting the blog or the fact you are anxious to tune into see sweaty firefighter on a competitive TV station tonight.

    • Ty Cam says:

      Walton – It definitely is a shift of the guard in the Central and it would have been interesting to see how it ended up.

      If the season is lost then that gives Detroit another year to fix the void left by Lidstrom.

      haha. For your information I enjoyed the pilot of Chicago Fire… and there’s more then just sweaty fireman involved. There’s some cute paramedic ladies on there.

  2. E.K. says:

    Nice write up Ty.

    The AHL season kicks off this weekend with Rockford (Chicago’s affiliate) in Chicago for two games against the Wolves (Vancouver’s affiliate). This ought to be fun!

    Rockford is starting the season carrying 26 players on the roster. I hope they end up sending a couple of guys down soon, otherwise it’s going to be hard for guys to get ice time.

    • Ty Cam says:

      Thanks Eli,

      Everyone – this is my Rockford specialist. Eli attends some games throughout the year and has will be providing some updates on the baby Blackhawks.

      I’m interested to see how the roster shakes out as well.

      The silver lining with this lockout could be the individual progression of certain players like Marcus Kruger, Brandon Saad, Leddy, Shaw, etc. Playing in Rockford should help them develop their games.

  3. Thank you for encouraging me to go do my own my own scrutiny.
    Yours was way more detailed than mine.