Islanders Deal Roloson, Acquire Defenseman Ty Wishart From Tampa Bay

In what is turning out to be a very good week for Islanders and GM Garth Snow, the team traded 41 year old goaltender Dwayne Roloson to the Tampa Bay Lightning for 22 year old defenseman Ty Wishart. Wishart, a former 1st round pick was acquired by the Lightning from the San Jose Sharks for Dan Boyle.

Wishart, who is 6’4″ 220 lbs, has been playing for the Norfolk Admirals of the AHL. He is 4-14-18 in 31 games and is a +13. He is considered by the scouting reports I have read to have top defense paring ability. He has continually worked on his own zone coverage and by his +13 this season, it seems he’s getting it. Wishart will report to Bridgeport of the AHL as per the Islanders press release.

Snow, who seems hell bent on moving his veterans well before the deadline, has moved away from the playoffs or bust movement that was the talk of the team in training camp. After the horrific 21 of 22 streak, it left the team in a hole that would be hard for any team to crawl out of. Why not get the most for his players that he can? With Wisniewski being a -18, a mid 2nd round pick and a conditional 5th rounder was a nice haul for a modest defenseman who’s on his 4th team in 6 seasons. A B+ prospect for a 41 year old goalie (though playing extremely well), is a very good haul. If you look at the rest of the NHL, find me a team who needs a number 1 goaltender, now find me a team who would be willing to trade it’s top prospect or 1st round draft pick for a rental player, let alone a player who is nearing the end of his career. (say what you want about Roloson, and I think he’s an outstanding goaltender, but how many more years can he play at this level?)

The real question now is who is next?

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  1. HyeDray says:

    Fully agree Tony!

    There is no reason to not move Roloson now. I am sure some fans will question the timing of the move with the notion that the Isles may have been able to “get more” if they waited with both Wisniewski and Roloson. In past years the team has “waited” and each time they have — something has prevented a deal.

    Injury — what if Wisniewski or Roloson had been injuried in the coming weeks? Not only possible, but with the Islander track record for injuries very possible!

    Numbers — Roloson was playing well, but at any time those numbers could have sagged. The same with Wisniewski — reducing their value.

    Desperation — fans talk about teams at the deadline are desperate, and likely to “give up more.” The same can be said for selling teams like the Islanders. They want to get “something” for their UFAs and easily could have turned down better deals thinking they could “get more.”

    I think this is a solid trade for the Islanders and Lightning.

    Wishart will be playing in the NHL this season as the weeks move ahead. The team is on the road, and will be for a number of days. Keeping him in Bridgeport to get used to the systems will be a benefit. It would not surprise me to see him called up when the team gets home. If he is going to get NHL ice time to see if he can be an NHL defenseman, it will be with the Isles. The Islanders will want to see what they have in Wishart as his ELC expires at years end, and they need to decide if he is worth a new deal, and the terms of that deal.

    As for “who’s next” my sincere hope is that it is not Matt Moulson. As I have said in my own blog — if Molson has made his intention clear that he has no desire to sign on Long Island, then yes, by all means he should be traded. But if he is willing and able to sign here, the team should do what it can to retain him.

    After Moulson, I would look for Martinek to be traded if he can get off IR. if not, I think the Isles will be somewhat quiet — unless there is a larger deal brewing.

  2. amf says:

    I think it is pretty clear that Mr. Wang finally caught a glimpse of the movie Major League. That’s the movie where the owner tries to make the team as bad as possible so they can move it somewhere else. Trading Dwayne (who has been unbelievable) for 1 prospect is NUTS! Dwayne was the only reason they won ANY games with their lousy D and the only reason to even watch the games at all. They should have fleeced another desperate team who needed a HOT goalies, not get fleeced themselves. It is apparent they do not care at all about this team, and I should not care to watch either any more. I was an Isles fan from day one, and this is the lowest level this team has shrunk to. Wang should sell out now, and bring in new ownership. And put some new cushions in those overpaid seats. You know, the empty ones you already have and will have more of.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      what are u talking about???We acquired a possible, top flight, defense-men, who might be a top 2 pairing for years to come for a 41 yr old goalie…We have enough goalies and not enough top dmen for the future…This was a very good move by Garth, considering the circumstances…Goes along with the, “so called”, rebuild…This team isnt going to be a contender this year so why not get a former #1 draft pick whos almost NHL ready???Dmen take a while to develop so this was good timing since he Wishart was picked 10th, over all, in 2006…He’s ripe for the taking…

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  4. BDGallof says:

    Isles learned a hard lesson last season when they were poised (internally) to deal both Roloson and Biron…and then looked foolish when nobody bit.

    This year you’ve seen Garth not wait till the last minute and then pull triggers.

    Lots of goalies still even outside the game this year, even if Roloson was clearly the better goaltender on LI. I mean, lets be realistic….DP’s knees or not….what will this team really achieve?

    So whether it be DP, Lawson or whatever…Isles have at least a kid in their system who MIGHT be something…

    However, Wishart has changed teams before and not quite hit that expectation of top 3 dman that Red Line Report once touted in 2006.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      He was traded for Boyle, whos no slouch…Its not like hes been traded for a bag of pucks…

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Its good to see Garth has learned from the past…Milbury would run around rampant, making decisions without any thought behind them…Garth has done a decent job with what he has and what he has to work with…Some will say the Ryan Smyth deal was a mistake but was it really???Not necessarily…

  5. Isles27 says:

    I don’t have a problem with this deal, Roloson is 41 and his contract is over at the end of the season and there was no way he was going to be here next season plus the Isles are going nowhere this season and they actually got a body in return instead of another draft pick. I caught some of the Junior Championship games and Casey Cizikas has looked good for team Canada he scored a nice goal on a 2 on 1 yesterday off a play where he won the faceoff in the defensive zone, de Haan OTH wasn’t too noticeable out there neither was Nino.

  6. Gary says:

    I want to watch hockey NOW, not in a future. We were promised great future for 15 years since Milbury time.
    Gart is not better than that clown. Gart traded 2 best players for nothing.
    Charles will sell the team pretty soon. He is upset with Lighthouse failure. We have just 3 years to enjoy hockey in Coliseum. It is better to watch it without Gart. He does not know what he is doing. Instead of wasting time on Gordon, we could get solid guy 2 years ago as coach.