Isles Trade Wisniewski to Montreal

The New York Islanders, playing their best hockey in 2 months, traded defenseman James Wisniewski to the Montreal Canadians this afternoon for a 2nd round pick and a conditional 5th round selection.

More to come as I am completely dumbfounded by this move at this time.

Updated 5:35

I understand Garth Snow making this move if he thinks Wisniewski wont re-sign with the Islanders and this is the best deal he’ll get (considering his -18, I would say Snow got a decent return for Wisniewski). What I don’t understand is who will step into his minutes? Do they go to Travis Hamonic? Is it too much to ask a 20 year old with 14 NHL games under his belt to become a number 1 defenseman? Is there another deal to be made? I don’t see it if there is, it’s possible since i’ve been told there wont be a conference call about this trade, maybe another is on the horizon. Either way, this leaves a huge hole on the Islanders blueline (which has just returned to being healthy and has been playing extremely well).

The second problem I have with this trade is the timing. Look, Wisniewski isn’t Nicklas Lidstrom, far from it, but coming off 4 wins in 5 games (against some good opponents) what are you telling the fans, who have been staying home for most of the season before this trade? If you are just going to play Bruno Gervais and expect fans to be excited about that it’s not going to happen. Bruno is a great kid and has been an excellent representative for the team to have out in the community, but he isn’t a wow me kind of hockey player. Never has been and never will be. Are you telling fans that you know you’re a lottery team this year and fans need to accept that? You know that the Islanders aren’t a better team now that Wisniewski is gone, his compensation wont be known for another 6 months, so again, why now?

The only answer I can think of is Wisniewski wanted out. I can tell you personally that losing did not sit well with this guy. Was it Wisniewski who made the infamous “country club” comment? I think so, since that’s the intense personality that he displayed from the moment he was acquired back in July. Even in post game interviews you could see that he would be dumbfounded after games. Now, you have to take into consideration that this will be his 4th team in 6th seasons, so could it a personality issue? I don’t think so, but you can’t discount it.

All in all, the Islanders got good value for Wisniewski but once again are left to answer questions about their roster and about their intentions.

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  1. HyeDray says:

    There is little doubt to my agreement with you on the trade.

    From a position of value — it is a good deal for Snow. He got a mid second round pick and a 5th round pick for a #3-4 at best defender.

    But the intangibles department — this does not work for me either. You have more then enough cap space, he should have been resigned. The ONLY caviat — and it is something none of us will ever know for sure — if Wiz had made it clear to Snow he had no intention of resigning in July, then this is a the right move. I don’t think he would have procured a better offer “down the line.”

    What continue to concern me is putting a young player like Hamonic into the fire. He is playing fair but he hardly appears to be Dennis Potvin. He most likely needs more time in the AHL. They are more then likely rushing him — as they did to Josh Bailey and others before him.

    The Islanders need at least 2-3 veterans in the 26-33 age range who still can play top line minutes and be effective to take the pressure off the younger players and lets be honest — it does not appear that is in our future anytime soon. And I for one don’t believe it is just the arena. It is the uncertainty surrounding what is happening to the franchise beyond 2015 and frankly — I fully believe that no one with any other option wants to work for this owner.

  2. James Tinto says:

    I might see your point about what they got for Wisneski but all I can see is anohter salary dump and I am sick and tired of draft picks. I understand that the playoffs are probably done but 500 isn’t and once they lost Striet and Okposo i thought that was all i could realisticly expect. But as much as I hate Milbury he said it right the Islanders tried to lock up worst overall with the trade. You tell me how people are expected to spend money on the Islanders when you now know they not gonna score any power play goals, have no offense on the back line at all now. they could of atleast forced the canadians to take Gervais he sucks and the last thing I need is to see him play more minutes as you can tell I am one disgusted Islander fan and all they’re doing is building a team that will be pretty good in Kansas City

  3. Isles27 says:

    If you connect all the dots, what goes on during the summer with the top free agents not wanting to come here, Wisniewski barely staying long enough to have a cup of coffee here, veteran and young players having problems with coaches, the bottom line to me is no one wants to play here and there are probably more than a few players who are on the team right now who would love to get the hell out of here and I put the blame for this on Wang. He has made a complete joke of this organization (his asinine moves have been listed many times I don’t feel like listing them again) and until he either hires some respected hockey people to run things and stays out of hockey operations or sells I don’t see things getting better around here. Can they make a trade where they at least get a body for a body even if it’s a prospect in the minors I too am sick of getting draft picks in return for NHL players I mean lets be honest we don’t exactly have the track record of the Red Wings when it comes to the draft.

  4. RobC/KO21 says:

    The definition of the NY Islanders is insanity

  5. Fred Poulin says:

    As a Hab fan I like this trade a lot! We aren’t giving almost anything at all to get a right shot from the point on the power play and a good puck moving d-man to alleviate Markov’s loss for the year!

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Hes better at offense than defense…He will take some risks that will put the team in a bad position but hes a good PP specialist…