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Leave it to the Islanders to screw up something as simple as Opening Night Introductions.


A lot can change during the course of 3 years I guess. On September 12th 2006 the Islanders signed goalie Rick DiPietro to a record 15 year $67.5 million dollar contract. On October 3rd 2009, the team “forgot” to include him in the Opening Night Ceremonies. How the hell does that happen?


I understand DiPietro has been removed from the team for some time, but come on now. Even newcomer Rob Schremp, who has worn an Islander jersey only during warm-ups, was introduced. Once again, the Islanders leave people scratching their heads even when they have something going their way (Tavares’ Introduction).


Chris Botta has an interesting blog on


Botta complains how the Islanders have adapted the song Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback as the new goal song, replacing the extremely lame Let’s Go Islanders experiment song from last season. Which in turn replaced the Gary Glitter classic Rock N’ Roll Part 2. That song was replaced after Glitter was arrested and convicted of molesting young girls in Vietnam. The girls were 10 and 11. Glitter has also been arrested and convicted of having Child Pornography, and having sex with a 14 year old. Now, Botta says the team should return the song so the fans would be happy and that the Nickelback song is “lame”. Personally, I would rather have a lame song, (BTW, the song is not lame), than pay royalties to a child molesting sicko. Considering how much time and money Charles Wang puts into the Islanders Children Foundation and the Smile Train, I bet he feels the same way.


Hockey going soft?


After Brendan Witt’s incredibly hard, and 100% legal open ice hit on Ruslan Fedotenko, Evgeni Malkin came to his rescue (we’ll get back to that in a minute), after which Chris Kunitz came barreling in to keep Malkin from injury (smart move on Kunitz’s part), and while Witt is tussling with Kunitz, Jay McKee grabs Witt and drops the gloves. My question…..Why was this hit such a big problem? It wasn’t a high hit, it wasn’t an illegal hit, it wasn’t a big guy creaming a smaller skill player, it was one big defenseman laying out a big forward (who had his head up by the way). As Howie Rose so accurately pointed out on the Islanders broadcast, Denis Potvin used to throw hits like that once a game, and there wasn’t retaliation, it was just part of the game. I remember Darius Kasparaitis doing it all the time. Hitting is part of the game and clean open ice hits should be viewed as such.


Newsday’s Coverage


Don’t get me wrong, I like Greg Logan a lot. We have spoken many times over the past few seasons and he is as professional a beat writer as they come, but unfortunately the newspaper business has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Blogging and Tweeting have become the best and fastest way to connect with your readers and Logan never really adjusted to that. He would write a War and Peace blog in length every other week, where Ranger beat writer Steve Zipay would post 5 or 6 blogs a day.


Newsday has now assigned the young and hungry Katie Strang to the Islanders beat, and she has hit the ground running. Her coverage of training camp, both on Twitter and her blog was outstanding, even providing blow by blow coverage of non televised games. Newsday has delivered what Islander fans have been clamoring for, more coverage. In addition, after the opener Saturday night, former Ranger beat writer Arthur Staple has written some follow up articles as well which again provides more coverage, and a different angle from the everyday beat writer. All in all, give Newsday credit for stepping up coverage of the team. Now if we could get the same objective coverage of the Lighthouse Project….we’d be in business.


Speaking of the Lighthouse Project


I am completely fed up with this topic. I live on Long Island, I have been a resident of the Town of Hempstead 26 of my 33 years on this earth, and I am completely dumbfounded by the length the Town has gone to drag this friggin thing out. I’m glad the Queens Chamber of Commerce has publically stated its desire to bring the Islanders to Flushing, I actually hope it happens. The Islanders would finally have a home where they would be looked at as a franchise and not as an afterthought for the development deal of expensive land.


On a separate note, what does the TOH plan to do if Charles Wang does in fact move the Islanders to Queens? It’s not like they have a line out the door of developers who are looking to dump billions of dollars into the wasteland that is the Uniondale/Hempstead section of Hempstead Turnpike. Who in their right mind would ever bid on the development rights again? If Wang moves the team, the Coliseum would have to close within 5 years and the “Nassau Hub” would be the new Roosevelt Raceway, which sat in ruins for nearly 14 years until it became, get this, housing and retail. Funny, Al D’Amato was involved in that fiasco as well. Google Roosevelt Raceway if you want to know what I’m talking about.


Roster Moves


Joel Rechlicz returns to Bridgeport, Doug Weight and Blake Comeau will return to the lineup and Robbie Schremp will most likely make his Islanders debut this week. Soooooo who’s sittin?? If Comeau replaces Rechlicz, where are Weight and Schremp playing? You’d have to assume Matt Moulson is safe, Tavares, Okposo, Bergenheim, Park, and Hunter aren’t going anywhere, and Tim Jackman is the only thing that resembles an enforcer. That leaves Jeff Tambellini and Nate Thompson. I have noticed that Coach Gordon has a huge man crush on Thompson, considering that he was on the ice in a tie game with less than a minute to play. It’ll be interesting to see who’s in Coach Gordon’s doghouse early on as brought Schremp here to give him his shot and I do believe he will get it. Unlike Tambellini, Schremp has only played 7 NHL games, and the Islanders are extremely intrigued with his potential. On the other hand, Tambellini has played well this preseason and even decked Penguins Defenseman Brooks Orpik the other night. I guess we’ll see.




If anyone doesn’t believe the Islanders will be wearing the royal blue jersey’s full time next season should check out the Sound Tigers new digs. After talking with some people around the team, it appears the team will discontinue the current uni’s and adapt the royal and a new white away jersey. Then come back with a different 3rd jersey, most likely in the Navy blue they currently use. All I can say is THANK GOD!


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  1. Chris TMC says:

    Totally agree with you on the Witter hit, but couldnt disagree with you more regarding Katie the Beatwriter. I do think her coverage is ”outstanding” but definitely not in the way you meant it.

  2. Mike Westchester says:

    I have formulated a theory about the reaction to Witt’s hit and it comes from watching Malkin throughout the game. I wonder if winning the cup has gone to some Penguins heads’. Malkin threw the puck into Roli’s net after a whistle and Roli got irritated (I was a goalie, so I totally understand) and Malkin stared him down with a look that said “I’m Geno Malkin, who are you looking at, goalie?!” I wonder how it play out over the season.
    I can’t wait for the new digs next season. Tigers jerseys look awesome.

  3. mLem says:

    Bring back Glitter…and Nickelback is incredibly lame…

  4. Jason says:

    There is nothing un-lame about Nickelback. They should cease to exist. It’s the one quality I dislike about Bailey.

  5. orngfan says:

    you are only now realizing that gordon has a big boy crush on nate thompson? he must like his hair or somethin.. dudes a bum. 43 nhl games last season he had 2 goals 2 assists and was -11. what exactly did he do to earn himself a spot on the team this year?

  6. Jsr1034 says:

    Nickelback is lame as hell.  Fans have no idea what to do during the goal song and since we aren’t going to be scoring many goals this season, don’t you think we should enjoy the few times we do??