Plekanec may face disciplinary measures from the NHL

Tomas Plekanec may face a suspension after a butt-ending incident that happened during the Canadiens’ centennial game on Friday night. In the third period of the Habs’ 5-1 win against the Bruins, Plekanec butt-ended David Krejci with the end of his stick right after the face-off. Plekanec received a four-minute high-sticking penalty on the play. Krecji also received a minor roughing penalty on the play after trying to get retribution from Plekanec.

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“I don’t care about suspended, but he should stick up for [himself],” Krejci said before Saturday night’s game with Toronto at TD Garden. “But he didn’t do it. He did what he did and he just left. He didn’t respond or anything. So I think it’s a gutless move. And we’ll play them again this year, so we’ll see what happens.”

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli confirmed that he has been in contact with the NHL offices about the hit and the league is currently reviewing it.

Plekanec has never been known for his dirty play a la Daniel Carcillo, but this gesture was totally unnecessary and dirty on Krejci. The incident is very similar to last year’s play where Daniel Carcillo was suspended for hitting Max Talbot in the face with his stick. Carcillo got a one-game suspension.

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Would you suspend Plekanec? If so, for how many games?

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  1. George Prax says:

    I don’t know… Pleks isn’t a dirty player but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and go after players either. He wouldn’t have done that if Krejci didn’t give him a reason to retaliate I don’t think.
    Either way, it’s going to be an interesting dynamic next year at the Olympics, as I imagine both are going to be in uniform for the Czech Republic. Especially after Krejci’s comments…

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  3. stevenhindle says:

    Looks to me like Pleky didn’t mean the original contact, as he always chokes up on the draw, but the second blow was definitely cheap. Unfortunately, I am big Plekanec fan, so I don’t want to see him get suspended, but it was a dangerous play and if the NHL is going to stick to their guns, then I suspect it will likely warrant a 1 game suspension…if anything, a fine.

    On the flip side, that is how the Habs need to play. Get a little dirty, fight a little more and create some space to allow the talented guys to make plays. If the Canadiens keep sitting back on the physical side of the puck, they will continue to get dominated, so it’s nice to see guys like Pleky, who isn’t known to be dirty, mixing it up.

    And Praxy, as for the Olympics, I’m sure the Czech Republic will force the two of them to put whatever differences they have with each other aside. With a greater goal in common, I’m sure they will play together just fine. As for a possible brewing rivalry between the two? I would love it! Tomas needs to be motivated against players, so if Krejci becomes one of his true adversaries, then all the better.

    Go Habs Go & get this team leading scorer re-signed already won’t you Bob!?

  4. Ty Anderson says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Campbell sits on his hands with this incident, fellas, after all, it was a Bruin who was on the receiving end of it.

    However, if the tables were turned, it’d certainly be a two gamer for Krejci. I’m not being a homer here, but the records show that Campbell lets all incidents against the Bruins slide with a slap on the wrist but won’t hesitate to penalize someone in black and gold.

  5. Nick Giglia says:

    He doesn’t have a prior record, but it’s a suspendable offense – I’d give him 1-2 games.

  6. Fred Poulin says:

    I’m also a big fan of Plekanec, but it was a vicious hit, albeit not really dangerous. Now that it’s been more than 48 hours since the incident and that they already suspended Carcillo 4 games for his gesture on Saturday against Washington, I highly doubt Plekanec will be suspended.

  7. Prax says:

    No offense Ty, but you are being a homer. Whether Plekanec gets suspended or not has nothing to do with the fact that he hit a Bruin. If the hit is suspendable in Campbell’s eyes, he’ll get suspended.

    I talk to a lot of Bruins fans, and they constantly play the victim when it comes to suspensions and especially calls on the ice. The penalties on Friday were 16 minutes for the Habs, 8 for the Bruins, including several 5 on 3 situations. Plekanec got called for his actions and spent 4 minutes in the box. Let’s not act like the Bruins never get any calls in their favor…

    • Ty Anderson says:

      At the same time, Prax, let’s not turn a blind eye to the distribution of PIM’s in that game. I don’t think there was any truly questionable calls in that game, go figure, a B’s vs. Habs game not ruined by penalties, right?

      Pleks got a double-minor for that when it arguably could’ve been a game misconduct, especially considering the NHL’s new “we want to crack down on blows to the head” slogan that they selectively enforce.

      Call me a homer, but look at the last seasons playoffs and try to tell me how the NHL doesn’t use a wheel similar to that of Pat Sajak on the Wheel of the Fortune. 

      Regular season - Lucic nearly kills Komisarek with a come from behind takedown by his neck. No suspension, just 17 minutes in penalties.

      - With the game out of reach following Phil Kessel’s ENG, Maxim Lapierre goes at the B’s sniper in a sore-loser display. No suspension for Lapierre despite the NHL’s message of “no tolerance for message sending in games that’re decided”

      - In the closing seconds of the same game, Latendresse (I believe) goes for the TKO on Matt Hunwick with a flying elbow, misses and chaos ensues. Komisarek gets into it with Hunwick and Hunwick leaves with a bloody eye from an apparent eye-gouge from the “tough-guy” in number 8. How this isn’t “message sending” is beyond me and Komisarek escapes suspension/fine.

      - Game 2, things get chippy when Lucic crosschecks Lapierre’s helmet off his head. Lucic is suspended for what’s deemed a forceful blow to the head. While I’m not defending 17′s actions, there’s no consistency as the night before Cammalleri delivers a “forceful” blow to the head of Martin Havlat off the face-off. Campbell justifies Cammalleri’s blow saying that “because he took a two minute penalty, it evened out”.

      - Caps enforcer Donald Brashear lays Blair Betts out with a cheapshot and is suspended for six games. Scott Walker sucker-punches Aaron Ward in round two and gets nothing. Paul Maurice laughs off the 10,000 fine Walker is given saying “I hope he doesn’t have to sell his truck”. Funny how Walker ends up scoring the series-deciding goal in Game 7.

      There’s no consistency from the NHL’s lone disciplinarian. I’m using examples relating to those involving the team I see the most of.