You Win Gary


Dear Gary,

That is it, we’re waving the white flag, we give up, you win.

It has been well known for years now that you and your friends at the NHL offices in New York don’t care for our favorite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings.  First, you stick Detroit in the Western Conference so that most of our road games are out of the Eastern Time zone.  It must be nice to play in the Atlantic where you get to take a bus to all your games.  Then, you do everything in your power, including shutting down the NHL for a year and making Ron MacLean introduce movies for a living, to implement a salary cap.  You said that you wanted to create parity, but we all know that you just really wanted to stop the Red Wings from winning by limiting how much money that Mr. Ilitch could spend.  Heaven forbid that a team does everything in their power to win.  If some teams in the Confederacy can’t afford to keep up well then maybe they should not be in the league.  But we still beat you Gary, didn’t we.  We played under the cap and still won the cup.  Then last year you got scarred again and had to make sure every call went the chosen ones way.  You seemed to take great pride in giving him the cup at the center ice of Joe Louis Arena.

This year all your work has finally paid off.  Three of our best players left because we couldn’t afford to pay them as much as we once could, next we have to start the season half way around the world and lose our first two games, then a quarter of the team gets injured and the salary cap will not allow us to bring in equal players (no offence to Drew Miller).  Then we started to turn things around and you got scarred again.  So what happens, you disallow a goal scored by Brad May that would have tied the game against Dallas on November 18th.  And jeez Gary if we are counting on Brad May to score our goals doesn’t that mean you have already succeeded in your master plan?  The Wings lost to the Stars and then proceeded to lose four of the next five games (including the fifth game where 2 Dan Cleary goals were disallowed).

So you win Gary.  I guess this is what you wanted; the Red Wings are no longer the front runners to win their division.  Unless your ultimate goal is to have the Wings follow the Shock and move to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I mean a hockey team in Tulsa would do much better than one in Detroit. (On a plus side the Tulsa Red Wings would make more since to be in the Western Conference.)

My only question to you Gary is why?  Why do you hate Detroit?  Is it because we love hockey more than basketball?  Is it because we are actually located north of Canada?  Or do you just dislike the people here?

Just think how many cups the Wings could have won if you would have just left us alone or actually liked us.  And add the fact that two of our top defenseman went down to non-hockey related career ending injuries; the Wings could easily have two or three more cups.

Oh yeah one last thing, don’t think that we didn’t notice how Honda has become the official vehicle of the NHL.  That does not go over well in these parts.

Yours Truly,
Detroit Red Wings Fans

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About the Author: I am a journalism student at THE Ohio State University. I broadcast Ohio State sports on Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio ( Born and raised in SE Michigan.

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  1. J. OzVath says:

    Play NHL 10, you’ll hate Honda even more

  2. Mike P says:

    The salary cap hurt a lot of NHL teams, not just Detroit.  It basically dismantled the Tampa Bay Stanley Cup team of 2004.  Also, not to defend Bettman, as I cannot STAND him, but some of the blame has to also be placed on the Detroit organization who felt it okay to go into the year with Osgood (who hasn’t played more than 46 games in a season since 03-04) and Howard (who had 9 games experience and 1 win to his name before this season) as the goaltending tandem. Surely the team could have done more to try and acquire a bit more help in the crease.