Question Period – Leafs Edition

*Inspired by Eric Engels’ format over at HockeyBuzz. Great stuff.*

Ten questions as you soak in another disappointing overtime loss, this time against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s that bitch known as Lady Luck.

1)   Is Jonas Gustavsson now in sole possession of the starting role in Toronto? How many games will he start this season?

2)   Do you think Vesa Toskala will be shipped by the Trade Deadline? Will he have any value by then?

3)   Do you think Phil Kessel should stay on a line with Matt Stajan and Jason Blake, or should Ron Wilson try to surround him with different players?

4)   How many goals will Kessel pot this season?

5)   Have you been impressed with Mike Komisarek’s defensive game of late? Or do you think some improvement is still in order?

6)  Which players need to step up in terms of overall performance?

7)   Do you think Jiri Tlusty should be given another shot on the Leafs, or should he stay with the Toronto Marlies?

8 ) What about Victor Stalberg? Is it time to recall the “Swedish Rocket”?

9)   Do you think Brian Burke needs to make a trade to shake-up the team? Does the offence or defense need upgrading?

10) Will the Leafs make the playoffs?

Bonus Question

11) On a scale of 1 to 10, how epic fail is the nickname “The Goose” for Gustavsson?

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  1. 1)   Yes. 50
    2)   Yes . 3rd round pick or equally bad expiring contract.
    3)   Surround him with different players. Mainly Mitchell.
    4)  21
    5)   Yes until that brutal ot goal against Tampa. More improvement please.
    6) Everyone except Kaberle, Gustavsson and Kessel
    7) Stay with the Toronto Marlies.
    8 ) No
    9)   He needs to make a trade to upgrade the forward group. Too many second liners, not enough legit 1st and 3rd liners.
    10) Nope.
    Bonus Question
    11) 11+

  2. BCapp says:

    1) 50 of the remaining 69
    2)Biron or Roloson will be moved first if DP gets healthy.  But we’ll need to play him, and he’ll have to play decent to be worth anything.
    3) He’s playing with Mitchell Friday… I think the answer is Poni, Grabs, Kessel.  Grabs and Kessel have great speed with Poni having size who can crash the net…
    5) He’s looking solid now, but not 4.5 mill good.  He can use more improvement
    6)In particular, Poni’s gotta pick it up (one of my favourite leafs), Schenn, Beauch, Komi, Kuleimin, Wallin (offesnively), BLAKE!!!!!, Stajan, the Vesa (what a shitty nickname), and I am probably missing a few
    7) Not right now
    8) NOt right now
    9) Not until we win a few so we seem less desperate, thus we don’t get ripped off
    10) Ain’t happening
    11)1000.  Lets stick with the MOnster

  3. mike p says:

    1)   Yes, 45+
    2)   No, who would take him?
    3)   See how things go.  Maybe try Grabby?
    4)   20
    5)   It’s good. But he’s still overpaid for what he brings.
    6)  Beauchemin, Stajan and Blake HAVE to step it up.
    7)   Sure, why not?
    8 ) No, let him develop and get more ice time in the AHL.  No sense bringing him up to a last  place team.
    9)   Let’s see the chemistry made with Kessel.  At some point Kessel will need a #1 center, but not sure how Burkie could pull that off during the season.
    10 Definitely not.
    Bonus Question
    11)He’s “the Monster”. Forget this goose stuff.

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