Shots from the Point: 11/29/09

In this Edition:  Matt Cooke and Anisimov, Jay McKee’s return schedule and the CBC calls Tenks dirty and in this case they are right.

Matt Cooke and Artem Anisimov

Cooke is Guilty, Fedotenko not so much.

Cooke is Guilty

In the Saturday night opener of a home and home with the New York Rangers winger Matt Cooke took a run at Rangers rookie Artem Anisimov.  I have searched high and low for a video of the hit to no avail.  However during intermission of the Edmonton-Vancouver game late last night the CBC brought the repaly to the screen for the only time I’ve seen it.  Watching the replay Cooke left his feet.  Its the kind of hit that I stand in total opposition to. Ranger’s coach John Tortorella had this to say.

“There’s a big thing this year with these headshots and what the league is going to do,” said the Rangers head coach. “To me it’s pretty simple: change the rulebook. I’m not sure what’s going to happen (regarding a suspension for Cooke). He leaves his feet. It’s an absolute head shot.”

Look I love my team, and I will stand up for our players when they are right.  Cooke is 100% in the wrong for the hit he laid.  He intentionally elevated the blow by leaving his feet.  I am in complete agreement with Tortorella when he says it is time for the League to modify to rulebook and outlaw these types of altercations explicitly.  TSN’s Bob McKenzie also tweeted the following regarding potential disciplinary action for Cooke

It was a dirty hit and Cooke deserves to get suspended for at least a couple of games. This is the hot button issue in the league right now and the NHL or Colin Campbell, need to set a real standard for these types of hits. If you do them, you will miss games. It has to be as simple as that.

I agree the league has to do something.  However I will also be an outspoken critic if that hit lands Cooke any more than a fine or one game.  Given the hits of earlier this year from Rob Scuderi, Tumomo Ruutu, and Mike Richards and the level of sanction handed down by Colin Campbell to those players it would be disproportionate for Cooke to face more than a game.  Bob hits it on the head.  There needs to be a standard and right now there isn’t one.

Jay McKee’s Return

McKee could return Monday

Yesterday I reported that the Penguins were indicating the return of defenseman Jay McKee could occur this coming Thursday against the Avalanche.  However during last night’s broadcast on FSN color analyst Bob Errey stated it could be as early as the capper of this home and home series with the Rangers on Monday.  Whenever it happens there is going to be a hard decision regarding Matin Skoula.  Skoula has been a stalwart on the Pens blue line during this decimation of the D-Corps.  Now that the original 6 defenseman are ready to go expect Skoula to rotate into the lineup regularly as defensemen need a break.  I fully expect Skoula to return to his 7th man role, but he might see considerable more time that a typical 7th Dman.

Fedotenko’s Supposed Slewfoot

Tenks Intentionally Slewfoots Avery

Tenks Slewfoots Avery

Also on CBC last night from commentator Jeff Marek was the accusation that Penguins forward Ruslan Fedotenko committed a slewfoot and that was the reason Rangers goon Sean Avery went after him.  RETRACTION – Earlier I said I didn’t see the slewfoot.  @PuckCentral put me face to face with the video again and I caputred it and made a frame by frame gif which I have put up here.  Avery has a beef.  It does look like Tenks intentionally slewfoots him, and that’s really out of character for Fedotenko.  It’s not as surprising when judged in the context of the attempted headshot from Avery on Sidney Crosby earlier in the game and Avery might have had it coming, but it’s still wrong and really disappointing .

Shots from the Point is a periodic feature of SLBD that just hits on some things going on with the Pens.  By periodic I mean whenever there is a lull in other things to rant on that merit a column all of their own.

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  2. Derek says:

    Great post. It’s nice to see such a refreshing outlook on what happened from your side. Didn’t see the hit or the slew as I’d already left. I want Cooke in for tomorrow to face the music.

  3. AJ Turner says:

    The animated GIF doesn’t show enough before and after.

    If you watch a few seconds before and after what’s actually shown in the GIF, you’ll see that Fedotenko didn’t intentionally touch Avery at all. Their skates bump, but Avery barely even flinches and doesn’t fall down or anything. Fedotenko is simply trying to square-up to the guy with the puck who’s getting ready to pull the trigger on a shot so he can block it. It’s just a typical hockey play where two guys come together during a typical hockey play.

    It sure didn’t warrant a sucker punch from behind!

    As far as Cooke goes….from what I have seen, it looks like a cheapshot, but I haven’t been able to locate any video where I can see his skates leaving the ice. Regardless of that, he did hit him in the face.

  4. J. OzVath says:

    Tenks intentionally sticks his skate out.  Its obvious.  At first I thought he was trying to avoid Max.  I’ve watched the entire video a ton of times and there is simply no reason Tenks would stick his toe out like that other than to hit Avery’s skate.  The way in which he lifts it at the end is the proof to me.

    What it caused Avery to do is inconsequential and thank goodness it didn’t end up with the back of his head smashing off the ice.  The bottom line is that Feds meant to push the back of Avery’s skate.

    Avery is a goon. He took a run at Sid prior to this and likely this was Karmic payback on the ice, it doesn’t make it any less wrong nor does it justify him trying to sucker Feds, but Feds was wrong for doing it.