(Gasp!) A coach used the F-word!

Please tell me it isn’t so! Bruce Boudreau dropped some F-bombs because he was pissed that his millionaire athletes were playing like a bunch of whiny kids…..and this was a surprise and shock to people!? C’mon….no one…not even the Bible-belters….can honestly be shocked that in the high-stakes world of the NHL angry coaches can actually use profanities to emphasize a point to under-achieving athletes!
Having played hockey all the way up to Junior A I was in plenty of dressing rooms where the coach would let loose a profanity-laced tirade like the one Boudreau uses on the HBO special 24/7. If we were playing like shit….we were told that in no uncertain terms! To be accurate…..it didn’t happen when I was a kid…but as I moved into higher-level hockey…and got older…say into my mid-to-late teens…the coaches knew that the words they used to motivate us were words we heard…and said…all the time.
They were words meant to emphasize what they were telling us….and if our sensibilities were so shocked that their use offended us…than maybe we should be elsewhere….doing other things.
This is a tempest in a teacup, folks. A mountain out of a molehill.
That HBO special about the Washington Capitals-Pittsburgh Penguins rivalry is brilliant. It’s fantastic look inside the workings of two of the NHL’s best hockey teams…and what’s especially interesting is the contrast presented because one…the Capitals….is playing below expectations at the time of the filming…while the other…the Penguins…is flying high.
If Caps coach Bruce Boudreau dropping the F-word because he’s angry and frustrated about how his team is playing ruins it for anyone…I would definitely question what world they’re living in.
People use profanity in every walk of life…don’t let the words prevent you from watching a fantastic piece of documentary film-making.

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About the Author: Lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan...even though I was born and raised in Toronto. I wish the NHL had a balanced schedule because I would love to see more western teams come to Toronto. Would love to see Quebec City return to the NHL.

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  1. Diane says:

    Wowo….that is my favorite word….FUCK…..
    ps…I am 68…….chill out people!
    Granny D