Draft Reactions and Reflections

We figured it would be fun to write down our reactions to draft day, instead of reacting a day or so from now. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is what we thought while watching the draft.

Bed- rock bottom coach

Bed- rock bottom coach





Last year, Garth Snow offered the all of his draft selections for Ryan Murray, but not for Seth Jones this year?  We are sure Nashville would have turned it down, but maybe not Tampa Bay. We are also sure that despite the team, the call was never made.


There are pros and cons to Clutterbuck move.    Nice addition, but for Nino?  Snow hates his own picks.  Bust of a pick from the second it was announced.  The second the Isles passed on Fowler they lost the ’10 draft. Lottery picks are supposed to be cornerstones for dynasty building- see Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh. That we send our for a checking 4th liner? Ughhhhh.


Clutterbuck is not the problem.  You can talk about a number of positives from his game.  The problem is dealing your only prospect that plays wing and who is supposed to score goals for a penalty killing/hitting specialist.


So much for the competition everyone talks about.  Petrov promised a spot next year, Clutterbuck taking one this year, Bailey expected to be to re-signed, why would a first line talent want to be here?


Ullstrom, Lee, etc… late round picks, next year picks etc… all should have been considered for Cal.  This move is the same as a Milbury move.  Pulled the trigger too fast.  Reminds us of trading Bertuzzi, McCabe.

Snows drafts as well as Milbury. Look at the results

Bailey for Cal would have made sense on all levels.  RFA for RFA.  Pts for pts, penalty killer for penalty killer. All jokes aside, Bailey is absurdly overrated.


Garth Snow is the butt fumble of Gm’s. New Jersey rubbed off on him. Not the Devils, who solved their goaltending future in one fell swoop.


Schneider for the 9th?  Isles couldn’t get Luongo or Miller for the 15th?


And so Snow drafts another defensemen? Snow has drafted what, 300 defenseman? How many play in the NHL? 2. For the Islanders? ONE.


Pulock a replacement for Streit?  Streit is gone now, not four years form now.  No chance Pulock is on the team this year. Plus, Reinhart, De Haan, Donovan are replacements for Streit. How many PP QB’s can coexist?


2 first round picks, 4 of which were lottery picks, in the NHL. One was a no brainer, the other is a failure considering he has moved lines and positions, and hasn’t fulfilled expectations at any of them. No team protects lottery picks this long, either by burying them in the OHL/AHL or with baby steps contracts. It shows a lack of confidence in his own abilities. Again. That’s why he loves the waiver wire- not his picks, yet supplants his picks.


Garth Snow says “the team has been built though the draft”  Hmmm, maybe the waiver draft.  His first round draft picks, Reinhardt, Strome and what would have been Niederreiter are not allowed to be on this team.  If your first round picks don’t play, might as well trade the pick every year and rely on rounds 2-4. Since JT91, who walked into the lineup, every first round pick has since, starting with Calvin DeHaan has been buried. Even Nino’s audition was playing with Jay Pandolfo.


Also, trying to trade DP’s contract so someone else can buy him out? Weak. And stupid thinking.


Joined at the suck

Joined at the suck



After reflecting for twenty-four hours, we still like Cal Clutterbuck as think Snow did as well as he could with the Isles first round selection of Ryan Pulock.  Then they drafted a couple of goalies, signed another one, drafted a center who is as big as most eight graders or someone on twitter said, “The Isles just drafted Frodo.” (still lauging at that one.)  These picks are always projects and no one knows how they will turn out.


One thing that irks us is the trading of Nino for Mr. Clutterbuck.  Correct us if we are wrong but should Cal have stayed with Minnesota until July 5th, then the Islanders could sign him to an offer sheet.  Said offer sheet would have been in the one million to two million range and the price would have been a second round pick.  Seems as if we had a chance to have both player or at least make another deal.


The problem is not with trading Niederreiter, if you have read our past works of art you know we don’t exactly love him, however he was the only wing with goal scoring ability in the organization that was a viable option in the near future.  People will point to the goal totals of Sundstrom and Persson, we will point out Blake Comeau, Rhett Rhakshani and recently departed David Ullstrom.  Rating prospects certainly is not an exact science, however one would think that a former lottery pick (yet another to not contribute for Islanders) could have landed more than a two-way thirty-five point player. We feel Garth could have been a little more of negotiator and maybe offered Ullstrom and another prospect or later round pick before David skipped town.  There are a number of deals that could have been considered and it seems that Garth jumped the gun.  Of course we will never know, but it sure is fun to assume.

We will see how the rest of the off-season plays out, but we’re pretty sure we can sleep in on Friday, because we expect more of the same.


P.S. This comes on the heels of the DiPietro buyout. At first, that seems like a big boy move, until you realize that the buyout given the Islanders $12 million to spend to get to the floor. Hamonic and Bailey will take up $4-5 million, and a new goalie can eat up another $4-5 million. That leaves $2-$4 million for the rest of the RFA’s, and maybe a rookie in the lineup. Not a first round pick rookie, but like a Matt Donovan. You know Matt Donovan- one of the 6 Mark Streit replacements we’ll be auditioning in the next few years!

99 probs

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  1. KO21 says:

    WHy is it always WE? Are you guys joined at the brain or do you guys ever disagree on anything?

    • MattandDan says:

      Why is it we? See the authors names?

      But since you ask, here’s the writing process:

      1) We have a conversation. This generally creates the blog topic.

      2) One of us writes the first draft and emails it to the other.

      3) The other adds or edits as they wish and replies.

      4) It gets proofread usually, and posted.

      And while we’re not of one brain, it’s rare that we disagree so vehemently that it can’t be written about. Sometimes one of us is extreme and the other tempers it…so yeah, we.

      One topic we did disagree on was when Snow should be fired. One of us felt that regardless of playoffs or not he should go, which is the case in all recent successful rebuilds. The other felt he should have gone last year.