I Hope You’re 21, ‘Cause You Might Need a Drink on Saturday Night

The strive for five should start with a drink

If you have no interest in seeing the outcome of the game, then you should try Ommegang Adoration. At 10% abv, this beer has a relatively high alcohol rate. A 12-ounce pour is like drinking two and a half Heinekens. But, that’s not why you will not make it to the end of the game. For whatever reason, Ommegang brewed a beer with the incapacitating effects of Nyquil. We’ve never had this beer and not fallen asleep within an hour. It’s like watching a Jack Capuano coaching session.

If you have marginal interest in seeing the outcome of the game, then you may want a Belgian classic such as St. Bernardus Abt 12. We’re not sure if abt stands for abbot, or why they didn’t spell out abbot, but abt should stand for awesome beer. The recipe is a clone of the hard to get your hands on Westvleteren 12, and its abv, checking in at 10%, will let you accept the 2-0 final score through a haze of monastery-ish goodness. It’s like Matt Moulson: reliable, consistent, and hard to find a superior at this price point.

If you want to be a casual fan and sit back with a few cold ones, we’d lean on the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin. This fantastic fall beer is a delicious 8%, and it’s an opening day tailgating staple…wait, what? It’s January? Aw, dude, WTF? OK, well if that’s the case, and we’re looking more wintery, then you aren’t going to go wrong with any of the following: Troegs Brewing Troegenator (at 8%), Delirium Tremens (8.5%), and Delirium Nocturnum (8.5%).  These guys, at 8-12 ounces per period, are completely enjoyable and will help you forget how awful the team looks with Capuano as coach. Trogenator and Nocturnum are darker in color, so, if that’s your thing, then light it up. Delirium is best enjoyed from a tulip bulb looking snifter.

If you are being social, Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro is delicious. It’s dark like the soul of Charles Wang but tastier than DiPietro’s hipster hat. Stouts are not a usual pounding beer, so you can enjoy a few 6%ers and be social while your favorite team on the ice looks like a Benny Hill skit without the awesome soundtrack.

If you don’t want to miss a single awful play or the awesomeness that is John Tavares, maybe you should go with water. But water is boring, so I’d suggest a good session beer. Now, there are a good number of sessions to choose from.  The go to session, for any season for us, is generally Sam Adams. So, Sam Adams Winter Lager comes to mind here. “Normal” abv, full-bodied, malty sweetness, that won’t leave you feeling like Mattymarts17 just ran you over. And we also give a tip of the hat to Harpoon Winter Warmer, aka Christmas in a bottle.

Lastly, if you don’t like yourself, go Bud Clamato. If you’re not familiar with this gem, it’s Budweiser beer mixed with tomato juice and clam juice. All in one can. Which means somewhere, sometime, a person was drinking clam juice. Then they added tomato juice to it, but it still wasn’t right. So, they added Budweiser. Truly, a perfect storm of disgusting. Like any Rangers fan.

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