We Are Not That Dumb


It can be assumed that the Isles and Garth Snow are on a strict budget.  Whether they say it or not, their actions support such.  However, since they constantly say the opposite, they should be held to their own words.  Garth consistently repeats, three times a year, once before free agency starts, again after training camp, and at the trading deadline, that if a move to improve the team is there, then he has full authority to make said move. Are we supposed to believe that the only moves to improve this perennial last place team have been Matt Moulson, PA Parenteau, Brad Boyes, John Graham, Brian Rolston etc…?  In the words of Gob Bluth, “Come On!”

We understand that a few of their acquisitions have turned out quite nicely, but you can’t tell me that a GM with full authority to make moves on a team with as much cap space as payroll can’t make a trade or sign a free agent that other teams are also looking at.   Believe me, in no way are we saying to mortgage the future and trade prospects and picks for 35 years olds.  In no way are we saying to throw a max contract at whatever may be considered an upgrade.  Of course, you need to make smart moves.  The thing is that you need to show that you are smart and make a move.  Other then John Tavares, our cap space is our greatest asset. It is useless if it is not used. Well, not for Mr. Wang who runs this team like Rachel Phelps ran the Cleveland Indians. There are, and have been, a number of players with either large contracts, movable contracts, or contract problems that would do wonders for this team (Joe Thornton, Ryan Malone, Lecavalier, Corey Perry, Jay Bouwmeester, Zach Bogosian).  We understand that maybe their age or production on their current team is not ideal.  However, what they would do for the development of players like Ryan Strome, Nino Niederreiter, Kevin Poulin, Travis Hamonic, Matt Donovan, Griffin Reinhart, etc… would greatly outweigh the contributions some of these players are making to their current teams.

Two glaring areas where “upper management” gracelessly puts their foot in their mouths are goaltending and coaching.  Are we to believe what Garth and Charles say?  Rick, if healthy, can contribute.  Rick is an important part of this team.  Jack Capuano is “the best x’s and o’s” guy in hockey.  Jack Capuano was the only logical choice to replace Scott Gordon (without mentioning that he was logical because he would coach for a sack of White Castles instead of a pay check). Come on!

We have seen more out of Kevin Poulin than Rickety (see @ricketydipietro on twitter) over the past two seasons. We don’t care about the length of his contract.  We care that he can’t play.  And when he does play, he is detriment to our team. We wanted Rick to succeed as much as the next guy, but like Jake Taylor, his body cannot handle it. Come on!

The following coaches have been available over the past three seasons: Bob Hartley, Paul Maurice, Marc Crawford, Michel Therrien, and even the Indians Lou Brown. Are they all better than Capuano?  Absolutely.  Are they all recycled coaches?  Yes.  Do they all come with experience? Yes. Do they all come from winning teams? Yes.  Have they coached all-star players and veterans on this level?  Yes. Have they coached rookies? Yes. Has Capuano done any of this?  Hardly. He did mentor under the stellar Islander head coach, Steve “Lobotomy” Stirling. And this is the best X’s and O’s guy? Say it with us, “Come On!”

We do applaud aspects of Jack’s coaching.  He lets his players be players. He does not over manage like Scotty Overspeed.  He also does not get in the way when his best player takes charge and overrides the coach’s idea for a game ending play.

As fans, we will follow this team, and have followed this team, through thick and thin.  We do not need to be sold on the future or potential.  If we were going to jump ship, we are pretty the sure the opportunities to do so already have presented themselves.  All we ask for, and all Isles fans should ask for, is the truth.  Where are we going, and how are we going to get there?  We beg of you, Islanders Organization, tell the truth or keep your mouth shut; we are not that dumb.

Authors Edit: We understand that there are several references to the Cleveland Indians from the fictional movie Major League.  The fact that this team can be compared to a fake team from a movie is indeed pathetic.


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About the Author: We are two long time hockey fans who certainly have our own opinions and points of view. Feel free to share yours. Follow on twitter @joshbarely

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  1. Patrick Christopher says:

    “We Are Not That Dumb?” Don’t sell yourselves short.

    • MattandDan says:

      You’re completely right, as we still buy tickets. But we’re aware enough to understand why Lubo doesn’t want to come here- look at the three ring management.

      • ChrisTriants says:

        So why do the players re-sign here? Why did Tavares stay? Why did Grabner and Okposo re-sign for the long-term? Why did Nabokov decide to play another year? They don’t hate it here. The perception inside is certainly not a “three ring management.” If it was anywhere near as insane as what everyone says, the Islanders wouldn’t have re-signed any of them to long-term deals. The team has a plan, and a lot of players don’t want to join a rebuild, especially when the team had no future home.

        • MattandDan says:

          To speak to your points:

          1) Because Tavares is the best thing to happen to this team since Palffy. But Okposo? Someone offers him $15 mil for what his career was up tto at that point would be CRAZY not to take it. Same goes for 3 teams in 12 months Grabner, and already people are questioning what we gave him 5 years for with a 45% decline in productivity.

          2) Nabokov came bc they gave him $2.75 reasons to, and promised him a starting job. $2.75 was more than 5 times what Detroit offered him to be insurance. The man has pride…and wanted 300 career wins.

          Here’s a question- who do they poach from other teams with solid offers? Are you saying that this crew couldn’t get a free agent from a more awful team? That’s a limited list, I know…but sign PK Subban to an offer sheet. Sign Evander Kane to an offer sheet. IT may get matched, but it’d be gutsy.

          Thanks for the comment.

          • ChrisTriants says:

            1) Tavares is the best thing to happen here. Okposo’s cap hit of 2.8 M, and Grabner’s cap hit of $3M look like a steal, especially with the Devils new deal for Travis Zajac, and several other guys who were signed over the past few summers. I have been critical of both, but I also don’t think you can say both aren’t worth what they make. I’ll be more decisive on Okposo after this season, but Grabner can score 40 goals any given year. He may not have converted, but he certainly had his chances last year. I actually wrote a piece about him last season, dubbing it “the Michael Grabner Effect.” My biggest critique of him is that when he misses those breakaways, it’s a complete momentum swing for the other team, and a lot of our blown leads last year actually started after he failed to convert. He’s a good hockey player in all three zones, and I’m not willing to say he can’t score 20 goals in a short season.

            2)Nabokov re-signed after he got his 300th win. We grabbed him off of waivers, and I’d say it worked out for us. He re-signed afterwards, and he earned it.

            3)I think a lot about free agency. I think the Isles have sent out “better” offers to other players, and have been spurned in the past. The team can offer contracts to whomever, but you can’t force someone to sign on the dotted line. Paul Martin chose Pittsburgh. Christian Ehrhoff said no. Dan Hamhuis chose to play closer to home. According to everyone else, the only team more awful than the Islanders is Columbus, and I don’t want anyone from there.

            I also think, at this time, an offer sheet would be smart for PK especially. A gutsy move is needed, but I truly don’t foresee this team going into 2013-14 without spending on somebody else. Visnovsky was the attempt this year. Of course, Vis is doing Vis things.

            Maybe the team improves this season. I’m not saying they’re contenders, but I’m saying to let some of these games play out first before killing them. A lot of game-ready legs on this team.