Quite the Coup After All: Trade Price for Gagne Well Worth the Risk

So, yeah, I’ve spent much of the last week preaching every reason I could think of as to why Steve Yzerman and the Tampa Bay Lightning should not acquire Simon Gagne from the Philadelphia Flyers and I did so in several forums. Here, where comments and responses elsewhere were split – about 50/50, in terms of those that agreed with my points versus those who thought differently; on the most recent episode of The Bolts Beat, where my Gagne-happy co-host, Mike Corcoran, fought me tooth and nail, point for point; and on Twitter, where I found significant support after wondering if I was the only one out there so vehemently against the move.

The problem is (or was, I suppose, now that Gagne is indeed officially the newest member of the Lightning), none of us, no matter how we were thinking, had any inclination that the price for a player of Gagne’s caliber would be as low as it turned out to be.

I opined that, at most, a 2nd round draft choice should be the offer out of Tampa Bay and that anything Philadelphia desired beyond that should be met with a chuckle, a thank you and a swift return to the wait-and-see, methodical approach.

But flipping another disappointment from seasons past in defenseman Matt Walker and a 4th rounder in 2011 for Gagne was far more (or less, depending on how you look at it) than anyone could have expected – and certainly a price worth whatever risk(s) come with the player.

While the Yzerman love fest appears to have already hit its stride here in Tampa, as evidenced by a second round of calls today from my readers for a statue in his honor outside the St. Pete Times Forum, folks may want to remind themselves that his team has yet to take the ice on his watch. That said, I can see how people have a hard time not getting ahead of themselves when you look at what the Lightning’s new GM has accomplished in a very short period of time.

Walker and fellow defenseman Andrej Meszaros, both with contracts considered to have crippling effects on any trade hopes for either player prior to Yzerman’s arrival, are no longer Tampa Bay’s problem. Regarding Meszaros, it was thought that if any team did have interest, the Lightning would be forced to take some unwanted salary back. That Yzerman was able to land a 2nd round draft choice from the Flyers in that deal still leaves many stumped.

Add the details of today’s move and you have a pair of Philadelphia-Tampa swaps that add up to highway robbery:

Meszaros, Walker and a fourth in 2011 for Gagne and a second in 2012.

$23.775 million in salary and a combined $5.7 million dollar cap hit until 2013 out and $5.25 for a single season in.


Granted, Philly was up against it, cap-wise but come on… Just what is it Stevie Y is holding over the collective heads of the Flyers organization? (The threat of running video of Darren McCarty’s undressing of Janne Niinimaa in the 1997 Cup Final on repeat on LightningVision whenever the Flyers come to town, perhaps?)

In all seriousness, I don’t mind being wrong from time to time and, since my potential beef with a Gagne trade was all contingent upon the asking price, how could I possibly have anything bad to say about the Lightning bringing in a player who has topped 20 goals seven times in his career, 30+ four times over and 40 or more twice for a 5/6 d-man and a mid-round pick next summer? Not a chance.

Further, for all of my public concerns about adding Gagne and worrying more long-term, should things work really well and he stick around for more than just a single season, clearing out Walker’s salary over the next three seasons at least lightens that burden somewhat – and potentially gives the Bolts a good problem to have.

It also gives them a top-six forward bunch that has the potential to be the best in the entire National Hockey League. Gagne-Steven Stamkos-Marty St. Louis-Vinny Lecavalier-Ryan Malone-Steve Downie… Impressive.

Any way you look at it, once again this summer, this team is better off, all-around, than they were yesterday.

Talent-wise, that would have happened in adding Gagne regardless but to move another unwanted long-term contract at the same time is where the real genius lies in this deal. And cue up “The Yzerman Factor” (trademarked by Corcoran, by the way, who’s pining for credit there and, team player that I am, I’m trying to help him out) as Gagne’s no-movement clause was no issue whatsoever.

The focus now can move to filling out the bottom-six forwards, though nothing may really have to be done there. Yzerman indicated on this afternoon’s conference call that he would be debating with his staff as to how that segment of the team should be fleshed out: via further free agent or trade explorations or through holdover options. There’s still a need for some grit but not necessarily the designated fighter type. (After all, were that a priority here, fan favorite Zenon Konopka could have easily been retained.) Instead, role players currently under contract could find themselves in a healthy competition in training camp, which is never a bad thing and several young players – including a few who might fill a third or fourth line role rather nicely – will also get a good look.

Walker’s exit also bodes well for players like Matts Lashoff and Smaby as well as other defensemen under contract. Head coach Guy Boucher’s affinity for an excess of blueliners and one less one-way contract in the mix increases the odds of an upstart rearguard nailing down a spot of his own in September.

All in all, the skill set that Gagne brings to the Lightning is reason enough to celebrate today’s deal but the fact that the intricacies of the transaction have made a positive impact in several areas for the organization should make fans appreciate what’s happening here tenfold.

And who knows? Maybe these statue crazies are onto something after all…


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  2. TBL FAN says:

    plain and simple Chuck Norris wears Stevie Y. pajamas.

    Good article as always. And not sure if this helps give you some safety against Mike when he says I told you so. But you never really were wrong on this one. because like you said the only way this trade was OK is if we gave very little in return. Part of me thinks we didn’t give anything since we lost all that salary from Mez and Walker. and gained a huge need in forward and ill take a second rounder over a fourth any day.

    Someone said Dumieg (or however you spell it) I guess he is a radio guy in Tampa or something is friends with Toc and said he demoted Malone because he wasn’t willing to stand up for teammates. Malone is my favorite player and I was wondering if you have any opinion of what you or Mike thought of Malone last year in the locker room. I always thought he was a top notch guy just want to be sure I’m not getting duped by him and there is a jerk behind closed doors. Saying a hockey player wont stand up for his teamates in hockey is like slapping his wife or kid in the mouth.

    • Jon Jordan says:

      Glad you see the light. Mike somehow still thinks I look like a fool because the Gagne trade went through! (Personally, I just think he hates me!)

      As for Malone, I can’t speak specifically to any situation with Toc other than that on several occasions, he was probably guilty of getting after guys for not being clones of him as a player. (Really nothing wrong with that though, except for the fact that not everyone has that in them!)

      To me, however, Malone’s never really fit in quite as well as all would like here in Tampa. I don’t have a whole lot in the way of specifics to speak further on that but that’s just how it’s felt in my gut, almost since the beginning. Not to say he isn’t well-liked or respected or anything like that – just a vibe I’ve gotten consistently.


    • bobnoakridge says:

      TBL fan.Steve Duemig is a tool.Always has been and always will.Google him and hjust read some of the crap he writes and get written about him.

  3. Erin says:

    JJ great article, I’ve been reading you since you started at hbuzz(just refused to pay for eklunds rediculous made up rumors) and just wanted to finally say thanks for the entertaining reads that keep me occupied when striving for more hockey(especially during the offseason) news/insight. Anyways, keep up the good work and don’t get too side tracked with the y2jj because you’re a great hockey writer.

    • Jon Jordan says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Erin. I’m glad to hear from you here!

      Don’t worry too much about Y2JJ. In fact, I’ll be ceasing to advertise that much real soon and keep it as my own personal therapy outlet!

      More coming from me later this summer, as I’ve continually promised but you can continue to find my Lightning stuff here!

      Thanks again.


  4. TBL FAN says:

    thanks for the info on Malone JJ. Im hoping a new coach and new mentality in the Organization will make a difference for a few of our guys like Malone and Vinny.

    Was also wondering is there anywhere specific I can go to read some of Mikes work? Never really hear him talking about where he writes or his twitter or anything. Thanks again.

  5. Patrick says:


    I’ve felt like the only line Malone was really clicking on was the Malone – Stammer – St Louis line from early last year. He did not seem to work well with Vinny at all. That’s why I see the lines being:

    Malone – Stammer – Marty
    Gagne – Lecavalier – Downie

    That gives each scoring line some grit and toughness and Lecavalier someone to set up, since he seems like his best goal scoring days are behind him.

    As far as Malone fitting in other ways, I got the impression last season with the “Naked Shootout” he was fitting in pretty well. I read that was his idea.

    • davedouche says:

      Gagne should be a solid addition to the squad indeed. The thing with Malone for me is, he just doesn’t look like he’s 100% committed to the thing, ya know? Seems to me like he has alot more in him, last year’s effort was disappointing at best.I expect ALOT more out of him this season, and I bet I’m not the only one. Further, seems like alot of folks have Ted Purcell penciled in on a checking line. I am not convinced he can fill that roll, and I think he’ll be moved if there isn’t a place for him on one of the top 2 lines- Things in Tampa look much much better’n when the last season ended, in Y we Trust. Amen.