The Bolts Beat, with Jon Jordan and Mike Corcoran

In this episode of The Bolts Beat, Mike and Jon discuss the recently completed prospect camp, the potential for moves the team should or should not make and, as always, Mike’s “Missed Call of the Week” and Jon’s “What the Hell Was That?!?” segments. We also reach into The Bolts Beat mailbag to answer your questions!

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About the Author: Jon Jordan established himself as one of the web's most reliable resources on the Tampa Bay Lightning for four-plus seasons, covering the Bolts for and then Kukla's Korner, as well as contributing several guest spots around the web and in print, including Yahoo! Sports, McKeen's Hockey, AOL Fanhouse, NBC/Versus and of course, a stint right here at HI. "JJ" has offered his opinion as a guest on dozens of radio shows across the US and Canada, most notably featured on SiriusXM's NHL Home Ice, and co-founded and co-hosted "The Bolts Beat" podcast (formerly known as "BoltsBuzz Radio") which ultimately became "Hockey Night in Tampa Bay" on the local airwaves at ESPN1040 in Tampa. Outside of hockey, Jon co-founded and served as contributing editor for, focusing on the Florida fight scene and covers college basketball for Sports Direct, Inc. After stepping away from hockey coverage almost completely for the 2011-12 season, Jon will contribute intermittently here again in 2012-13.

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  2. TBL FAN says:

    He JJ finally figured out twitter and saw this is were your posting now. great listen as always and great reads as well.

  3. TBL FAN says:

    I think Mike won the Gagne convo. and the lightning couldnt do the young guns thing this weekend because of the camp they have this weekend for kids in the forum.

    And tell Mike he doesnt have his finger on my pulse because I was pissed they actually asked that stupid question too. I loved Z but it was very understandable why they let him go. not to mention after all the good things Y did I felt there was so many more interesting things we could have asked to try and pick the (Jedi mind)

    • Jon Jordan says:

      Shenanigans! Mike wins NOTHING!

      The people that disagree with me on the Gagne thing are thinking a little irresponsibly, IMO.

      It’s all good though. I doubt the trade will happen anyway…

      Glad you found me! Spread the word! And stay tuned for more to announce later this summer!


  4. Mike Corcoran says:

    Thank you TBL FAN for trying to talk some sense into him.

    As for the Konopka question, I absolutely agree that it was a dumb question to ask and that it probably should not have been asked. But I also understand our fan base. ;)

    Jon, how is someone thinking about/suggesting that maybe making a deal to make your team better under the right circumstances all of a sudden irresponsible? (Thats an awfully strong term, dont you think?) Especially if it were to go bad, it is gone a year from now?

    • Jon Jordan says:

      Well, when you put all sorts of caveats on it, yeah, as I’ve said several times, it might be a risk worth taking. But, as I’ve also said several times, the go get Gagne at all costs approach is ridiculous and is definitely irresponsible!

      Speaking of irresponsible, let me clarify: I said, in my opinion, that the thought process of those that disagree with me on Gagne is irresponsible. I didn’t say that those people were necessarily irresponsible, my co-host, “Magic” Mike, most of all. Nor did I say anyone’s coverage was irresponsible (though I do think that the source of this rumor is a little wishy-washy, at best).

      I love you, Mike.


  5. Ruthe says:

    Mike, Jon doesn’t want Gagne here because he wants Alexi Yashin, who supposedly wants to come back to the NHL.

  6. jack oliver says:

    You two guys are as weak as well water.

  7. TBL FAN says:

    JJ my whole thing as Mike was trying to point out to you is that this deal has no real negative. we arent suppose to be a cup team this next year.

    So going out and getting a guy that can help keep the fans excited watching some good hockey while our young guys get more time to season in the AHL will only do good things for the fan base and our “young guns” remember the Jedi has said he does not want to rush his players into the NHL.

    Gagne is nothing like Tanguay Gagne does not have to prove he is an elite player again as Tanguay was trying and…..I guess did according to Calgary. As it has been pointed out Gagne and his “INJURY PRONE” self have actually played in around 69 games a season.

    But I would like to kinda point 1 other thing out and that is we might not be a cup contender but if we get in there is no better guy to will us to the cup then marty and since that is the case we can never really say we arent cup contenders because as Philly proved you dont have to be great just a little lucky and determind.

  8. Jon Jordan says:

    After what the Bolts ended up giving up to get him, Gagne turns out to be a worthwhile gamble. None of us had any way of knowing Matt freakin’ Walker and a 4th round pick would be enough to get it done.

    And, to Jack Oliver: You care to elaborate? Or you happy with non-specific message board tough guy antics?

    Just curious.


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