Philadelphia Media Unfair to Richards

As a long time Philadelphia Flyers fan, it has become agonizing to read the “coverage” provided by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am of course, referring to Sam Carchidi, the paper’s beat writer for the team. Mr. Carchidi allegedly had an altercation with Flyers team captain Mike Richards following a 5-3 loss against the Washington Capitals on January 17th. From what was reported by other local media, a print media reporter and Richartds had to be separated by the team’s coach, Peter Laviolette.

Richards was upset after being asked about comments atributed to him in a story in the latest edition of The Hockey News, where he was critical of the local media. Richards was quoted as saying that the local media kept rehashing things that were not true about the players’ night life that was a detriment to the team.

Not only was it the wrong time and place for Mr. Carchidi to bring up the comments in The Hockey News, but according to a transcript of the encounter written by another reporter and posted on his blog, Mr Carchidi was the aggressor and continued to push the issue.

This is not Mr Carchidi’s first altercation with a professional athlete over his off-ice life. I recall a run in with former Phillies pitcher Brett Myers involving Mr Carchidi a few years ago.

Following the confrontation, Mr Carchidi posted a blog, with the headline “Captain Whine Rips Media”. He complains about having to cover the players’ off ice lives, rather than their one ice play. The problem is, Mr Carchidi continues to mine the “nightlife” issues when ever the team loses a couple of games in a row. Mr Carchidi was the first responsible “journalist” to give print space to a scurrilous rumor about a couple of the players alleged to be involved in an extra-martital affair. Granted, Mr Carchidi slammed the blogger who started the rumor, but by giving it coverage, he gave it life in the media. So much for not wanting to write about the off-ice lives of the player.

Now, back to Mr Carchidi’s blog post about, Captain Whine. In the twelve hours it has been online, Mr Carchidi’s article has been edited no less than 4 times, and the inflammatory headline has been changed. Mr Carchidi, by his revisions and re-editing his hack job on Richards, has simply proved Richards correct about the dishonesty of this particular media member.

It’s time to remove Mr Carchidi from the Flyers beat. Although we are not as numerous as Eagles or Phillies fans, we are just as passionate. We, for the most part, have a deep understanding of the sport we love and Mr Carchidi’s sensationalist reporting and lack of knowledge of the sport he covers are an embarrassment to the fans of the Flyers and to the Philadelphia Inquirer and

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  1. BDGallof says:

    disagree on this one.


    Talk about the Flyers party boys were going on before Carchidi really took it to Richards. From a lot better and higher press. Richards, as capt, has to deal with press…no matter how prickish or confrontational they are.

    Press time is to answer the presses questions. Not only is it apropos, it is essential.




  2. John Saquella says:

    The problem, BD is that there have been no stories of late in the media of new shenanigans. The latest issue was comments made six months prior, by the team’s GM, who said that the issues had been addressed by former coach John Stevens and himself.
    The fact is, that the only time these reported nightlife issues are mentioned is when Carchidi brings them up. I also disagree-as a beat writer, Carchidi has ample time to ask questions of the players at practices and other sessions, and a question about an article in THN, after an emotional loss, was designed to get a rise out of the player.
    This reporter had a personal issue with Richards and used it to make the player look bad. That’s not reporting, it’s abuse of the press’ first amendment rights.

  3. alex says:

    I agree completly. He needs to go and everyone needs to leave richards alone hes a good captain and he doesnt need the extra grief everyones giving him