Backchecking: UPDATE — Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up


Its 4:40pm and you might be just trying to leave the office to head home.

DONT FORGET TO VOTE. I know its raining, and there has been hail the size of golf balls. I KNOW and I am aware it sucks.

When Kyle Okposo gets knocked into the boards, he gets up, and get back in the game.

When someone made a run at John Tonelli, he got up, and found his grove to take the pass from Trottier to ice a game.

This is your chance to be tough — to make sure that your line mates, your d-partners, and your coach get to continue to play hockey in Nassau County and Long Island. If you think there is a tomorrow or that they will “work it out” later, you are deluding yourself. Make damn sure you get you ass to the polls and vote yes.

Rain is not a viable excuse.

The only excuse is death — and if you don’t vote yes, that is what you get — the very real possibility of  the death of this franchise.

Its the 3rd period and the Islanders are down 3-1 with 5 minutes left. A tie wont get it done. They have to have the win.

So stop whining about the rain, your significant other will understand if your 5 minutes late so you could vote.




Aside from the trade of Trent Hunter to the Devils for Brian Rolston, there is pressing news for the New York Islanders and the Islander faithful.

This Monday, a vote will be held that largely will determine the fate of the franchise. Charles Wang has said repeatedly, this is the end of the line for the New York Islanders, and Nassau County. I agree. For those who think there could be a “Plan B” — this is the Plan B. The Lighthouse was “Plan A” so unless there is a Plan C — this is IT!!!

This is no different then the NHL playoffs. The first and most important step in winning — SHOWING UP.

The opposition will be present. Anyone who thinks the “nay-sayers” will stay home or will somehow forget there is a vote is delusional. The large bulk of the voters will be PRIME voters — which is made up of a lot of seniors on fixed incomes and my guess — a large majority of those will vote NO unless they are like my folks — who have been fans of the Isles since the beginning like their son!

We have argued back and forth on the proposal, the Lighhouse vs. this plan, private vs. public funding, democrats vs. republicans… and I am dead tired of it. All of it. This is supposed to be a blog about Hockey, and I want to spend my time writing about the trade the Islanders made yesterday and not this issue.Nonetheless — this is what we are faced with, and the blame can be discussed on another day and their is enough to go around.

The time for argument is DONE.

The first round of the playoffs begins and end on Monday. If the Isles are to make it to Round 2 — they have to win on Monday!

A nominal tax fee does not matter.

Political affiliation should not matter.

Your work must not matter and should not stop you from participating.

Your family — while they come first, should not stop you from getting to your polling place.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend must not stop you and can wait a few moments for you to go to the polls (and they better vote yes or dump them :-)

The dog can cross his/her paws for another 5 minutes while you vote.

The bottom line — you HAVE TO BE THERE!!!!

Decisions are made by those who show up.

As most of you know, I have spent time inside the political system. I have seen votes come down to as few as a dozen or so people out of thousands of total votes cast. If you think it does not matter or that you deciding to not participate wont add up you are dead WRONG. Ask anyone who has lost a close vote for anything.

This is not the electoral college fans — this is a popular vote. It is not obscure or complex with delegates. If 100 people show up, you need 51 votes for the measure to carry. Do you want to be the person who blows this off and the vote goes down by 1 or 2 votes?

Don’t think for a second you dont count, or wont matter.

The time for debate is DONE! VOTE YES on Monday!!!!




There can be no political signage or campaigning within 100 feet of ANY polling place. If you see ANYONE trying to sway voters outside of a polling place, if you see any signs, people wearing buttons that say vote no etc…. use you cell immediately and call the board of elections at 516-571-2411 AND notify the poll workers inside the polling place IMMEDIATELY.

Not sure where to vote — check this out. NO EXCUSES!

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  1. HockeyRanter says:

    The time IS now and there are NO MORE EXCUSES. I will PUKE if the people kill this arena project right off the bat.

  2. RobC/KO21 says:

    Why should be notify these people if we see people with negative campaign materials such as buttons???Thats interesting

    • HyeDray says:

      If someone has a sign that say VOTE NO within 100 feet of a polling location they will be asked to leave/move to outside the 100 foot radius per NYS election law. As a person who has worked campaigns, both Dem and Rep candidates will put surrogates and/or themselves at various locations to help make one last “push” for support.

      I put NOTHING past my opponents. I assume they will be mobilized and out in force from 6AM when polls open to 9pm when polls close.

  3. HyeDray says:

    When I suggest notifying the poll workers — I am talking about the workers inside. No need to clash with the nay-sayers….just want to be clear on that.

  4. anthony c says:

    As a former long islander, I willmost likely have a break down if this fails. On top of that i’ll start praying for a tsunami to bury nassau county under water.

    • RobJ74 says:

      I wonder if there will be an uproar if this fails…Will people take it lying down???I hope there are riots like in vancouver when they lost the cup…

  5. HyeDray says:

    I would not advocate any violence like a riot. Not a good idea. As for a Tsunami burying Long Island — we already have that happening — it just happens to be a tsunami in STUPIDITY!

    A fellow Isles fan sent me a wonderful article yesterday. Thought I would share. In any event — nothing changes…VOTE YES.

  6. 19 Isle in NJ 22 says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m spent on this issue.

    This is definitely one of those times were EVERY VOTE actually does count.

  7. HyeDray says:


    This is what we could get with a YES vote.
    This is what Long Islander deserves!


  8. HyeDray says:

    Just voted. My YES vote was at 9:18am.

  9. RobC/KO21 says:

    Its over

  10. Maan says:

    Yes, we all have to show up and exercise our rights to vote! Kings Tickets