Backchecking: Paranoia, Fear and Childish Behavior

In my “other life” — when I am not screaming at the television over another bone-headed play by one of the boys in blue and orange — I am a business owner. I work hard at my craft, and I try to do what I can for my clients. I did not go to “business school” nor do I have an MBA. I’m just a sole proprietor who takes his craft seriously and cares deeply about the product that has my name on it. I raise this issue because the things happening with the New York Islanders are no longer just about the on-ice troubles and losing streaks, but what is happening with the owner of the franchise.

I just read a report covered by Neil Best at Newsday that Chris Botta’s blog, has been shut down at the hands of the New York Islanders. The NHL has stepped in to help mediate the issue between Chris Botta, who was an Isles executive for 20 years, and the Islanders. The blog was started when the Islanders themselves came to Botta to sponsor the blog. Since its inception the blog has become a popular place for Isles fans. Mr. Botta has been able to develop a new career path through the blog, and has become a senior writer at AOL Fanhouse, and has become associated with SNY presenting stories about the Islanders, often interviewing former Islander players such as Ray Ferraro, Kevin Weeks, and Glenn Healy.

The blog has been “shut down” since late Wednesday. The most recent news Mr. Botta wrote on his blog had much to do with the Islanders recent firing of Scott Gordon, and a review of the Islanders as a team — specifically the results on the ice. The review by Mr. Botta was reasonable by most accounts, and while not favorable to the team, and critical of the state of the rebuild, it was fair in its assessment of the results the Islanders have seen thus far in the season — including what was a 10-game, now 11 game losing streak.

To be fair to the franchise, the Islanders have not prevented Mr. Botta from writing on his blog according to team spokesman Kimber Auerbach. What has happened is that Mr. Botta’s press credentials were pulled — banning him from access to players, management and all games in a press/media capacity. He can go to a game — but he would have to buy a ticket like the rest of us. The Hockey Writers Association is protesting the move. Part of Mr. Botta’s appeal as a blogger was his former connection to the franchise, leveraging his credentials, as well as his relationships around the Islanders, and the hockey world.

What is terribly troubling here is that this is another example of the childish behavior or a management team, and an owner that does not have the ability to properly run a business — in this case a sports franchise. The pulling of credentials of one of the few day-to-day bloggers/reporters of the franchise because of what team management believes to be unfavorable accounts of the franchise represents what is the paranoia, fear and child like behavior of Charles Wang. This comes shortly after Billy Jaffe was not granted his contract to continue as a commentator for MSG reportedly because the Islanders brass felt Mr. Jaffe was offering to many unfavorable reviews of  team performance. The same exact fate was bestowed upon Joe Micheletti, who held the commentator position prior to Billy Jaffe’s hiring.

I am not a doctor, but it is a safe bet that Charles Wang is suffering from severe paranoia disorders, not to mention a disturbing trend of very poor business decisions that are sure to have the most ardent Islander fan completely abandon the franchise.

This kind of silly behavior from a grown man in a public endeavor like an NHL franchise is staggering. The idea that a reporter is prevented access from covering the team because of a truthful account — even if it is unfavorable — is comical at best, and extremely sad at worst. Clearly, that is not the American way, and cuts against the idea of freedom of speech. This is akin to the current White House administration banning reporters from Fox News because they don’t share the slant Fox has on its station — or conversely, when President Bush was in office, his administration banning MSNBC because he did not like their coverage.

The sad truth is the Islanders are now on the verge of utter collapse. As a fan since the franchises earliest days, through the glory of four consecutive championships, the brief re-birth of the early 1990s, the devastating days of Mike Milbury, and now the paranoia and questionable mind of an owner who’s viability I must call into question — lets just say — it is becoming increasingly easy to walk away from the team — adopting a who cares attitude.

I am not the only one.

The Islander faithful are responding to the franchise in an appropriate manner. Last nights game had one of the worst attendance results in team history. Less then half of the arena was filled with spectators. When you mishandle and abuse your product and abuse your customers, they will respond by abandoning your product and service. In speaking with a fellow fan and friend yesterday, I was surprised to hear his own indifference, and malaise toward the team as a whole. Mr. Wang has had to severely reduce ticket prices using “special” offers and promotions to try to get fans to the games. The response has been overwhelmingly poor. At this rate, Mr. Wang will long for the days where there were 8,000 fans in the building.

The Islanders as a hockey team can be viable. The franchise can become a profitable entity. But we fans are kind of fickle. We want to be able to participate as spectators and watch our team have some kind of success. But to spend on average a few hundred dollars on a game where the arena is crumbling, the food is horrible and over-priced and the on ice product has a better then 70% chance of failing on the ice makes little sense.

I support rebuilding the team on the ice. But at some point some improvement needs to be seen — even during the rebuilding of the franchise. Someone posted a response to my last post, suggesting the team should not be any better. Ultimately, while I would not have put this team in the playoffs by any means — I was not prepared to suggest it was impossible or out of the question. Injuries have been a problem — again. What is perhaps a larger problem however — and my overall point — the youth on the team have seemingly regressed. While John Tavares had a better game last night, he has struggled this year. Josh Bailey and Blake Comeau look flat and uninspired. Rob Schremp looked ineffective in the few games he has played thus far. The hunger and drive of the players seems to be non-existent. In addition, the line combination make little sense and are almost set up to fail rather then succeed. Barry Melrose, on his most recent podcast with EJ Hradek commented on the Islanders recent woes. When asked about the draft and rebuilding, Melrose added that the Islanders have drafted well but they are still missing that super star quality player. He likes Bailey, Okposo, Tavares, Neilsen, Streit and some others, but that “Crosby” like player is still missing.

Ultimately, the franchise is a reflection of its management. I am not ready to condemn Garth Snow as a failure. He has done what he is supposed to do at the draft. He has a tough job in convincing free agents to come to Long Island for many reasons. Charles Wang is just another reason. No one wants to work for a boss that has a history of behaving as a man child with delusions of grandeur. That reason may be bigger then the condition of the arena or question marks surrounding the future home of the team. Convincing other GMs to consider trades is yet another issue. If Snow can work out a deal, it may cost the team a valuable young player — especially if the player coming to the Islanders is under a longer term contract. As an example, James Wisniewski was acquired in a deal on the cheap because he will be a UFA and he was a salary dump for the Ducks. But can the Isles retain him after the year. I have serious doubts. Others have doubts of the ability of the Islanders to retain players like Tavares and Okposo if they continue with their current state of disarray.

It might be harsh to suggest it, but the ultimate fate with the New York Islanders begins and ends with an owner that is unstable. The franchise will not have any chance of success under this owner unless he decided to become completely hands off — which we know wont happen — or sells the franchise. All of the talk of Wang keeping the franchise on Long Island rings very hollow today. Being a fan of a sports team is supposed to be pleasurable, fun, exciting, and entertaining. I don’t know a single Islander fan who exhibits any of these feelings. So what is the good of an Islander team with Charles Wang as the owner on Long Island vs. an Islander team purchased by another entity such as Jim Balsillie and moving the franchise to Hamilton, Ontario and naming it something else? Frankly, I would still follow that team. Would you?

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  1. I wish a group of wealthy Long Islanders would purchase this team and do right by it, or that the NHL would step in and take the team back and install new owners with proven success. This franchise should not fail in this market. Also, I would not follow the team if they moved to Hamilton. The best you could hope for if that happened is that we would be awarded a new franchise 5-10 years from now.

  2. Pat says:

    As a fan of this team since the begining in 72 I am as dissapointed in what is happening now more than ever. I was completly in favor of the rebuild and beleive that it still might work, but it is a big if. I supported Charles
    Wang’s Lighthouse Project. I marched with him from the Coliseum to Hofstra University during the summer for the hearings on the project. Now enough is enough. First it was Jaffe during the summer, now Botta who has done so much for this franchise and it’s fans. I think the fans made a statement last night with only half the arena filled and I think it will only get worse. I usually go to at least half a dozen games a year with my family. Not anymore, it’s time to make a stand. I’m done spending my hard earned money on this garbage. I will continue to watch them on T.V. and root them on.

  3. Pat says:

    Mr. Wang it’s time to give us our team back. Get out, it’s time to sell. We don’t want you to destroy this once proud francise anymore.

  4. RobC/KO21 says:

    I would have a real mixed emotions if they left to Canada under another name and logo….I grew up rooting for this team so its a part of me…I have never witnessed a cup either so I have never enjoyed the good times…Im also the type that only really watches his own favorite teams so I wouldnt have a team to watch anymore and that would be heartbreaking because I love to watch this sport

    • HyeDray says:

      Just have to say this Rob — watching the cup travel on that truck with Dennis Potvin was a magnificent sight. I can shut my eyes and picture it. It was amazing. When it was over, and we were walking back to the car to head home, my dad turned to me and said something I will never forget. “Remember what you saw here today, because you may never see it again.” Little did I realize then how right he is.

      I would be VERY curious to know if fans in Quebec follow the Avalanche of if people in Hartford were celebrating when the Canes won it all a few years back.

      The only real power we have left is to stop buying tickets. That will force Wang’s hand. He is already sick of losing money, and perhaps he won’t want the headache. As Pat mentioned above — I doubt I will go to any games this season.

  5. Joe says:

    I showed my displeasure this season by not renewing my seats. I had center ice for the past 6 years and blue line the prior 7. 13 years of supporting this team, much to the chagrin of my wife. Every year, I would send the check, and then they wanted 2 years advance. Are you kidding? Games on non HD channels? Radio on a college station? Embarrasing gaffes by the “front” office, etc?? My first game was ’75, was there giving the usher $5 to get into to all the playoff games in the cup years, and sitting on the concrete steps in the upper sections. I no longer support this regime, and quite honestly, after 35 years, I dont miss it. Ive watched 2 whole periods this season, and thats it. If more and more people dont watch, dont attend, and dont care, maybe finally, we can go forward. From Millstein to Spano to Wang, I am so done!!! If only there was a way to actually reach all the ticket holders to not go for one day. Have an attendence of like 1500 people.

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  7. Bob says:

    I totally agree with what you say. I been an Islander fan since the beginning, many yrs as season ticket holder. I moved away from LI but since catch games on Center Ice. It is really what is happening to the Isles, I am embarrassed to tell people they are my favorite team. Wang, this is not China you cannot censor people because the say something about you or your team. I don’t want to see them leave LI but it looks like there will be no options. I don’t know how he can sell the team, the value keeps going down. Maybe bankruptcy will be an option. It looks like Nassau County and the town of Hempstead don’t care if they leave. The organization has become a joke around the league.

  8. Big Van Vader says:

    People, i think it’s high time we make a stand. But does Wang selling of the team mean the team leaving the area? He’s already pissed everyone off. Whats another few thousand people????

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      I heard that Botta was on WFAN with Mike F and Isles fans were calling in irate and complaining about Wang and the ToH

    • HyeDray says:

      My point of this post was to ask — what would you rather have — the team on Long Island with this owner in its current state or take the chance on having the team put up for sale, and risk moving to a new city?

      I look at it like this — the players who wore that crest proudly and built this franchise to begin with deserve better. We fans deserve better. Ultimately, is there anyone who gets pleasure from the NY Islanders? If the answer is “no,” then who cares if the team plays in Uniondale, or is moved?

      Of course the hope is that someone buys the franchise and keeps it “local” to the area — be it Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn or Queens. I would rather see the team sold at this juncture, and “risk it” being moved — in the end, I would still follow the franchise — even if I had to make a once-per-year trip to Hamilton.

      • RobC/KO21 says:

        Im sure I’ll try and root for them elsewhere but they will no longer be the NY Isles, lets not kid ourselves…Its not even close to the something, the same pride…

  9. Crazy Ivan says:

    I think a letter writing campaign might be a good idea.

    Not to newspapers.
    Not to blogs.
    Not to Snow.
    Not to Wang.
    But to the players.

    We need to let them know we support them.
    We need to let them know that even though there are only 7,000 people in attendance, that we still support them.
    We need to let them know that we are voicing our displeasure with Wang and/or Snow by choosing not to spend money that will eventually end up in Wang’s pockets.
    We need to let them know it isn’t about the.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      It wouldn’t be a bad idea but I don’t think it will make much of a difference…The bottom line sport is their lively hood and they will do whats best for themselves and if staying w the Isles is a determent to their careers they will leave, regardless of what their fans think…

  10. John says:

    I have been saying that Wang was a disaster for this team once Milbury was allowed to stay. It is my personal belief that while not entirely at fault for the failed Lighthouse, I do believe he is 60% the reason. If Charles wanted it, he would be negotiating for it. Everything is give and take in business. HyeDray is 100% correct that success in any business comes from the top down, not literally, but good management makes sure the right players are involved to make everything work. It took Bill Torrey with Jimmy D and Al Arbour 3 draft classes to put a perennial play-off contender together. Jimmy D goes to the Dead Wings in 1983 and guess what, he along with Mike Ilitch spearheads the revival of the once great Red Wings. Personally I would stop watching hockey if the Islanders left or possible become a Sabres fan? But the team with Wang as owner is a no win situation. The circus atmosphere he has created turns even the most talented and driven individuals into sh@t. Despite have a good amount of very talented young players, they just don’t seem capable of being consistent and taking that next step. I guarantee, that if the Isles were a properly run and managed organization—like Detroit or New Jersey—we would be seeing most of these young kids progressing as expected. In the Charles Wang times, it has been about hockey goal songs, sushi in the concourse, ice girls and mascots. In Bill Torrey times it was about winning Stanley Cups. I take the Latter.