EXCLUSIVE: Duncan Keith’s Suspension “To-Do” List…

Duncan Keith

You know Dunc - there's a Supercuts just a couple blocks from here...

Tonight’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Nashville Predators marks the first game of Hawks’ defenseman Duncan Keith’s five-game suspension.

Keith is the type of player who usually spends 25-30 minutes on the ice every night, so he’s not used to suddenly having this much free time on his hands.

Fortunately, we’ve gotten a look at the “to-do” list made for Keith, that he needs to tick off over the next 5 games:

  • Write “I’m Duncan Keith, not Matt Cooke” on Mike Kitchen’s whiteboard 10,000 times.
  • Read Dan Carcillo’s book, “Penalties for Dummies”.
  • Stand outside Brent Seabrook’s house blasting Peter Gabriel on a boombox.
  • Do more of those weird workouts with the ropes.
  • Hit one of the Blackhawk Band’s live band karaoke gigs.
  • Start selling autographed elbow pads.
  • Gaze at his Norris Trophy and wonder what it would be like to play like that again.
  • Call Brendan Shanahan’s office and  yell , “Raffi Torres!” then hang up.
  • Set up a Shooter Tutor in his driveway.
  • Work on dialing down the crazy interviews a bit.
  • Get a haircut, for chrissakes!
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