Flyers Make No Shots, Drop Game 1 To Buffalo

My Flyers found ways not to win in Game 1 versus Buffalo and so they didn’t, losing on a bounce 1-0, a rebound goal by Patrick Kaleta in the 3rd period, after losing a battle along the left defense boards.


Buffalo fans should be pretty happy about this one as just about everything they needed to go right did. They got their scoring from the wing, their centers matched the Flyers centers and Ryan Miller was their best player with the shutout. The Flyers sent plenty of rubber Miller’s way, but made him look a lot better than he was with weak low shots he was easily able to control and/or freeze.


If the Flyers want to score goals, they need to stop and pop more, go top shelf on Miller and make some shots. Neither team did tonight, Buffalo won this one on the bounce. The Flyers had an edge in the shots, overall pressure and power plays, but didn’t convert. Even with the man advantage, their strategy seemed built around sliding pucks at or through the crease and hoping they had eyes. It didn’t work.
Flyers coach Peter Laviolette didn’t seem to care to much about line matchups although he did lean towards Mike Richards’ line on Tim Connolly’s with Braydon Coburn on RD keeping an eye on sniper Thomad Vanek. James vanRiemsdyk played a solid game.
It didn’t matter much though, you can’t win if you don’t score. Your best hope as a Flyers fan is they figure out before Game 2 what it took 3 games to figure out about Tuukka Rask last year . . . you gotta go top shelf on these guys.

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