Beyond the Brawl, Fans are Engaged

I certainly hope someone in the NHL offices either in NYC or TOR is paying attention to what has gone on since the Islanders and Penguins through down Friday night in Uniondale.  Not so much to the rhetoric and the opinions, although some of that has been pretty funny.

As I pointed out on my non-hockey social media blog the 24 hour news cycle is a thing of the past.  Credited to CNN as a creation of cable news, it used to be there was a news event (like a series of on ice brawls at a hockey game).  There would be reaction (like coaches, players and fans defending their sides) and some action (like suspensions and fines).  And then the story would fade and we’d all move on.

Instead the takeaway for the NHL office types should be looking at the level of engagement the game has gotten from its fan base.  The brawls were four days ago.  Punishment meted out three days ago.  And reaction is pouring as if all this transpired a day ago.

Check out the #Isles or #Pens streams or the very amusing #thingsGarthSnowwantscreditfor and you can see some lively discussion, plenty of snark-but engaged fans of the teams and the game, and isn’t that exactly what the NHL needs.

It would be interesting to know how many clicks video clips like Mike Milbury from Sunday’s NBC broadcast or Barry Melrose on ESPN Monday or Don Cherry on his radio show have been generated from the fans–I would bet is a solid number.  There are not shortages of opinions and seemingly no one will stop until round 2 (or is it round 3) on April 8.

The two questions I am left with now: 1-Konopka really had a Lemieux poster on his wall at home? and 2-if he’s taking Mario down; will he put a JT poster up?

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