Phoenix teens organize Dance-Off to save Coyotes

you got served balsille

A plucky group of Glendale area teens aren’t going to let the Phoenix Coyotes go without a fight.

Drama gripped the Coyote’s bankruptcy proceedings last week as several teens burst into the courtroom and challenged prospective buyer Jim Balsillie to quote, “Bring It”. Chaos erupted and several members of Balsillie’s entourage were ejected from the court during the fracas.

Justice Redfield T. Baum, while initially skeptical of the motion, was nevertheless impressed by the ragtag group’s dedication. Baum admitted that the case of  Globex Inc. v  Parkfield Rec Center did provide some precedent and court recordings show him musing that the plan was “just crazy enough to work”.

Balsillie’s lawyers objected strenuously, citing that there was no need to ‘bring it’ and that ‘it’, in fact, had already been brought. Observers say the Judge remained unswayed and categorized the use of double finger snaps by the Balsillie camp as “awkward”.

When later asked for comment a suspiciously confident Balsillie hinted at trouble ahead for the courageous troupe. “Let’s just say next week (lead dancer) Tatum Johnson might be having a … change of heart.” Balsille then tented his fingers, dismissed the reporters and began to laugh ominously.

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  1. Anthony C says:

    wow what a joke

  2. Duncan_Disorderly says:

    Kudos to TheMatt for the inspiration

  3. John Saquell says:

    Gotta cut footloose!!!