Canucks Wellwood & O’Brien Fined For Planning Deep Dish Pizza Crawl

While several of the Vancouver Canucks expressed a hunger for redemption in their return to Chicago it appears that at least two members have appetites that won’t be satisfied by victory alone. Canucks coaching staff confirmed today that center Kyle Wellwood and defenceman Shane O’Brien have been reprimanded for allegedly planning a day long tour of popular deep dish pizza joints in the greater Chicago area.

According to trainers, the plan was foiled due to the Facebook invitation being mistakenly made public as seen below.

As of press time the Canucks had not disclosed what punishment the two players would face but sources tell us that both will be confined to their hotel rooms and have their minibar privileges suspended.

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  1. George Prax says:

    I actually believed this until like the 4th or 5th comment.

  2. Fred Poulin says:

    Youi believed in this Praxie boy and you didn’t believe in your Habs? Common :)

  3. BDGallof says:

    at one point this was lined by NBC Chicago. One wonders if they didn’t realize it was satire.

  4. BDGallof says:

    linked. oops. damn my spelling!

  5. Forklift says:

    I saw them at the Lou Malnati’s in Lincolnwood. Pierre McGuire was standing uncomfortably close to everyone.

  6. Kristine says:

    It just goes to show what idiots people in chicago are :D LOL AHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  7. Burgundy says:


    Great work!! Seriously, one of the best things I’ve read in weeks. Congrats.

  8. [...] think MSNBC was a joke (I do), check this out. I guess some intern didn’t check the byline of this Hockey Independent post when he forwarded the info on to his superiors. I guess it just adds more fuel to the fire that is [...]

  9. StinkyJournalism wrote May 13:
    NBC Chicago, MSNBC reported fake story about NHL Canucks players
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  10. Pizza Games says:

    Fantastic narrating.