Player Agent Scott Norton Introduces “Make My Day Mondays”

For most of us who use Twitter, we saw the unveiling of Make My Day Mondays a few days ago when NHL player agent Scott Norton of Norton Sports Management introduced it. One of his clients, St Louis Blues enforcer Cam Janssen, got into right away when he tweeted: “Dinner at Indian rest. Walked out and gave homeless man leftovers with a $20 bill inside in case not big fan of Indian! Make my Day Monday!”

Most of us who follow Scott on Twitter know that he is doing what he can to bring the fans and players a little closer via social media. Even before he contacted me about helping to get the word out about MMDM, I wanted to reach out and let him know how much fans appreciate the effort he was making in letting us into some of his clients’ worlds.

When Scott did contact me, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to not only thank him, but to also get the word out on his new idea.

I asked him how the idea came about and the answer was pretty simple. “I talked with the guys about a way to get our company involved in charitable movement and help people, and I came up with this idea and name.” He also added “I want to lead by example and show people that EVERYONE can help a little!”

I saw firsthand what hockey fans are capable of when it comes to charity. When a friendly wager turned into an event that raised over $2,300 for Hockey Fights Cancer, I knew that hockey fans aren’t your typical sports fan. They love their team, their sport, but they care about other fans and their community just as much, if not more.

This should be just another way to show the entire sports community not only what the NHL players are capable of, but how great the fans are when it comes to helping others.

Here is the official press release about MMDM:

“Sports Agent schools athletes by introducing “Make My Day Mondays”

With the economic crisis, charities have been hit hard and now Norton and his athletes are hitting back even harder.  Norton is using his influence to coach athletes on compassion and humanity.  Through social media, he along with his clients developed the concept of “Make my Day Mondays”.  The idea of “MMDM” is every Monday to make an effort to help someone in need.  The difference in their plan is not to focus on a dollar amount or a specific organization, but to behave with a sense of strong morality and support for the community.  The heart of the idea is to donate anything to anyone or anyplace that is important to the individual.  Whether it’s buying a meal for a homeless person or helping a handicap person with a door, athletes of Norton Sports Management hope to brand themselves as role models for the sport’s community and eventually the world.

Scott explains, “People feel they can not give enough, so they don’t give at all.  Many people get phone calls and letters from various charitable organizations asking for amounts that are out of their range, and because there is a recession they feel its excusable not to give, but its not.  We should help, but be allowed to offer what we can, even if its only a dollar or five minutes of our time.”

Norton utilizes the social media to broaden his concept and his athletes as his vessels.  Fans can follow Norton Sports clients such as Captain of the Los Angeles Kings Dustin Brown (@DustinBrown23) and St. Louis Blues tough guy Cam Janssen (@CamJanssen55) each Monday on twitter exemplifying the meaning of Make My Day Mondays. Norton recognizes the power of social media and the influence of his athletes, and hopes to use the two together to create an awareness of philanthropy and good will.  Norton states, “We want people not to merely try to imitate a players slap shot, but a player’s good will.”

Brown, a finalist for the NHL’s Foundation Award as most charitable player in each of the last two seasons, states, “Charity and giving back is very important to me.  I am very proud to be involved with and represent Norton Sports in efforts with Make My Day Mondays. I hope that one day soon, I can look at Twitter on a Monday night and view hundreds of thousands of MMDM’s, and know that I was at the grass roots of people helping other people.”

Scott C. Norton is the President and Founder of Norton Sports Management.  He has been an NHL player agent for seventeen years, and has offices in Chicago and Southern California.”

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  2. Gigi says:

    This is a great way to get the athletes involved with their community. Thought you might appreciate appreciate this cool time lapse video shot in an urban community in Toronto where Kia is working to drive change.