Groundhog Day II- Nashville Predators Style

Last night, Nashville went into St. Louis hoping to stay in front of the Blues in the division.  Today, they find themselves limping along (literally and figuratively) on a four game losing streak with their 2-0 loss to St. Louis.  They also find themselves on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

  • Linus Klasen, playing his second NHL game, looked very good with Sergei Kostitsyn and Marcel Goc.  Klasen seemed to have very good chemistry with Kostitsyn in particular.  It was only one game for Klasen, but he and Kostitsyn were easily the most dangerous forwards on the ice.
  • I love Shea Weber.  I really do.  That said, not every shot has to be of the bomb variety.  Many times, a quick wrist shot that’s also well placed is the way to go.  Seemed like every time a puck made its way back to Weber last night, the subsequent shot was fired on net like it came from a howitzer.  That said, Shea really is doing a lot more pinching down and finding the open man once he’s gotten down there.  That’s good to see.
  • O’Reilly has to win that race to the puck.  There is no other option.  He has to win, plain and simple.
  • Hornqvist on a line with Dumont and O’Reilly doesn’t work either.  Neither Dumont or O’Reilly are shooters.  Hornqvist always gives great effort.  He is very talented at screening the goalie for his line mates, and he’s very good at putting rebounds in the back of the net.  He’s not a finisher though.  Nor is he a counter attack player.  Dumont and O’Reilly need a finisher to make it all go and Hornqvist is not that.  Right now, Hornvist needs to play with one the these folks:
    • Colin Wilson- plays center or wing, handles the puck well, shoots, can play a set-offensive game, and the two have shown some affinity for playing together previously
    • Sergei Kostitsyn- plays a great set-offensive game, able to make his own time and space for a shot or pass, and handles the puck extremely well
    • Martin Erat- plays a good set-offensive game, very strong on the puck, someone that puts pucks on net, and can handle the puck well
    • Marcel Goc- plays a good set-offensive game, will shoot some, and can handle the puck well

A ranting I shall go…

The loser point is so aptly named.  It inspires coaches and players alike to play for such charity and to be satisfied with enough effort to “walk away with something”.  Don’t believe me?  Read Barry Trotz’s comments in Josh Cooper’s latest blog:

…but tonight I said to the guys, I really thought we should have come out of here with at least a point, and maybe two…


Some­ti­mes you play games you feel you deserve to win, or deserve at least a point and you don’t get those points.

For a team that has a motto like “No Excuses” it’s nice to know that one point is good enough.  The reality of the situation is that one point is one point and all the points help.  That said, I’d like nothing more than to see the crutch that is the loser point go away.  The truth is that the only thing a team “deserves” is to either win or lose.  Last night Nashville deserved to lose and that’s what they did.  One shouldn’t get any level of victory (moral or otherwise) just because one held out a little longer.  You still weren’t good enough and that’s what should resonate with you and drive you to get better.

If not, maybe you are satisfied with just getting to the playoffs only to lose again.

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