FAN POST: Why Isles should sign Bobby Ryan to an offer sheet

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By Fan: Billy Pollack

Since Isles have really no more offensive free agents to bid on (no thanks to Frolov, Afinogenov, Zherdev) , and obviously the whole Kovy fiasco, the isles should risk giving Bobby Ryan an offer sheet.  Now I’m not an expert as to what he would want but lets assume for this piece that he wants the higher range 4-5 mil per year. 

1) I feel he is talented enough to be paid a decent amount, since the guy has proven he is a legit scoring threat in the NHL.  (of course, playing with Getzlaf and Perry cant hurt haha)

The reason I feel we should give it to him is that if we do end up losing a 1st 2nd and 3rd pick, its not really much of a gamble. I looked at the past 10 drafts and i based my findings on the isles making the playoffs with Ryan or falling a bit short and picking 10-15 in the first round, 40-45 in 2nd and 70-75 in the 3rd. The following are what I feel are the only significant nhlers picked ( I included 08 which is a bit tough to do and didnt bother with 09,10 since its waaay too early to tell)  during those parts of each round, and although theres a few players who are no question better than ryan (imo), the wealth of awful picks makes it a no brainer to me to just gamble on signing ryan.

2000:   10-15 ron hainsey
40-45 kurtis foster bryzgalov
70-75 mike rupp

2001:   10-15 hamhuis, hemsky
40-45 tyutin
70-75 plekanec, craig anderson

2002:   10-15 ballard, semin

2003:   10-15 jeff carter, dustin brown, seabrook
40-45  patrice bergeron
70-75 carcillo

2004:   10-15 drew stafford

2005:   10-15 kopitar ,marc staal
40-45 pavelec, paul statsny, latendresse
70-75 quick

2006:   10-15 frolik, bernier, little
70-75 clutterbuck

2007:   10-15 brandon sutter
40-45 pk subban

2008:   10-15 potential: hodgson, beach, myers, karlsson
70-75 petrov, grachev

Looking at 10-15 only 19 of the 45 players taken have really amounted to anything worth mentioning

Looking at 40-45 only 8 of the 45 players taken have really amounted to anything worth mentioning

Looking at 70-75 only 8 of the 45 players taken have really amounted to anything worth mentioning

Maybe its just me, but the proof is right there that these picks really arent worth much down the line, but of course all this depends on us picking between 10-15.  Thats my 2 cents anyway.

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About the Author: i am from winnipeg, manitoba. I've been an islanders fan since 1987, and i'm hoping to see at least one more playoff round win before i die haha

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  2. Tony Stabile says:

    Here is a reason not to do it…..

    Toronto trades the Boston Bruins A 1st and 2nd round pick in 2010 and a 1st round pick in 2011 for Phil Kessel.

    Boston adds Tyler Seguin and Jared Knight with those 2 picks in 2010….. Bad move for Leafs.

    Building through draft is way to go…not giving up multiple picks for 1 player.

  3. Steve says:

    No. Signing Kovy would be much better than trying to get Bobby Ryan for a bunch of prospects. Also Kovy is still on the market. The Isles may bring forth a serious offer for him.

  4. billy says:

    thanks for responding guys:

    Tony- all burke had to do was sign kessel to an offer sheet and they wouldnt have lost 2 1st rounders. Burke royally screwed over the leafs for what i would consider stubborn pride. If burke had signed kessel to the offer sheet, he would have been a 100% hipocrite since he threw a junior high hissy fit when oilers signed dustin penner away from burkes ducks.

    Steve- Kovy is not coming to us, i think thats been made pretty clear unless snow/wang blindside everybody. Ryan represents exactly what we need for tavares; he’s a young sniper that isnt 2-3 years away. Isles have done a superb job restocking us and thats why we need an immediate impact forward. We cant just wait another 3 years for some of these guys, a rebuild shouldnt take more than 5 years and we’re already at year 3.

    Do i hope el nino, petrov, and kabanov become regulars in our lineup? Of course, but what are the odss all 3 will become nhlers in next 2 years? Ryan takes that guessing game out of the equation, because he is already here. Besides, look at all the drafts ive outlined, only 1 team grabbed 2 or 3 of those good picks in a single draft and that was LA in 2005. Once out of all those drafts……it’s pretty clear to me, but i welcome any and all rebuttals

  5. Madchef says:

    I would love to have Bobby Ryan but signing him up to an offer sheet is not as good of an idea as it sounds. Just think of what will happen when our young players become RFA’s then. Bad Karma. How would you like Okposo or Tavares to leave on an offer sheet because we slid in on Ryan and vastly overpaid him to pry him away from the ducks. Plus giving up the picks? Not sure it would bring alot of positive press to a team that could use some.

  6. Tony Stabile says:

    Billy…if they had signed him to an offer sheet, they would have given up a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd for him. Imagine the Isles dealing Niederreiter, Brock Nelson and Kirill Kabanov for Bobby Ryan.

    No thanks

  7. Phil says:

    That is just a TERRIBLE idea. Yeah, the kid is young and he’s scored 30 goals TWICE. But how much do you think it will take to pry him from the Ducks? I guarantee you the Ducks will be willing to go as high as 4.5 million per to match an offer. Now look at what the compensation is based on what contract he signs:

    $1,307,812 – $2,615,625 = 2nd round pick

    $2,615,623 – $3,923,437 = 1st and 3rd round pick

    $3,923,437 – $5,231,249 = 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick

    So despite the fact that we have to fill 3 roster spots on D (sorry but Gervais, Eaton and Jurcina aren’t cutting it), and no real checking line and guys who are third liners playing top 6 forward minutes without the talent (Franz N, Hunter, Schremp) you want to give up 3 picks in one year to fill one hole? OK. Where is the top 2 dman coming from- (deHaan or Hamonic?? Not for another 3-5 seasons will they reach that status if they do at all)

    Then what will happen when Bailey, Okposo, Tavares, Moulson and others come up to their RFA year? Wanna bet we can’t keep them all?

    You look at Ryan and think “oh, he can get us to the playoffs”. Forget the playoffs. I want deep runs in the playoffs…no making an 8 seed year after year and leaving in 5 games. We did that from 02-04. No thanks.

    Build through the draft. Get our kids to the position they can compete nightly, then look for the FA signing. Giving up that many picks when we have more than that many roster holes makes no sense.

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