ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN: Why DP Is With NHL Club Now & What Is Next


There is a philosophy inherent in Garth’s Snow NY Islanders…and that is there is no better place to learn for NHL level talent than the NHL level itself. This has worked with Kyle Okposo, who despite to the hockey stat amateur or Brian Burke, is overlooked on goals, but doing everything else and more on the ice.

This has been a question mark on Josh Bailey who is in his growing pains. However, as Rick DiPietro shakes off some rust in the AHL with some spotty results, this same internal philosophy will apply…

Where is the best place to get back to NHL speed and quality? The NHL.

So it is likely DP travels with the team.

And of course, those that read that somewhere are already making their trade wish plans for Marty Biron.

Don’t get ahead of yourself folks.

At NHL speeds and some easing in to a schedule will be only the next step of Rick DiPietros return….not the final step. Legs, knees and rust will be tested at NHL speeds, NHL skill-level, and at NHL endurance. Only upon whatever that timetable is, will anyone be moved.

By this patient approach (one that I criticized the lack thereof last year), the Isles can simply stand pat and see what transpires rather than being victim to injuries and whims. If DP warms up, settles in, and shows staying power, obviously Snow can just field phone calls.

But those who are using NHL 2010 to mock trade Biron for anything more than prospects, projects or middling draft picks better might want to slowdown and recall goalie trade value. As I said long ago, and certainly before many others, you won’t see Biron moved till late Jan or more likely, Feb.

Hell, depending on things with an oft-injured goalie making his 2nd injury comeback, a well-worked elder statesman playing young, and Biron, who knows really if we’ll get to that point till trade deadline OR post-season.

So, basically, only a fool would rush in to do anything but wait and see if Rick DiPietro is ready, and the only way to see that, is to get him to work out that rust, timing and consistency with the big club.

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  2. kevin fitz says:

    Agreed on this BD. There is no rush to trade Biron. They obviously do not have any cap issues. So wait and see. Hell, if DP stays healthy and gets back to his all star form by the trade deadline, they may want to think about trading Roloson. He would get more value IMO at this point in the season. But either way, 3 goalies is not a bad idea this season with all the games being played in bunches.

  3. I completely agree with everything you have said. Actually, I browsed throughout your several other content articles and I think you are totally right. Great job with this particular online site.