Two stellar sources have gotten back to me on the status of the Lighthouse Project in Nassau County.

Source #1

Confirms that the Lighthouse Project has indeed stopped paying FP Clark.

LHP owes FP Clark over $200K.  FP Clark and the Town are still waiting for more backup for the LHP’s claim that the project will generate only 1,500 extra rush hour car trips…something they had a HUGE problem with at the hearing. The LHP still has not answered this.

Instead, LHP is claiming that since NYS Dept. of Transportation is fine with the LHP’s traffic studies, so should the Town of Hempstead be. They say the Town should just accept the State DOT’s word for it that traffic is not a problem.

However, per that source, the Town of Hempstead will not do so. Their reasoning: the numbers from the traffic study do not add up, according to FP Clark.
Per source #1, agreeing to my own take: Yes, things seem to be at a standstill.
Source #2 also agreed with everything from source #1 and my original piece on FP Clark, who has not been paid. So that is now three sources citing FP Clark has not been paid.
Source #2:
Seems about right. Just because the State says it’s ok, means little.

Look at the MTA who needed payroll tax earlier this year to avoid problems. They got it, now are still cutting services and have a huge budget hole.

Just because they say it is ok is not enough. And that is just one example.

LHP is playing games. Plain and simple. They know we (the ToH) are entitled to the study, why the delay? Afraid of the results? Traffic is big issue. If the State DOT was right, then Clarks numbers will mirror them.

Town board is willing to do the project, of a magnitude larger than you think. However, the LHP is doing stuff like this.

Could their issue really be financing?

Whatever the reasoning behind it, it is all very strange. The Lighthouse Project, you know…the people who asked for all the fans support and talked to the media habitually like a coked up Thai hooker, has been on media silent mode since Charles Wang “date of certainty” which was always considered by many…impossible to ever meet. Since then, silence yet all sorts of confusing stories and rumors. But, if we look at actions, perhaps the tale is clearer. Perhaps there has been an internal implosion (LI Press story), and a complete inability by them to even make the Town Board vote on the project.
If the Lighthouse Project fails here and closes down shop without making the Town of Hempstead to actually officially vote YES or NO….you know…the mantra they demanded all summer, than it stands that they themselves somehow have failed to live up to their end of the bargain. That they failed to make the ToH and Republican party be the one to make the decisions.
Instead, we are left with odd stories. Like business owners who are reportedly being told by Scott Rechler that they are indeed done on Long Island. Blogs citing Brooklyn as if this was somehow a desired destination for Charles Wang to end up a tenant to the one man who helped hurt his project, Bruce Ratner, when he won the bid over him for the NJ Nets. Queens, the former rumor du jour, who got very quiet when it became clear that many others would be vying for that space as well.
Where is the Lighthouse leadership? Where is this voice who told fans to show up? Who gave out hats and t-shirts? Who were at Islander games? Where is Charles Wang? Where is some common sense, communication and some situation ownership? Did it all fade at the hearing back in August. Ever since that date, the Lighthouse Project seemed to cease being an option and has since become a silent comedy.
Time to speak up, ladies and gentlemen. Time to speak up Charles. And not through your former speech writer. Time to speak up with your own voice or pen directly to fans. Tell them what is going on…or handle what is beginning to look like your mess.
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  1. Adam Malmut says:

    It is Wang’s mess. There’s a lot of could be situations happening here. I can start to roll off maybe’s like – 1. Maybe there is a financially gripe with one of the partners (RXR Rechler or Charles B. Wang) – after all, business is business and when there are partners, less gets done in a timely manner if at all. Or 2. Maybe there is more to the Brooklyn story than we all thought before. Or 3. Maybe this is an intentional delay because they have found faults in the traffic planning. I can continue on, but it would be nice for Islanders fans and more importantly Nassau County residents to get a straight answer. And a straight answer from the horses mouth.

  2. KO21 says:

    Ohhh GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. KO21 says:

    I fear what that answer might be…

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  5. MJS says:

    As much as Wang wouldn’t want to be Ratner’s tenant he wants to be a Nassau County tenant even less. If he can work out an even half way decent lease with Ratner/Brooklyn Wang could actually end up making money again. Either way, it is apparent that Brooklyn is less shortsighted than Hempstead. That would be a cheap easy move for Wang to pull off too, so yes, if the team is to move, Brooklyn or Queens would be desirable destinations, at least as far as the fans are concerned.

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  7. TPJM22 says:

    1 – Wang could sell to the Russian/Ratner, he wouldn’t have to lease in Brooklyn.
    2 – If  Wang did lease in Brooklyn, he’d be dealing primarily with the Russian not Ratner.
    3 – Get a clue.  Wang won’t talk about this in public or to NYI fans.  He spoke yesterday for NHL BOG meeting.  See below -
    “New York Islanders owner Charles Wang stopped on his way into the meeting and took a couple questions about the uncertain future of his team after an Oct. 3 deadline passed with no decision on the Lighthouse project that would see a new arena built on Long Island.

    Wang acknowledged that he’s taking calls from people interested in bringing the Islanders to their city, but declined to identify them: “I don’t want to do this in the press. You understand.”

    He was noncommittal when asked if the team still have a future in Long Island.

    “Yeah, I hope so,” said Wang. “Whatever happens, happens.”




  8. Jason says:

    It is a shame that the team is moving in the right direction.  But, by the time they get really good they probably will not be here anymore.  I blame both sides.  Wang for being Stubborn.  But, also murray.  The TOH voted for the LH to be the developers.  They couldve voted for something else a long time ago.  And I think traffic is a lame excuse.  Murray couldve met with the LH more in he beginning and let them know what she thought would be acceptable.

  9. Nick Giglia says:

    Jason – to be fair, Nassau County selected and voted approval for the Lighthouse – not the Town.  You can criticize the Town for refusing to involve itself in the negotiations, which have been ongoing for years.  I think it’s unconscionable that we’ve gone this far and have no idea what the Town is thinking.
    In the same vein, the Lighthouse needs to step up.  At times it feels like we want this more than they do.