A Short Word About Radek Martinek: Done

sugarsugar_peanut_brittleIt is sad when a player is more of a punchline. Radek Martinek has never played a full season, though he came pretty close in 2005-2006 season with 74 games played. That habit will continue with a torn ACL. Though the team will turn to Freddy Meyer, who is a gamer, it brings even more questions to a defense that struggles some nights to keep up with teams.

The Isles defense has turned around a lot within the last few as they evened things up. But with other likely suspects who might get injured (ie: Sutton, Witt, Meyer), there is very little depth.

Depth and talent, despite hard work, will really dictate the rest of the Isles season. There is a serious lack of it. So much, that even when many are being optimistic on the rest of the season, I cannot. I feel that the Isles are just waiting to have the tires spin off due to it.

In each Isles win, scoring came from another besdes their top line. When Trent Hunter returns (this week), that can improve. But a team who is quite precarious on depth output cannot really handle much injury.

So what happens to the Isles if/when a Sutton or, worse, an offensive top liner goes down?

It won’t be pretty.

10826a02217d6e3287378590e6fa2314e78c771fAnd, Now To Something Completely Different (And Even More Depressing)

Word coming from both left and right is that most feel it won’t be Suozzi in office when it all ends. Sources on both sides of the fence expect a narrow Mangano win.

If you noticed the Newsday articles, if you still read the paper, that much of it is now School Tax rhetoric. Suozzi himself put up an Opinion piece just on Sunday. This seems to be positioning himself for another office fight next year elsewhere. His office has positioned itself on property taxes as being the sole reason he lost support. However, that simply is not the case. He and the Democratic party lost touch with their base and Long Island. Many, especially in areas he should have won in, seemed very unclear on what positive things Suozzi and the Democrats did for them these last two terms. I don’t blame taxes. I blame a party and guy in office who stopped listening.

This all might not bode well for the Lighthouse Project as some are starting to ask questions about that Suozzi “sweetheart lease deal” that that Wang and Rechler were given. “We’d like to take a look at that”. This comment given to me by someone in the Town of Hempstead is extremely concerning and sobering.

Questions and attention to those things while there are still tough feeings between both sides are concerning. The latest is that despite meetings between Picker and those of the town (incuding last week), some in the ToH cite it is just another tactless crass move to have floated Kate McElroy, Murray’s opponent, at the Coliseum and video boards. Another is not bothering to call Murray to congratulate her. Yes, I’m being serious.

Yes, at times this is pot calling kettle when over early summer was mail campaigns and aloof attitudes to even smooth out the process. This is not lost on this blogger.

Sometimes it is like one side is from Mars and the other Venus. Two sides who simply don’t see eye to eye, and never will, and that there is a level of umbrage between the two.

Unless the Lighthouse Project throw an RFP to Queens, they have zero leverage these days. Isles fans barely made dent in the Murray re-election. Their tying to Tom Suozzi has backfired, and seems to have politicized the project. Or was that politicalization unavoidable?

Once 2010 rolls around, they like face a new Nassau County exec, and a 11-8 led Republican Legislature. Playing hardball has fizzled. The Lighthouse Project now has deadline themselves to work with the town board, who still, according to a source, are “willing to get it done”.

Per that source, the town board will not vote down the Lighthouse Project. So it is still a question of size and scope…or as it has been put by lawmakers as a term of: density.


Speaking of DENSE: Town Board
(sorry couldn’t resist)

One making the rounds is many on the town board are not very happy with the prices of the housing units. Some wondered how affordable means the upper, mostly white middle class. However, market price will really dictate that scenario. So, to me, it’s not really their business.
What is really at issue with the Town of Hempstead Town Board is what we heard come out at the hearing. Traffic and water. The town board feels that there is too much density, which affects an already packed area in terms of traffic and the water (something that the ToH source who called Wang a bully months and months ago actually brought up on my previous Islanders site:

There also seems to be a question on who pays and subsidizes improving both those elements. At the hearing, I was called during one of the breaks by a ToH source who laid down that the Lighthouse said they had state money, but yet could not account for it for sure. These issues of who pays for what and these being solidified still seem a point of contention.

Meanwhile, it looks that one side is playing the media blackout game…yes, ones who were bringing things to the media all year long. That contradiction is still stunning. The other is teasing the press or trying to cultivate that they are holding the Lighthouse Development group from enacting some terrible crime if they were to build what is currently planned. That tall tale of herosim is not going down to easy either.

Hockey Independent has learned that board member Santino is against the project. Goosby had seemed to grandstand to many in the ToH feeling she was against the project as well, however, her lawyer actually commented here on HI that she is not (yes, that really was her lawyer a few weeks back). So she’s on the fence wanting things changed. Two others  are actually “gung-ho for the project”, reportedly Darcy and Ambrosino. Cullen and Hudes are up in the air. A lot lies on Kate Murray herself here likely with those two.


Altering the DEAL?

I have been asked from several people who have been repeating something that is is said to be coming from the Lighthouse Group: If they change or alter the plans, then they can be sued by those who also bid on the RFP.

I have been told by two different well-placed people that this is simply not true, at least in their opinion. Truth is, despite if that hasn’t been an issue in the past, the LHP is a different animal. There has never been a project on the table of this size here…and nobody can speak for sure 100% here.

So can they be sued? My take: probably not likely. Would the SEQR need to be redone? Or in parts? Also probably not as likely. To me, the bottomline in the end to me is: Charles Wang doesn’t want to change the plans. And, that will leave a lot of people coming up with ways to explain why. If he doesn’t want to change plans, well then there is simply nothing more to say here anymore. Just as if the ToH is stubborn and wants the previous lease deal looked at. To me, they are game breakers. Both sides need to reach through this, and their great disconnect, and somehow get to an agreement that is the most obvious thing in the world:

Long Island NEEDS the Lighhouse Project. We are facing, optimistically, a jobless recovery next year. Wouldn’t it be great to have a big exciting project that would create jobs? Wouldn’t his be a boon to Long Island for years to come?

Sorry, can’t change reality. Reality sucks on Long Island and Nassau County needs this project. To let them walk away to Queens would be a travesty. I for one, would make sure it isn’t forgotten come Murray’s next re-election or any future bid she ever makes. After all, isn’t she the one who said to me: “Oh, it will happen”.

Then make it happen. Times ticking ladies and gents. If this is going to lead to a Republican revisionary look at deals the those in power, then they themselves are now politicizing the project.

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  1. Isles Fanatic says:


    I keep reading about the team moving to Queens, or wherever around the Islanders present home.  If this deals falls apart, the team will move, but it will not be anywhere near it’s current home. 

    I for one, hope that this never happens, but look for the team to be north of the border sooner rather than later. 

  2. Peter Mandzych says:

    Right on Mr Gallof…time is running out.

    Remember…after the new lease was agreed upon…the Nassau County Legislature has 120 days to approve the new lease. The County will not act until the TOH approves the project. Is it possible that Kate Murray….Santino and the rest of the TOH board will look to “run out the clock” on those 120 days ??
    Is the fact that now the Republicans in Nassau control the legislature…can that throw a big monkey wrench into the process.? Mr. Gallof…you talk about Queens being Mr. Wangs “other” option..well what about Suffolk County being thrown in the mix since Levy has extended his hand ? Remember Levy is offering the land around Pilgrim State to the Islanders…however there are people who live in neighboring communities like Commack and Dix Hills that do not want “any” development at Pilgrim State. WHAT YOUR TAKE ON THIS ?????

  3. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by BDGallof and Ladyneat, LetThereBeLighthouse. LetThereBeLighthouse said: RT @BDGallof: LIGHTHOUSE BLUES: My new blog about issues with the Isles and the Project #lhp #nhl #isles [...]

  4. BDGallof says:

    Any place that has ingrained opponents, including Suffolk’s Pilgrim State area, or Queens who does have business opponents to the eminent domain, or Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn….I view as being second best when Hempstead and Garden City’s complaining really hasn’t been much but that. So I view it Nassau is still best choice. Plus, Suffolks would take years to do all that work again.

    Part of this is common sense, not politics. Nassau lacks a convention center and venue that people, fans and long islander deserve. The Coliseum is a wreck of a place. LI needs jobs and business opportunity. This is not just to offset a recession, but even before that recession we were sinking fast.

    If the LHP goes elsewhere, it is a huge black mark on those in power who helped put it that way. Yes blame goes to both sides, but the LHP is still here and waiting to see how the political smoke clears.





  5. Anthony C says:

    Peter Mandzych, as a former resident of commack and long island in general. I would think that having the pilgrim state property given to the Islanders to build a new arena on would be perfect if the LHP falls apart. I remerber a few years back when newsday had a huge article on the Isles looking at suffolk and the pilgrim state property was mentioned. The ass clowns as I like to refer to the people who don’t want the pilgrim state property to be developed into anything worth a damn are old, stupid and have the same mindset as the other assclowns in garden city. Which we all know is the Not In My Backyard mindset that has plagued LI’s chances of having any hope of developing into a porductive and opportunistic place to live and work.

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