POST ELECTION: The Day The Lighthouse Project Died?


"Those Were...ARE The Days!"

If you think Tom Suozzi’s narrowest of margin lead will hold, please be aware that 12,000 absentee ballots have not been counted. It are those who have Nassau Democrats shaking in their boots. Those type of ballots tend to swing Republican, as a general rule since many of these tend to be older voters.

Meanwhile, no surprise here, that Kate Murray crushed Kristen McElroy. Terrible truth of it all is that Islander fans made not one whit of difference. Murray actually accrued more votes this election than her last one.

Those wondering if perhaps something was afoot here would be correct. In the cavalcade of mistakes made this election cycle, one large looming one is their mailing it in with McElroy, who clearly was merely tapped to be a Democratic paperweight.

And, despite the effort of Islander fan Joe Conte, who deserves tremendous kudos for taking over her campaign and giving it the best he could in the last month or two, it was fate long sealed. Nassau Democrats flubbed this from start to finish, from top to bottom.


People Seemed Forget That The Democrats Grabbed On This As Well

If there is a person to blame through all of this, it might be Tom Suozzi and his office who helped politicize the Lighthouse and blow smoke up Charles Wang’s arse. The Lighthouse Project’s and Charles Wang’s affiliation with Suozzi did not help things ultimately. In fact, it is my personal belief…and I am not alone on this, that it hindered the process.

So, what now brown cow?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Now Charles Wang and the Lighthouse Project comes to the table willing to accomodate the Town of Hempstead town board, or they take a walk and take their chances and re-put years of effort elsewhere.

Either talk/deal or walk. That’s it. Any soapbox of this “Vote Yes or No” crap was made of soap itself and hosed off two days ago. Their so-called friends are now in survival mode. And answer to the Mangano/Suozzi election will be forced to a recount no matter who wins via the absentees. We won’t know who really won until December.

With what I believe Mangano’s ultimate win, and the turnover of the Legislature to the Republicans (11-8), the political climate has changed and Charles needs to get back to the basics of why he did the project in the first place rather than his dream that might have been blown to extravagent proportions due to gargantuan battles, ego and pride.

Do not thee get to Queens. Bloomberg, as was said by his campaign people as he narrowly won: “This is hardly a mandate”. The NY Daily News wrote the other day this:

Bloomberg’s people spent years giving favored developers public spaces, city subsidies, and friendly zoning for huge megaprojects – many of which stalled in the economic slowdown. The price will now come due.”

So, you think Queens is fair sailing, do you? Think again.

Yes, there is thought by others that Bloomberg might attempt to finish some of it up for his legacy. This MIGHT include Willet’s Point. However, as was seen in this last election for both NY and Nassau County, that expectations and results are two different things.

The answer, Charles Wang and the Lighthouse Project is:

Get your ass to negotiation and work out your differences. Something that was asked weeks before the hearing in August. Something refused by the Lighthouse publicly and privately. Well, that time is over. The Lighthouse Project was meant for Long Island. It belongs on Long Island. Two sides need to sit down and make it happen. There have been at least one meeting since Charles Wang and Kate Murray’s breakfast meeting. Hopefully there have been or will be more. Get it done.

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  1. TPJM22 says:

    Your bias against Queens is comical.  Only dopey proud LIers would look a gift horse in the mouth.  Except there’s nothing to be proud of with LI anymore. 

    Bloomberg winning is more certain in continuity to bring Willets Point to life as it’s further along then the LH and the now changing political scene in Nassau.
    On the local elections, apparently Nassau doesn’t care about NYI. No one cared enough about the LH project to vote for it’s supporter. No one on LI thought enough about Islanders to make a stand except 1 guy named Joe C. That should tell many, including Wang, all they need to know.

    The Islanders are not only a non-factor in Nassau, they’re a non-factor in their freakin neighborhood! No radio reception in Uniondale & no freakin’ support of the Isles by TOH…I just think after this vote, Long Island doesn’t seem to give a crap about Long Island’s team.  NOBODY gives a crap about the LHP except The Developer & Islander fans. NOBODY on Long Island outside of that demographic cares.  Even if the LH happened you’d be stuck with Wang and his record of failure with NYI.  This is what you’re hoping for?

    NYI would finally become relevant in QUEENS. I believe the RFQ for Willets Point has to be sent in by December 7 so I hope Wang is working on it. QUEENS is best for the franchise but unforunately Nassau is best for Wang’s real estate deal except he doesn’t realize he’ll never get all he wants in Nassau. The sooner he reaizes this, the better for NYI it will be.
    Yankees buy a championship, Bloomberg buys an election while NYI can’t even buy decent radio coverage or buy above the cap floor in Uniondale. It’s insane that a big market team is run like a poor AHL one. This is NY – get it right and leave the suburbs with no mass transit or media coverage and fairweather fans, all 6 of them and GO TO QUEENS!!!

    • BDGallof says:

      Gift horse?

      Your continued rah-rah Queens responses have been comical.

      I’ve spoken to several Willet’s Point people who have all said the same thing: that right now, it is not smooth sailing. Don’t buy the alternative just because you are a frustrated hockey fan.

      Many others have cited that Chamber of Commerce talking head who mentions the Islanders anywhere and anyhow he can is doing so to get more energy on the actual redevelopment.

      Not one blogger nor paper …save Nick Giglia, has adequately actually gone to speak to people connected to Atlantic Yards and Willets Point to peer beneath the beating drums of alternatives. Both areas have some opposition and problems. That opposition makes Garden City look like a joke.

      Also knowing the actual idea of the Lighthouse Project, having come out of the mouth of Charles Wang, I know it defeats the original inception of what he wanted.

      So, pal…who’s being biased?

      We all want an answer. If Queens is it, so be it. But, the more I look at Queens, the more problems and delays I see.

      I am, however, outspoken in my disagreeing with Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn as a viable alternative.

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  4. MJS says:

    Well, if TPJM22 has repeatedly posted his support for Queens then you both are biased. Also, I like that you admit that you haven’t spoken to anyone involved with Willets Point yourself. You know, cause if Nick Giglia was the only one to do it…
    Anyways, isn’t the point to root for the team to stay local? Why then stand for one location over the other? If you stand behind the contention that only one person has adequately looked into the Brooklyn and Queens deals, how could you even begin to form an opinion? Because that one person is automatically right? I know Nick does good work, but it’s tough to accept anything at face value because of how polarizing the Lighthouse has become. If Wang believes that the Lighthouse isn’t going to go through, then the team will move when the lease is up. I support the possibility of the team going to Queens because I’d rather the team stay the NY Islanders than become the Las Vegas Gamblers or the Hamilton RIM-jobs. I’m pretty sure that every Islanders fan can say the same. Also, you people should probably entertain the idea that it is possible to support the Lighthouse and Queens, Brooklyn, etc. options at the same time.

    • BDGallof says:

      I think you need to read a bit better. I stated only Nick and I have really put forth any effort to speak to people from both Queens and Brooklyn. This kind of negates answering anything else you state, since it is all based on your missing of that point.