BYE NEWSDAY! Hockey Buried In Paper As Website Closes To Public

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Did you know the Islanders beat the Rangers last night? If you looked at your Newsday, you’d have to look hard for it. But it’s there buried 18 pages…yes 18…in the sports pages behind the World Series gripes, a throwaway article about the umps being right on a call, more baseball guff, basketball, football, and then some hockey stuff.

Gone are the days of deep insightful analysis. It seems Newsday’s new philosophy is to flood hot subjects with content and let god sort’em out. Gone are the deeper naunced texture of what made Newsday a great sport section back in the later 90s. Satisfy the common denominator seems the new beat, and beating that dead horse til it draws glue to keep Long Islanders reading.

The new school seems to want to tweak, pinch and sooth the sports nerve. When drama invades Isles Country or controversy, they’ll flood us with a Mark Herrmann piece, an Arthur Staple piece to irk us, a Jim Baumbach one to tweak or an Anthony Rieber to outrage. Or get their Town of Hempstead steward to put forth one. They will look to churn the content, but to me it lacks the depth and insight to why we used to go there or read the paper in the first place. I grew up reading this paper. I know what and why I read.

Picture 20But until when the powers-that-be (content direction deciders) point in our direction, Islanders and Ranger articles seem to be buried behind a pecking-order despite the rivalry. And the fact it is the rivalry being ignored is a slap in the face to Long Island hockey fans.

Hockey news across the board has failed to meet our needs. Sports news and even regular news has gone the same way. Things are so ham-handed, talked-down-to, patronizing, and diluted to demographics they have forgotten they are servicing people, fans and inquiring minds.

Today, Newsday’s website closes its doors in the backward attempt to pretend it is relevant, needed and a commodity…like it used to once be. The real attempt is a bright idea to get everyone to register. A failed move that has killed many a business or organization. Newsday’s content simply hasn’t been good enough to chase to me. Just as the coverage, despite the effort of new beat writer and all-around great person, Katie Strang, isn’t enough to leaf through 18 pages to find.

I’ve moved on.

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About the Author: B.D. Gallof is a published writer and hockey blogger. He writes about Hockey, NY Islanders & the NY Islanders venue situation for CBS New York. BD has been written up in Sports Illustrated,, the NY Times Slapshots blog, Yahoo's Sports and SportsBusiness Journal. He has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as owner, lead writer, and managing editor at

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  1. Jeff W. says:

    Your assessment is spot on.  I grew up on LI and lived for Newsday’s coverage of the Islanders.  I am in NJ now and happen to be an Optimum Online subscriber, otherwise I would not waste my time paying for the spotty coverage in what may be the most user-unfriendly website ever developed. The columnists certainly evoke the reactions you portray, and although Ms. Strang is trying hard, she’s in a no-win situation.
    Such a shame.

  2. Crackhead Theo says:

    Who needs newsday when we have all of the Isles blogs. They are the best source for Isles info, and hockey info in general.

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  4. DanNOLA says:

    Since I don’t live in New York anymore and don’t subscribe to Newsday, I guess I’m the target of their latest money-grab, since on-line is the only way that I can read Newsday.  But, I refuse to spend any money on a low-quality product when I can get better for free.  If I want to know about the Isles, BD, CB, Lighthouse, and all of the rest are there.  If I want to know about the NHL in general, there are some really great bloggers out there like Mirtle that satisfy me more than Newsday ever could.  And if I want the news, there are infinite sources out there that I don’t have to pay extra for.  Why in God’s name should I pay for Newsday?  And if I was a company on Long Island looking to advertise, why would I pay  to advertise on a website that is purposefully limiting it’s viewership?  If you ask me, this is just plain dumb.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BDGallof: BYE NEWSDAY! Hockey Buried In Paper As Website Closes To Public | Hockey Independent #nhl #islanders…

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