ISLES VS RANGERS TONIGHT: Some Pre-Game Comparison Plus More On Mad Mike

My latest for CBS New York/WFAN is about tonights Isles vs Rangers matchup, plus a bit of reality to the new stuff coming out as the PR winds blow on Mike Milbury. Please give it a read.



Over each of their last 10 games, the Islanders have kept pace with the Rangers and have shown they might actually be better than what their overall record is. The Rangers are elite and playing like it, going 6-3-1.

And whenever these two get together, you can almost certainly throw out their records. The Islanders won the first of two meetings at Nassau Coliseum, 4-2 on Oct. 15, and the Blue Shirts returned the favor a month later.

The Islanders have an opportunity build on their winning ways thanks to a bit of a turnaround from late November into December. They are riding a 5-3-2 stretch that has moved them within 8 points of the final playoff spot, and are coming off a sweep of Northwest Division-leading Minnesota and Winnipeg, which is just a point out of the eighth spot in the East. READ MORE!


As for Mike Milbury…


For instance, Milbury told Dupont: “I understand the culture and implication and conclusion some would draw from this.” He might be eloquent on television as an analyst for NBC, but those are far from the types of words he uses on a daily basis, if you get my meaning.

The injection of public relations into news is always something to be war of. Sure, you want to get the other guy’s take, but when your other witness in this type of alleged incident is the parent of Milbury’s own child, you can’t expect much.  READ MORE!




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  1. Isles27 says:

    Back in the day this used to be such a great rivalry and now it barley measures on the interest meter in this area, The Garden doesn’t rock for these games anymore and you can thank the Isles and their pathetic track record over the past 18 years for that. Anyway without listing everything that is wrong with this team from top to bottom which would take pages, this could be the #1 issue, the Isles are 20th in the league in team save pct at .904 no way no how can this team compete with that number.