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  1. The only thing the sweater is missing is the Gorton’s fisherman.

  2. Fred Poulin says:

    It’s freakingly ugly, what are they thinking?

  3. Alex Muscat says:

    I’d rather bring the Gorton’s fisherman jersey back.

  4. Cris Cohen says:

    All it’s missing is a Burger King head, a Mighty Duck breaking through it and a bull’s head constellation that looks like a uterus.

    Seriously though it’s awful and unimaginative. Personally I thought taking the lighthouse shoulder patch from the fishermen jerseys and modernizing it might have been a good concept, using something iconic to Long Island like the original does. I’d love to know what kind of focus groups (if any) they used to vet this design. On the bright there have been lower lows than this achieved in 3rd jerseys of the past.

    It’s all about dollars and cents with these things. If fans don’t buy the jerseys or any spinoff merchandise, maybe it’ll die a quick death.