Winless Streak Will Put Players and Coaches On Hot Seat on Long Island

Things To Heat Up….and not in a good way.

No matter how anyone chooses to spin last night, most who watched with half a wit saw a team outplayed in two periods, the first and third. The Isles came out awkward and disjointed. Then in period 2, it was they who turned on the Jets… But could not get anything past Pavlec.

It would be the 3rd period where this young team would need to keep pressing, but it was Winnipeg who controlled the pace and sealed the win as the Isles once again got trapped in their own zone.

So here we are a year removed from the tailspin of Oct 20th of 2010 onward and we see the Isles last win here in 2011: October 15th vs the Rangers. With teams like the Capitols, Bruins, Avs and Canucks on tap, things will begin to heat up if the losses keep mounting.

Someone is going to take a fall if things continue. It might be an addition by subtraction move by getting Comeau elsewhere, or it might be an assistant coach takes a fall first. Isles hoped that this team would somehow compete for a 8th spot. But the reality is they really expected a 10 to 12th spot as per the rebuild and free agency realities. Right now they are at 14th and not moving anywhere upward.

This is a problem and they cannot let it remain.



Nino coming in and Comeau demoted to a 4th line might be next on tap.

Despite talk of trades, very little can be gotten for unfulfilled potential (aka Bailey). Comeau is the likely suspect (as said for weeks now)

Yes, Isles have defensive issues and a ridiculous 3 goalie tandem…but neither are the cause of this skid out. Got to handle the big elephant before handling the few gorillas in the room.


Any ideas? Comment away…

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  1. lsles27 says:

    This team sucks 5 on 5 and they are soft. This isn’t pee wee where you get a pat on the back for playing hard we need to see results. BTW I wouldn’t say someone who doesn’t finish their checks and doesn’t block shots is “giving 100% all the time” and “he hustles all the time” enough with the excuses (he just came back from an injury, yeah a YEAR AGO), this team has way too many soft players who have ZERO goals. Now that the first line has shut down we have no scoring. Right now DP and the goal-tending is the least of our problems. This team was fun to watch last season when they fought back and weren’t being pushed around who’s idea was it to go back to playing like a bunch of spineless pussies?

  2. b_olton says:

    Doesn’t address the scoring problem but why has a (healthy) Montoya been cast aside? He has two of the only 3 wins they have so far. Let’s not overlook the kind of “unstable” atmosphere being created by having a different goalie play every night. Never been a DP basher per say but i think just having him around is enough to derail the chemistry the team built last year.
    I agree with Isles27 about the softness…it’s a real problem…perhaps the heart of it. Perhaps they lost their heart & soul when Konopka wasn’t signed…and these new Veteran forwards are not leading by example…they are mostly awful thus far. We played better with call-ups than these guys.
    Immediate adjustments should be made. Call up Haley who is a sparkplug and physical guy. Pick 2 goalies and lose the 3 goalie DISTRACTION (montoya & nabby being my picks w/ DP on IR with an injury to his beard). Change up all the lines…and issue a team imposed fine to any player who opts to make a stick check on a play where he should take the body. :)

    • Isles27 says:

      I think they wanted to give all 3 goalies around the same amount of starts and then judge them. I would say Nabokov by a hair has been the best followed by Montoya while DP hasn’t played bad and hasn’t cost them any games but also hasn’t stolen any games for them he has been average so far in my opinion. However I do find there is a double standard by the fan base when it comes to the goalies. The first goal by the Caps the other night was tipped in front by an Isles player and then deflected over DP and yet he gets blamed by some for that goal. The other 2 goals while they weren’t bad goals they were not unstoppable either. Also Nabokov is horrible at handling the puck out of the net and yet this is let go by a lot of the fan base but god forbid if DP mishandles the puck out of the net. Having said that my rankings would be 1 Nabokov 2 Montoya 3 DP. And to all those who hammered me last season and the season before when I posted that Callahan was way better than Okposo all you have to do is watch what a smaller Callahan did against Montreal the other night dropping the gloves after his teammate took a big hit, delivering a big hit blocking shots and scoring that’s why one is wearing a “C” right now and the other one isn’t and probably will never.