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NHL vs Isles Fans Continues…

The NHL ended up whining about, and as a result, put a kibosh on the fun for Isles fans, who haven’t had a lot to celebrate this summer, a replay of the infamous game versus the Pens where they suddenly turned into Network’s Harold Beale screaming “We’re not going to take it anymore!” with fists and goals.

It is a shame that many were not able to see an entire picture. It was lost in that game by those mostly unfamiliar with the double standard to how good teams and stars are protected and those that aren’t are left to their own devices in this “new” NHL. It got lost due to the clear hypocrisy of an owner complaining about hockey violence when his own team led then league on penalties and employed one it’s worst offenders. Far too many missed the larger issue that this was really about. The NHL’s failure to protect the little guy, then focusing on them, denying the reality that the atmosphere created the situation.

The Isles and Isles fans know this double standard well, having watched many teams get away with it. A few years earlier, the Isles did not employ any pugilists, hoping to just have grit and physical play exude from it’s regular players. It was not long before all saw it as a mistake as players were constantly taken advantage of. You need to have a clear and present danger to have the assholes of the league aware of the price to be paid. I know it is blunt but it is an accurate picture to everyone BUT Pens fans, the league itself, and the officials who took it upon themselves to teach the Isles a lesson in the last game they played as players went for phantom calls. Something far more disturbing than the original game.

So, sadly, a game where players stood up for themselves as a team, in what was one of the worst tailspins in season in recent memory is now deemed not to be celebrated by a league who seems to care more about a silly replay while ignoring Isles fans with the dire situation with the venue. Maybe now, past August 1st there has been a realization by the league how fucked things have been and will be… where the Brooklyn bunch just visited the NHL offices for a “general” meeting.

Let me assure you, the Nets owner isn’t interested in buying the Isles. So more likely just about options on what Brooklyn can provide IF it comes to that on a temporary basis.



The Trade That Everyone Acted Like It Was Happening…
But did not. Hmmm, wonder why.

Funny how some next trade was on the fire suddenly cooled down. As I said weeks ago, several things happened here…

  1. August 1st has made an indelible mark on the organization and team. Things have changed and they are not so gung-ho to make a financially charged change via trade straight away. Deniers will see more instances of changes on team vision as we go along.
  2. Blake Comeau signed a reasonable deal. A sudden turnaround to price and he is off trade market at this point. But one thing about signing cheap is easy trade material later as well. Let’s see how that pans out as Isles have depth on forwards and lack on defense.
  3. Teams don’t make deals just because fans, bloggers and press say they should. The Isles would still like a #2/3 dman but unless things change, expect them to take much time assessing what they have. Whatever iron was thought to be hot has cooled and people need to start reading into it is more likely NOT to happen now.
  4. Komisarek is not suddenly going to be an Islander. I have hit on these rumors about as much as I hit on that other one that hits rounds with Semin. Neither will be an Isle. Komisarek used the Isles as a fulcrum to get the lucrative TO deal. As I said years ago, he actually wasn’t that hot to play in his hometown. Now, with his play, injuries and that contract, isles are not going to bring him in. Why would Isles pay a premium for a #5 or #6 defender with no offensive upside? That’s right, they wouldn’t. Stop buying into unfounded rumors. Nothing to it.




Evidently some are wising up that Nino will be on this years team. I said this months ago. Unless he suddenly has a regress of two years of development he is ready and so are the Isles who might pencil him in on the 3rd line alongside Bailey and Comeau to begin his NHL career. The longterm plan has always been to have him on the top line as he and Paranteau juxtapose spots based-on ceilings and development. Just a matter of “when”. So expect him to start on that 3rd line and then depending on production and development, will see from there.


Bailey Deal Still Not Done… 

Speaking of when… Funny how nobody is talking about Bailey not being signed yet. Remember Charles Wang ever-echoing decree of if not signed by camp, not going to play. So something to be done soon. One can extrapolate the sides might be far apart. Well, so was Comeau. So I wouldn’t worry and expect a deal soon.

This said, with Reasoner and Rolston, team has some insurance on still making the 3rd line a threat. This said, the isles still believe in Bailey’s development and projected potential. They need him to grow on that 3rd line. They also need his deal to finally get them to the salary cap floor…



Back in Black…and Wish It Stayed Away

As I reported on twitter quite a while ago, a source cited the third jersey would suck, was black and looked awful. Lo and behold, ICETHETICS, a site my source even gave when he told me he had also seen it and that the design was godawful. Well both source and Icethetics was dead-on. It is the jersey and it looks like horse dung. Those who are about to have an apoplexy over it, please remember it is just a shitty 3rd jersey. It’s not like the Gordon’s fisherman debacle.

But, the fact that on the 40th anniversary that this crap was all they could come up with instead of a smart savvy retro style is just another nail in the coffin of the business-side antics of the Isles and proof positive that there is a lot wrong with their vision, reality and own sense of what Isles fans want. Embarassing effort, result and an insult to fans. Maybe they will get message when it flops. Ok, probably not.

 Maybe the Isles should have been more concerned about the 40th anniversary jersey instead of who is saying what about their Yashin overtures.

Silly Isles.


And speaking of silly…


A Note To The Nut

Sadly, a few nuts are still on the Newsday conspiracy parade. Diatribes on blaming everyone else have flooded the comment sections of websites, boards and blogs. Time to take a long look in the mirror old chap, and might be time that admit your own personal agenda has taken you far off your original and noble intent when you began your blog years ago.

Blame whoever you want, truth is there is a lot to go around…

BUT for anyone who is supposed “information” provider on this ledge and these unhinged stark, conjectures and paranoid ravings which ended up in spam folder on this site and who has spammed other sites with this drivel… shame on you.


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  1. Isles27 says:

    Gallof with an earth shattering piece :)

  2. BDGallof says:

    i caused the earthquake with my snark

  3. Michael Ryan says:

    As Far as Nino Goes: I am still not convinced on this kid. Some of the rumors are that he is lazy and I was not too impressed with him during his NHL stint last year at all.

  4. anthony c says:

    He makes the team, then he has to have a rookie season on par with what jeff skinner did in carolina last year. Anything short is a failure. And if Bret Connolly makes the lightning out of camp and has a better rookie year then niederreiter, then to me the team made the wrong choice in picking niederreter.

  5. Hockey Guy in Canada says:

    So anything short of a Calder Trophy winning season (Skinner) is a failure?! C’mon.

    • Hockey1919 says:

      Sure seems that way doesn’t it? We’re already in Milbury mode where a kid is a bust if he isn’t scoring a goal-a-game by the end of his rookie tryout.

  6. Hockey Guy in Canada says:

    Just another few points: After the referrendum, Wang stated again that he was commited to keeping the team on Long Island. This is not the same as saying “in Nassau County”. If Brooklyn VIP’s Ratner and Yormark have made queries about getting the Islanders, then maybe a deal doesn’t necessarily need Nets owner Prokhorov involved. Wang could still own the team or sell to another potential owner in Brooklyn. What about Queens and BD’s notice of a dealine for RFP’s in September? How written in stone is that? And if Wang is fed up with cheap talk and empty promises, what is his reaction to the group recently formed by the Long Island Economic Development Council with talk of possible State funding available to rebuild the Coliseum?