IS IT FEAR & LOATHING ON LONG ISLAND? BD on the August 1st Vote and Endorsement

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Is It Fear & Loathing on Long Island?
BD on the August 1st Vote and Endorsement

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Long Island is a strange bird. Sometimes you can love its lazy obtuseness and almost neurotic aspects like some crazy uncle who visits your house each family event. Other times it is a constant barrage of morons and idiosyncrasy that hammers one head like a thousand woodpeckers on speed.

I used to hate Long Island and where I lived with unfettered revulsion. When I left for college, I could not wait to get out and get working in NYC as to escape its toothy maw. Having lived in a few places outside of LI, it would seem strange to that younger self to why I came back. Things change. There is a respect and understanding to why Long Island has been a thriving place and to why it remains still holding onto that (though tenuously at best). But there is also that crazy uncle not only still along for the ride, when he really goes loaded for bear; he no longer is just quirky or wacky. He instead becomes a stark raving beast with a submachine gun.

That crazy uncle and those unending chain of bullets are clear to many an Islander fan who have been belted in to this arduous tumult of partisan politics, a stained former Senator who took his octopus-like arms and oily ink to backrooms and lobby-groups, a backwards-facing suburban ideology of over-protectionism, oft-kilter business management, an oddball billionaire who keeps his two enabling yes-men along for the ride all the way back from Computer Associates, a backwards self-serving Republican stronghold who operates to the predilections of an affluent donor roll and benefactors  for just one town, a neophyte who is in way over his head in the County who won that role because he fermented a tax revolt and is now hamstrung by it in office, a conniving throng of political hacks trying to get back control having been toppled last voting cycle,  a league who is in the process of losing those teams that were expanded both South and West… and all during a very rocky economic recession that have everyone cash strapped and wallet conscious.

Add another 15 years of failed team strategy and ownership to those fans psyche, and you have a bewildered, paranoid, and just plain confused fanbase watching this unfold helplessly.

It is that helplessness that has stung so much as things have gotten so out of whack that it might have made many fans start to tune out to the goings on. How many of us where those who came out years ago to the LI Marriot, standing for the cause, only to watch it fade out in some long drawn death scene under the Town of Hempstead’s self-serving hands. Or as Charles Wang then imploded the entire Lighthouse Project, refusing to negotiate, and then when he finally did make overtures months and months later, the ToH were long gone and off focusing on something else.

How can one NOT tune out? The reality has blown so much hot air, black smoke and gritty detritus that it resembles one of the smoke stacks along the Meadowbrook Parkway.  How can one not be tired of it all? How many times have we gone to the well, asked to show up or listen to someone’s tale? How many times were we given no answer, instead things went dark or just got swallowed by the darkness that lies within the heart of Long Island? That same darkness, confusion and bevy of excuses that has left a large piece of Nassau County some sort of hollow hole that the team still has to skate in.

I have to wonder if that thousands years from now it will be Nassau Coliseum and the faint scrawls of VOTE YES or JUST BUILD IT that still are painted on the walls will be viewed as some quaint archaic ruin with cave paintings. Will the failure to renew a hub that was built over 40 years ago be due to people being more interested in that it retains some name of “Veterans” than actually being a place to go to and entertain the hardworking citizens of this fair land? A place where their kids and grand children want to congregate?

“Why don’t you ever want to visit us?” says grandma

“There’s nothing to do out there!” complains everyone else.

Well, one has to wonder if this will be the reality thanks to the latest poll touted in Newsday. Something else for the paranoid delusional to cite as conspiracy theory or conniving agenda of the Dolan’s to destroy one of their best rivalries. Instead it is just an off-target poll of 50% over 55 years of age, which ignores the 38 year-old median age of Nassau County. Furthermore it ignores the demographic of who will likely vote this special vote. No real poll can be accurate for a special election that requires a committed and staked voter with team fans, unions and other oddities added in.

If there is any conspiracy with Newsday, it is only one of dunces. Extremism is merely easy outlet for some due to the angst and anxiety that we are all likely feeling during self-serving political mechanics that seem dead-set on destroying hockey and alienating the entire younger generation. Giving too much credit to enemies is usually the hallmark of the paranoid, and it has been used flowing like a fire hose spewing dread and just plain ignorance all over the blogosphere comment sections and message boards.

Newsday has been more a shining example of causing cognitive dissonance. It has created readers conflicts due to an editorial ideal based on selling strife smacking against the cause and facts of what the writers are trying to get across. What has helped peel off their editorial curtain is the fact that independent bloggers seem to have more legwork and entrenchment in the muck of what is going on than the paper on many an Islander item. So every step Newsday has done, they more often than not, show off their sensationalism by creating some sort of slant or angle to provide conflict.

They have created a bouillabaisse of resentment from the Islanders fanbase. But to think that any of their almost ham-handed antics are some sort of conspiracy is just giving that motley crew, who are just trying to survive a quaking change of ideology thanks to a new ownership, far too much credit.

No, this conspiracy is misplaced. What needs to be installed here is one giant mirror. We need one giant unyielding mirror reflecting on this entire County. Each potential voter needs to take a long unflinching look at this mirror, and cut the bullshit and excuses. Cut away the old blame and history. Everyone needs to drown out the marketing and negative nonsense.

You all need to ask yourself what you want in your home. What will be the future of your hometown and county?

Will it be of the savage implode like the house of Poltergeist, with cries of recession until there is nothing left? Will it be the explosion of public relations material citing tag lines and singing along with the “Meet me at the Lighthouse” jingle as you stagger like robots? Or might it be just hiding heads in the sand, waiting for it all to end, much like the staff of the Town of Hempstead, with no opinion except one of passed responsibility?

Hopefully it will be none of the above. It will likely be, if you take a moment and a breath through all this nonsense, be a moment of clarity. Maybe you will have an epiphany. Maybe not, but there will be likely be a decision. My suggestion is to make a measured decision weighing things carefully and appropriately.

My own will be to Vote Yes.

There are so many reasons why. One large one for me is that my children deserve a better venue to see sports, concerts and anything else than that concrete nightmare that sits on Hempstead Turnpike. The building is dilapidated, in disrepair, ancient, and quite bluntly, a fucking embarrassment to what is supposed to be one of the most prestigious places to live in NY.

It is a fucking embarrassment to even sit there and come up with reasons why we should vote anything other than yes. A fucking embarrassment that the Democrats and Republicans have screwed the pooch so many times on this venue, that it got to a point where it now sits in our hands to bail it out just enough to fight another day.

That too is one fucking giant embarrassment.

Where is Nassau County’s citizen’s self respect? Where is their belief that they DESERVE this? That they SHOULD have a venue that is top notch or at least somewhat closer to mediocre that what lies there now?

It simply boggles the mind of the shortsightedness and excuses by opponents who seem hell bent on cutting off the nose to spite the face. Or to think that it isn’t important. Or to be against it because of the shear politics of trying to topple the foolish County Executive who put forth this referendum with barely any backup information or things laid out beforehand.

We have gone on and long on the issues I have had with the ToH, both hapless and ineffective County Execs, the self-serving Republicans & Democrats, and also of the Islanders and their quirky doof of an owner. I am probably not well liked by any of them, but that was never my intent. My intent at the start was to shear away the absolute piles of bullshit that seemed to be piling all over us throughout a process that was almost always at odds with our futures and with those of the hockey team we follow and cheer for,

When they are shoveled all away, it is simply what you want to come to on Long Island. A loss of the SOLE professional sports team for the County and Long Island, or for there to be an improvement of venue, new long-term lease of that team, and a place that is respectable to see a concert, show or sports event?

To me, there is simply no debate. The independent numbers came in and it cited a roughly a close to $14 cost to each taxpayer. A far cry to the absolute tripe of $48 or more that opponents touted like parrots. That is a movie ticket. Parking. A CD or book, for god’s sake.

Nobody but nobody till lately bothered to cite the cost of LOSING the Islanders, the Coliseum’s main tenant, and their generator of taxes to the County and what it will cost each taxpayer.  $16.

So all the buzz and noise around this referendum, despite the heaping loads of mistakes and miscues made, is the fact that it is not a loss, not taking anything from anybody’s pocket, and in the end, something to be proud of and respectable to a place that has been disrespected or at least abandoned when inconvenient by just about everyone who sits in office.

No, it is high time for a stand. To wake up. To get our proverbial head from out of asses and make a voice heard. We finally, FINALLY, have a day to make our own vote a clear exclamation point for the Islanders future, and in a large way, our own on Long Island. IF we cannot be up for that, after listening and reading everything else, you might as well just pack up and move out of town…

Because I don’t think I’d want you as a neighbor.



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About the Author: B.D. Gallof is a published writer and hockey blogger. He writes about Hockey, NY Islanders & the NY Islanders venue situation for CBS New York. BD has been written up in Sports Illustrated,, the NY Times Slapshots blog, Yahoo's Sports and SportsBusiness Journal. He has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as owner, lead writer, and managing editor at

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  1. DUbbs says:

    Very well said. Although I’m a Suffolk resident I’ve been doing everything in my power to educate people. It’s amazing how politics work, both sides will do anything to screw over the other instead of working together to accomplish something they can be proud of together. It’s become more of a contest to see who can make the other look worse. At the end of the day it’s up to the younger generation of Nassau residents to decide the future of Long Islanders. While many aren’t quite ready for the decision, it has to be made, and they are our only hope. I can’t fathom a life without the Islanders, it hurts deep inside to even ponder the idea. I love Long Island and I will never give up on it. I plan to live here and bring up a family here, but I just can’t help but think about how much this vote changes the fabric of our Island. All we can really hope is that our children get to see the prospering Long Island that we had the joy of growing up on, and whether you think that this deal is the way to get that started or not, you can’t make your decision based on $14 or $58, you have to look into your crystal ball and see what our Island would be without everything this arena gives it.

  2. HyeDray says:

    Every player in this play is a self-serving fool — be it Murray, Mondello, Wang, Mangano, Jacobs, Schmidt, Suozzi…the list goes on, and on, and on.

    A yes vote is the only vote we have if the Islanders are to remain here. Imagine for a moment how the fans in Atlanta feel these days…

    Is it worth it to pay a maximum of $50 or $60 per year to avoid that? To me it is.

    Don’t let anything keep you from the polls on August 1 — NOTHING. Not the poll written about in Newsday, not your employer, parents, wife, kids, a hail storm or tornado. The only excuse an Islander fan has for not voting yes, is death!

    Make sure you are registered, get an absentee ballot if needed, contact the Board of Elections in Nassau…

    By mail:
    Board of Elections
    240 Old Country Road – 5th Floor
    Mineola, NY 11501




    Get it done!

  3. Toby says:

    Awesome. Nice to know there are like-minded people on the island. Live the passion.

  4. islanderbill says:

    BD, I love your passion about the Islanders, but this referendum is about so much more than that! If the Isles stay or go the difference in the tax hit will only be $ 2.20.

    If the Coliseum closes the economic hit will be much larg4er than that. Off the top of my head I think of a few things:

    1) The Isles will leave which will take the players’ and coaches’ (and any other person who is affiliated with the team who would not be here if not for the team) money out of the local economy which will be a hit.

    2) The bars, restaurants and the Marriott will lose a ton of business- no sales tax for the county!

    3) The entertainment dollars that would be spent in the Coliseum for the Isles, circus and the concerts will now go exclusively to the (excuse me while I control my vomit as I say this ) the Garden….more loss of revenue for the county.

    4) Proves without a shadow of a doubt that NOTHING can get done on the Island.

    According to sources the Island can lose approximately $ 243 million in revenues that 243 MILLION! This is a far cry from the difference of $2.20 per household that the individual household will have to pay extra if this referendum fails.

    As a Suffolk resident I cannot vote but I echo your sentiment to Nassau county—GET OUT AND VOTE YES!!!!!!

  5. islanderbill says:

    Correction on point 3….lol the Isles will not be going to the Garden lol

  6. Isles27 says:

    With the vote a week away you and your fellow Isles bloggers need to focus. If your in favor of this what good does it do to attack Ed Mangano (“a neophyte who is in way over his head in the County”) the person who is allowing us to vote on this, Kate Murray who is not in opposition of this, and LI Veterans (“people being more interested in that it retains some name “Veterans” ) you should be thanking “Veterans” not attacking them. Curiously you don’t name and attack the VOCAL opposition to this namely Diane Yatauro(D),Jay and Judy Jacobs(D),Kevan Abrahams(D) and there are others but no photoshop of these clowns Gallof? Why not? They are the current enemy RIGHT NOW. They stand in the way of a yes vote. They are working behind the scenes to get this defeated, why not attack them BY NAME. This project along with the Belmont casino could actually have a positive affect on taxes in Nassau County so instead of attacking Mangano why not help him get these projects through.

  7. BDGallof says:

    Which part of “a conniving throng of political hacks trying to get back control having been toppled last voting cycle” didn’t you get?


    • Isles27 says:

      Which part of “why not attack them BY NAME” didn’t you get? You seem to have no problems calling out the GOP politicians, by NAME, including photoshopping them you don’t do the same for Democrats, that’s my point. Enlighten me Gallof which Democrats have you called out by NAME and photoshopped like you have done with Mangano and Murry D’Amato? Also, once again, I don’t get attacking the people that are on YOUR side of the issue, doesn’t that just give added ammunition to the other side? Just asking.

      • BDGallof says:

        first of all, you are selectively removing from your memory my long antics of ripping Tom Suozzi… so much so that many thought i was a Republican. Also my tweaking of “Dick “Denenberg which came from video and blogs.

        However, you are correct, I dodged the Democrat issue on purpose b/c i want people to VOTE, not worry about what happens next. It is also why I do not mention NIFA also under the same idea… which is a mixed group. Obviously Marlin an obvious target there as well, who is a Conservative.

        However, if you think I will be somehow kind to the Dems soon, you are MUCH mistaken and you will see. I am just as hard if not harder on those I like than those I do not, just ask the Islanders org.

        All I can say is simply stay tuned, and if you feel the same, we’ll hash it out then.


        • Isles27 says:

          I don’t have selective memory I legitimately forget things. All I suggest for at least until the polls close next Mon night is to not attack the proponents of this. Newsday online just posted this story “Nassau adds track facility to Coliseum plan” so maybe now the yes side can borrow the phrase “It’s for the Children” that they use to pass the School Budgets every year.

          • RobJ74 says:

            are you against this???

          • Isles27 says:

            How can you ask that question after what I have been posting? I think my position is pretty clear that I support this. Proponents are the politicians supporting the “Yes” position and I don’t want to see them being attacked by fellow “Yes” voters.

          • BDGallof says:

            Hopefully you have seen my salvo on Jay Jacobs and the dems on twitter. I was waiting to see if they would publicly attack… now they are… Jay Jacobs will be in the WFAN tomorrow and I have supplied WFAN the Democrats OWN 2006 Legislative Report as well as Economist Martin Cantor’s study. Never cross a Gallof.

          • Isles27 says:

            Bravo Gallof Bravo I just read it and I know it takes a lot of guts to hammer people you felt were fighting the same fight you were all these years. For the record I never denied that Republicans in Nassau were or are corrupt my argument way back when was that the Dems are just as corrupt and I think what has unfolded the past couple of months proves it. Back then I pointed to the arena project in Bklyn and how all of a sudden the politicians who were against it fell in line and supported it, any guess on how that happens? BOTH parties care only about power. At least it looks like someone got to Marlin and told him to put a lid on it until at least after the voting on Monday,that’s my guess. Once again I give you credit Gallof very easy to hammer foes very hard to hammer so called friends.

          • RobC/KO21 says:

            Exactly, 27….I was wrong about you, lol

          • Isles27 says:

            Holy shit did you hear Jacobs on FAN today? He called for a scaled down LHP in the process throwing every Democrat who supported the 4 billion dollar LHP under the bus and basically taking the side of Kate Murray after the fact. Then he wanted Isles season ticket holders to pay for a new building with PSL’S, just wow. Mike nailed him good this isn’t an NFL team we are talking about here. Wang did a great job on the FAN explaining the details and Mangano should just keep quiet until the vote is completed. Hello Rob, hope your summer is going well.

      • RobJ74 says:

        isles27, you are annoying…You are part of the problem…You are a republican fan…WGAF about parties???STFU already…

        • Isles27 says:

          Real intelligent response Rob, have a nice night.

          • BDGallof says:

            lets not have the usual back and forth from you too. it was a fair question, i answered. let it go.

          • RobJ74 says:

            Sorry for the my attitude, 27, your right that wasnt intelligent…I was just pissed the fuck off after reading BD’s article because hes right! Im just beside myself from the way politicians on Long Island are acting and for the reasons BD pointed out here. As you can see, I don’t care about reps or dems…I care about getting something done…You are always making this about whos party is better which is at the root of whats really pisses me off. It just rubbed me the wrong way at the wrong time. You have every right to do that so again, I apoligize. Its counter productive but its your right.

            PS. I didnt read your whole posts so now I know your for it. Apologize twice.

          • Isles27 says:

            No problem Rob we all get heated and pissed at times and we all seem to be very passionate on this subject and want this arena built and want the Isles to stay right where they are. As I stated before BOTH parties are corrupt and are most concerned with who has the most power. Power = $$$$$$$

  8. Jethro09 says:

    You make a solid argument for voting “yes” for this referrendum and approving the funding. Problem is, many of the people this referrendum relies upon to pass this it are either a) short-sighted, stupid and selfish voters who will not vote for a tax increase that will not produce something that will DIRECTLY benefit them, or b) politicans who can not and will not allow the opposing party to accomplish anything productive without a fight.

    With respect to the voters, for every Islander/hockey fan in Nassau, there are at least four people who don’t give a s**t about hockey or the Islanders. The Islanders leaving has no impact on them. They figure that if they want to see a concert or an event sometime, they’ll just trek into the City occassionally. They don’t want a new Coliseum because in those people’s minds, it doesn’t direclty benefit them. They figure “why should I pay more taxes? I don’t even like hockey”.

    This problem is the same problem you see in towns and counties that can’t pass increased school budgets. Its the same problem. People without kids in the school systems say “I’m not paying more taxes for school programs! I don’t have kids in school!” People would rather vote “no”, save $12/year in taxes, and watch after-school programs go away than to pay more property taxes. Its all about people (voters) only caring about what immediately and directly benefits them. They don’t give a s**t about town or county pride.

    With respect to the politicans, LI politics have been a mess for decades. At this point, the democrats and republicans will simply oppose each other’s proposals out of habit and principal and nothing else. The substance of the proposal or opposition is immaterial to these politicans. It cuts both ways. Democrats are opposing this referrendum simply because Mangano proposed it. And the worst part is, if the Dems proposed this exact same referrendum, it would be Mangano and the Repubs who would be opposing it.

    What boggles my mind is that not one person in opposition to this referrendum, public official or private citizen, has proposed an alternative. Not one. Its one thing to oppose a referrendum and to offer a counter-proposal. Its quite another to simply yell and scream “no!” to a plan and referrendum and provide no alternative, which is exactly what the opposition to this referrendum are doing. They offer no alternative to replacing the Coliseum and redeveloping the Hub. The County will lose Millions of tax dollars when the Isles leave town and that dump on a 77-acre slab of concrete will be dormant and condemned. Its likely to cost the County more to maintain and/or demolish the Coliseum than it will cost to maintain it once the anchor tenant is gone.

    I hope that this referrendum gets passed and the politicans do what they are elected and paid to do, vote the will of their constituents, should it pass. But I have no faith in the average Nassau County tenant. If this referrendum passes, it will only be because Islanders/hockey fans, local business owners/workers and union workers went out in droves to push this thing through.

  9. Andrew says:

    Bravo sir. Been a reader since The Hockeybuzz days and this right here is quality stuff. VOTE YES

  10. RobJ74 says:

    “Where is Nassau County’s citizen’s self respect? Where is their belief that they DESERVE this? That they SHOULD have a venue that is top notch or at least somewhat closer to mediocre that what lies there now?”

    This is from a newsday article:

    “Seton Hall University professor Kurt W. Rotthoff, a sports finance expert, said people would instead spend the same dollars at movie theaters, restaurants and other venues, mostly still in the county.

    “It is just a shift in consumption between two things,” Rotthoff said.” – This quote makes me want to puke!

    That pisses me the fuck off!!!

    • Hockey1919 says:

      I can’t imagine myself driving four hours to watch a movie in Nassau County, but I do make that drive several times a year to watch the Islanders. I guess the thousands of dollars I dump into the Nassau County economy won’t be missed.

      • RobJ74 says:

        That shit really chapped my ass… They’re saying that it doesnt matter if the Isles leave and the Coliseum was no more… They’re saying that we Long Islanders don’t really need a nice quality of life…But we’re good enough to pay out the ass in taxes with nothing to show for it…We can go to the movies and stfu.

    • Philip says:

      What this twit of a Prof from Seton Hall doesn’t apparently realize is the county gets MORE money if people go to Isles games rather than restaurants. They only get the sales tax at a restaurant. They get sales tax plus a cut of concessions, tix prices and a lease with the Isles…so according to this twit of a Prof, the arena doesn’t get done and that’s fine. The Isles will lose in 2015 and somehow the county won’t lose money? With no major tennant, NVMC will fall into greater disrepair, will have no major music acts play and will be condemned by 2019. What a shock that a quote like that will appear in Dolan’s paper. Remember, Dolan has stood against building arenas in the NYC area because it would be competition to MSG. He was against a West Side Stadium and the Devils building in Newark. Despite the op-ed in Newsday in favor of the vote, Newsdays coverage has been overwhelmingly negative to the plan.

  11. anthony c says:


  12. NYIFC says:


    You have to understand people like Mr Gallof needs his sources to draw funny pictures, while his guy Botta needs Dolan’s credential to gain entry to any NY hockey arena and turned into the same person who got him his old Baghdad Botta namesake for selective reporting 101.

    Kevin Allen does not have Botta’s back so if he makes Dolan’s teams or coverage reality tv like Wang, he’s out of sources, work and likely facing a lawsuit like so many who tangle with Dolan, including the NHL.

    But this is all a conspiracy right? Forget the people covering the teams for a living telling us themselves:;jsessionid=65BC3A57943F9CEDC6E88974A5C6CCEB

    Anything Newsday, Msg or Cablevision has done to screw over the Islanders from pulling them off tv in 1998, along with no pregame to the Metro Ice Challenge disaster, to forcing a Goring for Jaffe contract saving exchange via Marv Albert rules (did Emrick take the high road with his contract up for Cangialosi? ok my personal hunch only) on the Islanders or hiding them in +2 is off the table for them.

    Newsday is allowed to comment on Dolan and his teams like the NY Post on Rupert Murdoch.

    The long standing historical record of Dolan’s poor working relationship with most local teams, Newsday employees own fights over content with Dolan, so many other items are also completely off the table for them.

    It’s all about these people stirring up sensationalism for their own profile, it’s not about our team, it’s about their gain, always has been.

    Look how quick Botta was to praise Dolan for his ten seconds on cue to displace thirteen years where his team will not even agree to preseason games. Is this the same Botta who reported on Metro Ice challenge over 50k who said Dolan buying Newsday would improve coverage? Dolan’s reporting is his voice, and agenda, not his ten seconds which would make most vote against anything he supports.

    We saw how negative coverage was during the Lighthouse and we see it here how this team is not considered a public trust by the same family that wanted to buy the team from John Pickett. If Charles Dolan ran Msg we would see a true partnership.

    A big reason why things got so bad is Dolan’s coverage on television and in print, the kind his Knicks and Rangers never receive for being as mediocre as the Islanders since 1997.

    Cablevision under James Dolan stands to get back hundreds of millions in Wang’s cable contract money until 2030 and a possible expansion into the Coliseum (see Hartford) for the AHL LI Rangers in October 2015 with the events and revenue Wang is trying to do here with their games on Msg+ if the New York Islanders leave. Their company buys entertainment venues and is expanding. (LA Forum)

    No, the Dolan’s are not going to actively lobby for that agenda, they will be the good alternative when this is all over and Wang is out or leaving.

    The negative or indifferent pushback will be coming even more toward 8/1 from Dolan’s staff after Wang does his little dances with Picker, the front page editorials this team is a public trust and should never leave (if it were Dolan’s Knicks or Rangers) will not be coming.

    Trust only the direct quotes in newspaper articles, ignore the Galoff’s, Botta and the rest of the children playing resources for their personal benefits.

    Most importantly trust the history of the coverage and what has happened with so many teams where Cablevision is involved. Google Newsday John Mancini/Dolan and by all means read what Dolan’s employees say about reporting at his paper.

    Mr Galoff should read newspapers, not burn them and claim conspiracy, perhaps he would learn something and would require less pictures.

  13. Scott says:

    Truly humiliating performance by Jacobs. Seems like the tide is turning.

  14. Isles27 says:

    Jacobs Tweeted this(Can’t make this shit up): “Loved the Tweets from the Islander faithful: If you won’t chip in for a new Coliseum why should Nassau taxpayers? VOTE NO!” Is this AH for real??? A lot of the “Islander faithful” are Nassau taxpayers and the “Islander faithful” will not be the only ones benefiting from a new coliseum. I think he has really lost it.

  15. HyeDray says:

    Been crazed and just listened to both Wang and Jacobs.

    For what its worth —

    1) All of us here are voting for this thing — good, bad or otherwise. As I have said many times…the Isles trump all politiks — I think for many, though not all of us.

    2) Jacobs was a pure train wreck. He seemed poorly prepared, stammering, and frankly, I don’t think he even believe the things he was saying. The PSLs completed the disaster. Of all of the concepts or alternative ideas to come up with — I recall when the NFL had this going — the fans were not happy. But there is HUGE difference between the NFL and NHL….PSLs would not work for an original 6 let alone the Isles — and even if it did — it is STILL A HORRIBLE IDEA.

    3) Wang was not only composed and relaxed in his presentation, he was non-threatening. He brought his first class “A-Game” today which is a nice change of scenery. No wacky statements or sentiments, nothing outlandish. He came across warm and very sincere.

    Does any of this matter? Tough to say.

    BOTTOM LINE — we all need to get to the polls.

    After that we can worry about the Supermajority and NIFA.

    • HyeDray says:

      By the by….

      If I am Charles Wang — I take Jacobs PSL sound bite and put it in every ad in the press, TV and radio — NOW! Any casual fan who may have been on the fence should be able to use that to come to the “Yes” side….

  16. Isles27 says:

    I wasn’t going to go here but since Andre wants to get cute I won’t have a back and forth but I will respond. After listening to FAN yesterday and especially Jacobs I have a few more comments. First, this proposal addresses exactly what we as Isles fans need and what the county needs right now, A NEW ARENA, lets get this thing built and then lets GRADUALLY build the area around the Coliseum up. I think it was Mike who pointed out your not selling all that office space and all that housing that was part of the LHP in this economy and he was right and I said that during the LHP debate. Second, Jacobs the head of the Democratic party in NY admitted that the LHP was too big and a smaller version could work. Sound familiar??? Sorry but I wasn’t going to blindly support the LHP because I was an Isles fan. Third a tip of the hat or a bang of the stick to Hempstead Town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby(D) who was the only member of her party, that I can remember, who didn’t play politics with this and came out and said the project was too big and called for a scaled down version, good job Councilwoman. While Kate Murray, when she runs for re-election, can use that soundbite from yesterday (of Jacobs saying the LHP was too big and we can do a scaled down version) against the Dems she won’t be able to use it against Goosby. One more thing to Mr Giglia and people his age you can have all the schooling in the world but you can’t teach experience. VOTE YES ON AUG 1.

  17. BDGallof says:

    Lets move to the polls, and off this post.

    TO EVERYONE: Read this…

  18. Philip says:

    Jacobs and his PSL suggestion was just beyond me and proved he has no ffffing clue as to how to get anything done. What hockey fan is going to pay an extra 5-10K for the “right” to buy season tickets when the team can barely sell half its tickets as it is.

    This idiot is as shortsighted as a 95 year old driver in Fla with their left turn signal always on. I was so pleased Francessa killed Jacobs on that idea. I haven’t listened to Francessa for several years because he seems to be mailing it in, but he was spot on in that segment.