MOULSON TALK: Some Truth To The Rumors

Moulson has been offered around. Why? Garth wants to see value when judging on contract negotiations. The issue is on how Moulson wants to be paid.

Per a NHL source:

“If he and his agent want to be paid like a top 6 player from a team like the Pens, Detroit or Vancouver, he’ll be moved. If they have reasonable expectations, he will stay.”

Well, there lies the rub here. Is Moulson really an elite player? In my opinion…No. I’ll fancy a guess that Garth & the Isles agree here.

Let’s troll in a bit deeper here and ask this question…

Is Moulson more of the type of player who does better on weaker teams? Where would he fit in if he was on the Blackhawks? Is he a top line player? Would he have the same offensive output?

Why is Moulson hitting the rumor feeders? Likely because his cost is higher than Garth feels is proper value.

Add whit:

If you look at the Isles forwards situation in the next two years with their rebuild, does he or even a Rob Schremp fit in?

Food for thought, and likely why Garth is shopping. Moulson has far more value thanks to last season’s offensive output. But Isles may not be convinced he is the type of player to be paid top line $$$. Is he the kind of player that can score 30 goals on a top tier teams rather than a weaker line? This is the question that has to be asked when looking to re-sign.

Personally, I feel he is overrated (don’t get me wrong, I do think he is a good player) and my pre-season prediction that Comeau would have more points than Moulson this season is not only alive and well…but Comeau has 30 pts to Moulson’s 29.

Fact is…he has higher value perhaps than his ultimate worth and in the next two year rebuild plan. Isles would like to keep him, but it’s about value vs  reality here. It depends on what the talk brings back.

My guess: he goes. Isles will spend money, but only on what they feel is an elite player with a proven track record. But they will not re-sign at an elite cost on a player who has some question marks and doubt if they asking price is higher than the norm.

Isles will not overpay  here. No chance. So it comes down to what Moulson is asking for vs the value that teams are offering for his services as a rental.

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  1. Crazy Ivan says:

    Why not a bonus laden contract?

  2. Bob E says:

    BD you hit the nail on the head. I with you 100% on this one. While moulson produces he does play with tavares. Let not forget how many missed opportunities he has during game as well. Unless puck on his stick, he fans way more than he scores. I think if he keeps he keeps demands realistic he stays. If he thinks he in same company as elite players. Send him packing. He will regret leaving when he getting 10mins a game elsewhere.

  3. RobC/KO21 says:

    Garth should make resigning Moulson a priority…I agree if hes expects to be paid Ovechkin money he needs a wake up call and Garth cant give Moulson the keys to the farm…If Garth lets him go without a fight I will be so disheartened and so will his teammates…What does that tell the players and the fans????It tells us that the rebuild is smoke in mirrors and the tells the players the same…I don’t know if I can take another kick in the balls by this team I invest my emotions into…

  4. RobC/KO21 says:

    also, this team has to overpay for players to play here…Enough shopping off the bargain rack

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  6. MJS says:

    I think it’s silly for someone to mention Moulson and Ovechkin money together. Moulson will probably get a decent raise, but it won’t hamstring the team and it’ll be 30 goal scorer money. If Moulson and Tavarez keep going at thier current rates they’ll both be over 30 goals, and when was the last time that the Isles has two 30 goal scorers? It would probably be worth it to the team to trade Moulson, but he’s probably just as good on the team next year. To be honest, the contract money isn’t even the issue as much as the term, I say give him a year or two more and then flip him.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      I was being facetious, obviously….Im saying only if Moulsons expectations are way over the top that garth better sign him…

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  8. Big Van Vader says:

    Where are the Isles going to sign any elite level guys? I mean, seriously? They HAVE to sign Moulson and frankly, they SHOULD. How many Islanders have scored 30 or more goals in back to back(should he come through this year)seasons? Playing with Tavares or not, he’s DOING IT, people. And we, the fans, will need that until our “prospects” mature; if that ever happens.

    I’m looking at YOU Bailey!

  9. sybo says:

    Why not move him at the deadline with every intention of signing him in the offseason? IN fact, why not make that scenario known to him if they do move him…these kind of unspoken agreements have happened before.

  10. HyeDray says:

    Agree fully. If he is in the $3.5-$4.0 range, I think that would be the expected dollar amount. But if he is seeking $4.5 to $5.0 that may very well be over the Isles limit for Matt Moulson.

    I would like to keep Moulson, but not for $5 per.