High Noon for Ricky? 4.21 GAA and a .854 Save Pct vs Dwayne Roloson's 2.44 and .914 makes you wonder if management will continue to push him to still start due to his horrific contract? Wrong goalie #1?

So did you get suckered by some young moxy, spring in the skates and some good play at the start of the season? Well, you aren’t alone. Many got snookered by the youth and though it IS clear they are not the same team from even a year ago, but let this 6 game slide also remind you that this is your team as well.

Welcome to the 2010-2011 Islanders. Leave your silly hype and over exuberance over the start at the door.

When the Isles chose to refurbish the defense and stand pat on offense, it was not a case of not willing to spend. It was a case of knowing they need to gauge what they have.

So here we are with a mixed bag, and some of you are surprised? Even the overdrama by many blogs and writers is a bit much. Add whit the ridiculousness of finger-pointing on a coach with this mix of deficiencies due to age, inexperience and injuries,

If there is a finger to be pointed, it might be at the top. As long as Isles management continue to push to play the wrong goalie, this won’t get much better.

But to act like this drop off is anything than normal growing pains for a team who was for a while playing over their level, is just silly. You thought this was a first or second place team? Really?

This team was worst two years ago, fifth worst just last year. Let’s keep expectations reasonable and overwrought emotions pushed along by a panic-riddled boards and blogosphere in check.

Yes, the complete dismantling and regression for at least 5 of 6 games is something to note. It is a reminder that this team and kids must play a certain level mentally, emotionally and consistently or else it unravels badly.

Is it the coach who is to blame? There is certainly cause for alarm in the last three years of defensive lapses and lack of talent in that department. Cue this summers refurbishment…

Expectations is that it must be better, and the course of the season will be judge of this. You can be sure that this will be a measuring stick for Garth Snow to gauge his coach in the final year of his three year deal.

But do you judge the coach of the 6 game skid? Maybe we should judge him also by the strong start till things fell back to earth. Let us also recall the realities of what this team consists of. An even worse team was in playoff contention till winter last season. Maybe that is indicator that the coaching is fine and more indicative of the skill, maturity and talent level of what is on the ice?

I lean in the latter direction.

But as coach, GM and a general panic is fanned by some…is it more just the struggle and travails of a young team who is neither the strong team who started nor the struggling one right now? I subscribe that both is your NY Isles. A young team who in the course of the season will go through more trials, tribulations and growth. There will be more skids. There will be more wins.

Cause for alarm? Not quite yet. More like a market correction.

But in the deeper issue of who in goal…comes this. Forget management and the ridiculous contract…. Does the team believe in Ricky? Because the numbers and problems on the ice tell a different tale to any lip service.

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  1. Isles Fanatic says:

    I have said since September, this is a 12th place club and it cannot improve without surrounding its young talent with proven vets (top 6 vets). Playing a goalie that cannot play at an NHL level anymore is not helping either… Again, This team did not have a realistic shot at playoffs prior to the season, and I will continue to watch the kids mature…

  2. jason says:

    Plus the fact that Wang decides to raise ticket prices and parking prices so noone goes regardless of the on-ice product. I went on Saturday and the place was maybe half filled. Wang has no clue what he is doing. I unders he is losing $$. But you dont raise ticket prices after 3 terrible years in a row. If anything you lower them so more people will come. I realy help he sells the team at this pt. Im tired of SnoWang. I act like Gordon, and I hope they do not get rid of him. A coach is only as good as its product. And lets face it, half of this team would 4th line or AHLers on other teams. Also, you can see the team plays much better when rollie is in net. I like DiPi as a person and admire his committment to get back. But they should send him down to the AHL for a while. He will clear waivers, bc noone is paying him that much $$.

  3. Isles27 says:

    Forget the wins and loses this coach was hired because he is supposed to be good with the “kids” so you have to ask are the Isles young players progressing or not and SO FAR this season the answer is no. They usually wait until December to have their long losing streak so it came early this season maybe because of the schedule. The only positive coming up is that they seem to play better against the West than the East so I guess we’ll see if that trend holds up. I didn’t expect them to make the playoffs this season but I didn’t think they were going to come in last overall again.

  4. RobC/KO21 says:

    It was a 7 game losing streak an now its 8…They cant score goals but Bailey looked real good last night nut Tavaras seems be trying to do too much…He needs to simplify his game instead of trying to make something out of nothing and turning the puck over…DP should get sent down

  5. Isles27 says:

    I hear Wang is considering replacing Gordon with Goring and he’ll have Butch coach and announce at the same time in order to cut expenses even further. I just realized that Botta and Jaffe seem to be real close friends I would not be surprised if that is the reason Jaffe was let go, I wouldn’t put it past Wang. All this talk about Tavares not being surrounded by good players that happens a lot when you are drafted #1 overall, unless there was a trade involved with the pick, the player drafted #1 overall goes to the worst team so that’s not that unusual. Stamkos was lucky he went to a team that had some talent already.

  6. Isles27 says:

    I’m not saying he doesn’t need support I’m saying that usually the overall #1 pick goes to a real crappy team so it may take a couple of years until he gets that support especially when you have a owner who doesn’t want to spend any $$$$$$. Tavares also has been giving the puck away in the defensive zone way too much thus his horrible +/-.

    • jpwjr1199 says:

      27, they don’t have a couple of years

      • Isles27 says:

        This is his second season if they don’t add some help for him by next season (they should have done something this past off season) I think it’s going to be a big problem. Your issue is with the owner then not the coach, not the players, and not with the TOH it falls on the owner.

  7. jason says:

    they need to shoot at the net. how many times in this losing streak do we see them miss the net or wide open nets.

  8. Fred Poulin says:

    The Islanders won’t win many games if their power play doesn’t score, as they don’t have enough depth up front to compete every game!

    • Isles27 says:

      They also need above average goal tending to compete this season if they get average to below average goal tending there will be many more blowouts.

  9. RobC/KO21 says:

    The ownership of this team is our curse…If Wang keeps this sham going these players will not resign here and I have a feeling the team wont be here in 5 yrs either…