MANUFACTURING DISSENT: Time To Call It What It Is…A Great Big Lie?* (updated)



Originally, per sources, the October 3rd home opener puck drop was supposed to be Kate Murray. She was invited over the summer in a move to lock them into approving the Lighthouse and then everyone could all celebrate…Fa La La La La. Charles Wang confirmed this to me at Thursday’s hearing when I spoke to him. She was indeed invited to drop the puck in the home opener. But, instead, as I reported weeks ago, it would be Tom Suozzi instead.

Nick Giglia was also there, and wondered aloud if anyone would be able to contain the boos had Kate Murray actually shown up. Charles Wang shook his head.”No, let them boo!” he declared.

I was very concerned at the rhetoric coming from Tom Suozzi and the Lighthouse Project on Thursday. It was almost like they were making sure that this lasted all the way through elections. The Nassau County legislature has 4 seats that are very close, and if the Democrats were to lose it…per several sources…Suozzi would be essentially be dead in the water as the Republican and Democrats have been getting more polarized since the last elections.

These were not words on Thursday that were looking for any solution. They were looking for a fight, which led to my blog about the brawl movie, Every Which Way You Can But Loose…complete with a beer swilling orangutan.


My 7-month old daughter's first game for a team that might not be there when she grows up

Friday, I heard from sources in the Town of Hempstead who were concerned that it was getting ugly. That it might lead to a tit-for-tat event that would assure that the Lighthouse Project does not happen. Instead, I heard later that Kate Murray actually called Charles Wang. It was to put a meeting together bringing in the top principals so that they could “amend” the project, which was not a new issue. Amend was a softer word to lowering the size and scope of the project. It was clear at the hearing the Town Board had issues due to the size and scope. The Lighthouse principals were even told weeks before that hearing about perhaps adjusting the size and scope and were told resoundingly no by Michael Picker and Charles Wang. So the hearing and this public battle-fest was completely avoidable had the other side agreed to come to the table.

Instead, yesterday, Wang has spun that phone call, calling it an outrage that she leaked the information to Newsday of what was said during that call. That’s called looking for any reason to spin it into a negative. That’s called have zero interest in negotiation or coming to any agreement and looking to keep things unbalanced.

At last nights home opener, before the mock outrage hit the feeders, there were a couple of signs here and there. But, to my complete horror, I watched black suited Islanders staff come out with dozens and dozens of Lighthouse-themed signs and hand them out to the crowd. Nobody ever said that it was signs made by Patrick, the sign-guy, who he and his family put must have been hours of effort into a myriad of signs that the Isles staff came out from downstairs to give out.

At the time, nobody said a thing, but passed around signs to fans in seats. Despite the fact, it was innocuous, it still told me very clearly what would be in today’s news and how this was going to be played out. I had to wonder if it all is…a great big lie? Are we in the middle of a PR stunt to continue the discord and fans are the ones who are going to lose out. Like upstairs,  where the media be given an impromptu press conference with Charles Wang. Meanwhile only 3 blog boxers sat in the Blog Box, while years before it used to be a full house.


Example of signs given out to fans made by Patrick and his family.


More signs supplied by the Islanders staff that Patrick and family did.

[NOTE: Per Lighthouse Project, that might have been Patrick, the  sign-guy's signs which he was going to distribute outside that he did with his daughter, but because of the rain that was handed out by staff instead during the game. Patrick affirmed to Nick Giglia at LetThereBeLighthouse that indeed the signs were his that he and his family made for the game. What a job and amazing work on he and his family's part. However, despite using the signage as a foil to the emotion and issues surrounding the Lighthousef for this blog, the tone, message and question is still apropos.)

So the question needs to be asked, signs or not:

Does Charles Wang and the Lighthouse Project even want a solution? Is this an all or nothing end game designed to show him as the good guy, when it is voted no because he refused to come to the table when the ToH asked? Whether the ToH did or not when Wang wanted them to is irrelevant. That is past. But, now, as they spout how any changes would delay things (not true entirely true*), and look to fight on every fart and fizzle, who really is to blame here now?

[*NOTE: Lighthouse stipulates that sections of the SEQR would likely need to be rewritten, even if those are saying that it would not necessarily be the case. Due to sections likely would be adjusted due to any possible changes to those plans might lead to delay...even up to a year or more perhaps]

Facts are, the Lighthouse Project and Charles Wang do not seem to want a solution if you look between the lines. They want to smash this into the ToH and make them vote on it. They seem to want to show them that the Lighthouse is willing to let it all be snuffed out if the ToH is willing to be the bad guys to do it.

This is, as described to me from several sources, a very Trumpesque scenario that could have very well happened. Now it has. It’s all or nothing, putting all the pressure onto the Town of Hempstead, using any olive branches against them. They are forcing the Town of Hempstead’s hand here. Something that might damage their own reputations irreparably. However, they are willing to take the Isles fans hopes and dreams along with it, to make them do it. And for that, I take umbrage.

Fans have been asked to do a lot. They showed up. Spoke out. Petitioned. Called. Wrote. Read. Anguished. Many blogs have become cheer leading sections for the Lighthouse PR staff. But it is time to call this for what it is….unfair use. Unfair use of fans to an endgame that simply does not care one whit about the Isles fan. This is about power, control, oodles of cash, politics and all the worst things that came along with it.

For had fans been the priority, Wang would have answered that call and looked to work something out at that meeting without the PR mock outrage. People looking to come to an actual solution look for any way and any route to do it. Not play political tennis, notching every move back as a return shot.

UPDATE: HockeyIndependent has learned that there still will be a meeting, despite the public words by Charles Wang. However, it will also now involve Tom Suozzi as well.

In my last blog, I drew concern that Tom Suozzi has taken the place of Mike Milbury and Al D’Amato. Another man for Wang to faithfully follow off the cliff. For Tom Suozzi has far P1050105bigger priorities here, and if it is he and his staff that are attempting to prolong the agony so that they can cause the Republican machine to shuffle off cash to protect Murray instead of giving money to the 4 who are neck and neck with the Democrat incumbents of the Legislature.

I was all set today to write about the game, and then put a blog tomorrow about how the Town of Hempstead “amending” session actually needs to provide clear vision and negotiating, not to attempt to make Charles negotiate against himself with no direction from the ToH. That is something sources told me that Charles Wang WOULD NOT do.

But, it seems it doesn’t matter. Is a solution a big lie? The manufacturing and spin of dissent, outrage, anger…all things that never have created an answer or solution since the dawn of time, is dictating that fans lose no matter who the bad guy or gals are.

Fans need to stop drinking the koolaid and stop following the some of the blogs that seem to have one side of the story, and start demanding for the Lighthouse Project and Town of Hempstead sit down and find a solution. Stop being played. For the play is starting to take very serious and disastrous turns.

[NOTE: The Lighthouse wondered to me that perhaps those blogs are really what they feel, and not PR kool aid. However, I am not the only one complaining. We have received emails of concern from blogs far bigger than me and this site. Furthermore, as someone in the blogosphere just cited to me: "when those bloggers are given preferential treatment and in the Press Box, it makes it all more the questionable situation". For further implication, check out Botta's blog implication in his latest on his website.

Botta per his blog on 10/3:
The sinking feeling that the NYI Blog Box is an abject failure because other bloggers just stand around post-game like they’re pals with players, coaches and management - getting in the way of people working and disgracing the entire enterprise. Please relinquish your press credentials to others more worthy."

Sorr, it ain't just me folks...]


Patrick with his own carried sign. Patrick and his sign has become a symbol of fan optimism and support during rough times for Isles fans. Kudos Patrick!

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About the Author: B.D. Gallof is a published writer and hockey blogger. He writes about Hockey, NY Islanders & the NY Islanders venue situation for CBS New York. BD has been written up in Sports Illustrated,, the NY Times Slapshots blog, Yahoo's Sports and SportsBusiness Journal. He has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as owner, lead writer, and managing editor at

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  2. Chris M says:

    This is pretty much how I’ve felt throughout the whole process and you’ve nailed it. Our priority as Islander fans has been to keep the team here. Wang has used that in his battle against the TOH. His reluctance to discuss the size and scope just shows his true colors. The Coliseum is a very small part of the project itself, yet he uses the Islanders as his trump card. Approve it all or lose your hockey team. For Islander fans, we don’t have much of a choice then to be in favor of the Lighthouse. Personally, I’d be pleased as punch if we had someone purchased the Islanders and scaled down the project. Someone whose focus is on finding a home for his new hockey team and not on real estate. Big picture, Wang is in this for the real estate. He’s actually worse to Isles fans than the TOH. He knows how much the fans care about the team and he’s using that as collateral to get his big project passed.
    As for last night’s game, it was sweet watching JT get his first goal last night.
    Islanders really stuck it to season ticket holders last night. BOGO? Seriously? On opening night. I bought a partial plan and I’m kicking myself. Might as well burn my money. Next year, StubHub.

    • MJS says:

      The BOGO deal was only for people that had purchased a ticket for the opening night game. I guess the Isles PR staff dropped the ball on making that clear, but it has since been clarified in a couple of different places.

  3. Chickendirt says:

    This is the problem as I see it.

    Wang sees dollar signs and that’s it. It doesn’t matter to him who he uses along the way cause the mighty dollar speaks every and ANYTHING is a tool to be used at his disposable. That includes us the fans who, lets face it, are being used as objects, not folks with real concerns.

    You’re right as far as Suozzi is concerned. Wang in fact has doled out a lot of political contributions to politicians. What’s going on here is the poison that these donations corrupt the system. I always felt that Murray was being stubborn during long portions of these negotiations cause she wanted a handout from Wang as well. Wang ain’t no hero for refusing to do it as he has also has his politicians already in his pocket.

    What Wang is doing by threatening to move the team is called CARPET BAGGING!!!!! What he is doing is straight out of the Carnegie, Frick and Rockefeller playbook ‘cept the fans are being used as the Pinkertons.

    I have other questions in regards to Wang and this development that’s supposed to create all these jobs. Interesting that the Union Leadership has picked up a side as have the Democrats. What happens when the people who work in these facilities decide to strike and unionize for better pay and working conditions? What of the union leaderships buddying up to Wang which when they get too close to these guys always spells doom for the workers?

    Yeah, there’s a lot going on here. I don’t like how the fans, using their emotions and civic pride from a sports team, are used as chess pieces. What’s going on here, and should be questioned, are the mechanisms of capitalism. It’s something that’s been dismissed and we as the little guys have to discern our interests in this apart from Wang and Murray.

    I do want the Islanders to stay as much as the next guy. Should they move I would be extremely heartbroken.

  4. Buddy Oakes says:

    Excellent article. Looking from the outside and in supporting the LH project and the Islander fans there has always seemed to be an unspoken fly in the ointment and you appear to exposed it for all to see. Great job.

  5. Jim says:

    Loved the game sitting with all the rowdies in sec 328, but disgusted in watching a bunch of suits hand out Lighthouse signs. Is this Charles Wang or Vince McMahon? As fans we all owe it to ourselves to be blindly loyal to our team, and not blindly loyal to every single real estate ambition of our team’s owner. He’s steadily losing some support and its his fault.

  6. It’s such ashame that Wang is using the fans as a ploy to get what he wants. I have always felt the project was a novel concept that would be great for the franchise. However, I knew something was wrong when Kate Murray said she wanted to meet with him. Then came the damaging quote from Wang spinning her into the bad guy. Just another selfish owner who only cares about himself.
    I feel for you and all the Islander fans bc you deserve much better than this PR nonsense. I sure hope they stay.

    • Chris TMC says:

      BattleOfNewYork, its not like you said- “Kate Murray said she wanted to meet with him. Then came the damaging quote from Wang spinning her into the bad guy. Just another selfish owner who only cares about himself.” This did not go down like you are saying. The developers have been asking her to do this for like YEARS, and she specifically refused. Then hours before the time Wang said they would explore options, she makes this call- and turns it into even more of a media circus! There is far more to this than what you are saying here.

  7. MJS says:

    I am not a big fan of Wang using the fans as leverage against the town. That being said, Chris M is right, as Islanders fans we are almost required to support the Lighthouse or else the team will walk. What baffles me here is not the political posturing, the tough talk from both sides, or the realization that the fans are just being used by Wang, but rather that anyone (apparently including Mr. Gallof) is surprised that Charles Wang bought the team for the land, or is trying to turn a profit on the Lighthouse project. The automatic reply to anyone that can’t fathom that Wang is in it for the money is a 90′s style “duh.” Did anyone really believe that Charles Wang was going to all this trouble just for the sake of the team? The bottom line is that pushing the Lighthouse through will make any losses that Wang has taken on the team virtually disappear. This deal is a money maker and Wang is pursuing it like a guy who has already made billions and wants to make billions more. I certainly am not a fan of having my loyalty to the team screwed around with by him, but I am not shocked by it, and I will not now turn on the team’s owner for doing something that we all should have seen coming. I also, will not cut the town anymore slack on this. Right now it certainly seems as if they are being more reasonable, but what about over the summer when Wang couldn’t get Kate to answer the phone? She makes one call and she’s the good guy? Screw that. Her next call was to Edin Lakin to tell her all about it. Is there no spin on that as well? There are equal amounts of evil that exist on both sides. No one should be surprised by that. Also B.D., why not use this little site to ask people to pressure the developers to negotiate a little? If they do, then we can all win.

  8. John Saquell says:

    I blame Chris Lee. He’s just such a cockwad, you know he’s the one that’s steering Good Ol Katie by the nips.

  9. Pete M says:

    Gee how we forget. !!!

    Hasn’t Charles Wang held over 200 public meetings concerning the Lighthouse Project ?

    I’ve talked to Development Think Tanks like Vision Long Island. Charles Wang
    has amended the project 3 times (Remember the 60 story building first proposed ???)

    He extended his hand to the TOH on many occasions to meet. Remember the meeting
    that Kate Murray was supposed to go to with Wang and Suozzi and didn’t show up and blamed it on a scheduling conflict ????

    How about at the Re-zoning hearing when the Town Board asked how many buildings were going to be part of the Lighthouse Project and how high were the buildings going to be or what happens when someone blows that RED LIGHT that was proposed as part of the traffic plan. Gee the town just didn’t know what the project looked like after all this time. You know the Lighthouse has renderings on their site of what the project looks like and Gee they’ve been on that site for a very long time. Should we think that the TOH is just computer illiterate or have they just decided to become ignorant for political purposes. WOW I DIDN’T KNOW THE TOWN PLAYED POLITICS. IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS SINCE MR. WANG WON THE BID TO DEVELOP THE AREA AROUND THE COLISUEM…COUNT IT FIVE !!!!!!!

    The Town of Hempstead  – the TOWN THAT BUILT A BIG SMOKE STACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NASSAU HUB. The Town has a history of being anti development
    and now they are showing that when Nassau County is at zero percent growth.

    I don’t care who gave me the sign. I’ll wear that sign with a badge of honor. At least I know that that if the Lighthouse Project falls, young people will continue to leave at alarming rates. Companies will continue to leave Long Island. Developers “will” say nothing can be done in Nassau County. YOUR PROPERTY TAXES WILL GO UP…. GET IT !!!!!! Not in my backyard… SOON YOU WON’T HAVE A BACKYARD !!!

    Typical LONG ISLAND POLITICS… People outside of the Island are laughing at us.
    WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    I agree Pete M.

  11. Jethro09 says:

    I agree 100%, BD.  Charles Wang’s “announcement” minutes before the drop fo the puck on the first home opener in years that had any kind of positive energy surrounding it was the stupidest and most asinine decision he could have made.  The decision to announce that he’s shopping the team and the Lighthouse to other venues, minutes before the puck was dropped on a home opener in which the sell-out crowd was loud and full of positive energy, was so stupid, its as if he intentionally wanted to sabotage all the positive vibes coming out of that building last night.

    Charles Wang needs to stop using the team and the fans’ emotions as pawns for his Lighthouse.  Enough is enough.  If he wants to sell or move the team, then do it already.  Stop talking about it and threatening to do it.  Just do it already.  His using of the Isles and their fans to ram this project through is disgraceful.

    For the record, I think the project needs to be approved and should have been voted on by the TOH years ago, but Wang is not going about getting his approval the right way.  His setting of his own October 3 deadline was about as stupid as it gets.  He knew he wouldn’t get approval by then, so setting the deadline on the date of the home opener was stupid. 

    And the signs in the crowd were clearly provided by the team/Lighthouse.  I was at the game and sitting on the side of the arena opposite the benches.  Those signs were only distributed to fans sitting in the 100′s behind the benches, so the cameras would get them.  None of those signs were anywhere to be found anywhere else in the Coliseum.  Is there no shame?

  12. [...] she wants to further discuss a potential agreement, that’s an obstacle? What to make of Hockey Independent BD Gallof’s interesting piece on how the owner had team personel give out signs to fans last night not just in support of the [...]

  13. Mike Westchester says:

    Wang did not have his suits give out signs, Patrick from one of the Lighthouse blog did because of rain. Read the blog. The information is there.
    I don’t know all of the ins and outs on this situation because it’s grandstanding on both sides, but TOH’s notion of “negotiating” and Wang’s businessman persona are the problems smashing together. It’s a political season, so the TOH members who want to be re-elected are playing politics because it will get them re-elected. Wang is playing hardball because he’s a businessman who thinks his plan is small enough. Get to the table and talk this out like adults.

  14. Justin Izzo says:

    Hey B.D., I have to agree. I was sitting in section 116 when those signs were handed out. That was no accident. Consider that section 116 is directly at the center-ice line. Then, consider that there were a half-dozen photographers in front of Suozzi, et al., as they dropped the puck.  Guess what will be in the background of that photograph?

    For someone who supports this project, it disgusts me that they would do that, and it makes me re-evaluate my stance on who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. But it also does not surprise. Politics is just a game of who can out-muscle the other, and this project is no different. It’s just such a shame what the world has evolved (devolved?) into. And it’s also a shame that this “game” is just going to rob Islander fans of at the very least their arena of four decades and at the very worst their team entirely.

  15. Chris says:

    When are fans going to realize…. IT IS NEVER….EVER….”FOR THE FANS.” 

    That is an empty statement.  It was empty when Bettman said the lockout was “for the fans.”  It’s as empty as saying a new arena will be full…just because it’s new.  The fans are always at the very bottom of their concern, but first to be spoken about to gather support.  There is too much money, power, politics and everything in between at stake to care about the fans.  They’re all too busy trying to figure out the best way to “move you up the value chain” (ie – get you to spend more).  And I cannot believe some here are just now realizing that Wang is a real estate guy and not a hockey guy.  Really?  It took this long?

    Here’s a new flash too… Wang will sell the team before he moves them anywhere if he does not get approval.  Why?  HE’S A REAL ESTATE GUY.  He has ZERO interest in a sparkling new arena in any city.  He wants the real estate development.  The last thing in the world he wants right now is to pick them up and start over again somewhere else.  Where else can he even go that has a major sports team already and large swaths of prime undeveloped land sourrounding it?  This is it.  This is his shot.  If he does not get this deal, he is done with the Islanders.  It’s the only reason he bought them in the first place.

    BD – Thanks for writing this post.  We have to stop worrying about the Islanders leaving and start seeing what is really going on here.  They could grant Wang a new arena today and it will not be good enough for him.  That sums it up right there.

    PS – And if he does get approval, and builds everything they way he wants, are we all going to be surprised yet again when the prices are jacked so high they are unaffordable??  The funny part is there are Mets and Yankees fans reading this right now who will be “shocked and appalled” when that happens.

  16. Ethan K says:

    They handed out signs OH MY GOD WHAT JERKS!!! HOW DISGUSTING! Nobody glued the signs to their hands, and forced them to wave it in the air. They wouldn’t have taken the signs if they didn’t want to.
    It’s all nonsense at this point. It’s clear that Wang doesn’t want to just move the team, he’s fought very hard to work with the Board and get the project approved to keep his team on the Island. That’s what his plan has been. Kate Murray doesn’t like the project because it’s got the two words she hates to hear most: Democratic, and Development. This has gone on for years already, and I think Wang is right to say he wants an answer. He’s spent millions of dollars to keep the team where it is now, and the “loyal” fans haven’t exactly been filling up the arena ever since the team started to rebuild. I’ve been buying more and more tickets in the last couple seasons, because soon this team will have a shot to be contenders.
    So please, don’t blame Charles Wang for trying to find get an answer. If you were losing 20 million dollars a year, in which time you were spending millions developing a real estate project that could create thousands of jobs and revitalize a disgusting area in a dying county, only to be continually strung along and not taken seriously, you would probably want an answer too.
    And as far as his interview goes, in no way shape or form did he ruin the energy before the game. He constantly said we should be focusing on our team. The only thing that ruined the energy was the slumping play in the 3rd period. Let’s get real.

  17. FantasyIsles says:

    Ain’t been nothin’ but a dog-and-pony show from the get go, and it sure kept the audience distracted for awhile: Mad Mickey’s perpetual reign of Terra Chips; absurd cartoonish animation/live action Roger Rabbit player contracts; the itty bitty titty ruling committee; now-you-see-it- now-you-don’t three GM monty game… C ‘mon, folks! Really just your standard issue leveraged political land grab is all – and Sorry, Charlie! coulda pulled it off if he weren’t so damned greedy (or small hung). Team? Fans? Legacy? History? Quaintly romantic notions all… Bring back Spano!

  18. Chris TMC says:

    Those signs were SO made by Patrick. Look at the font! The guy isnt even called Patrick by people, he is called “sign guy” lol! He makes signs all the time, at every game, at every lighthouse meeting, at every press conference, you name it. And he is always where the cameras will see him and his lovely daughter.

  19. the1gwiz says:

    Trying to get past all the nonsense from both sides but I keep coming back to the same question: Kate Murray has repeatedly, on the record, used the excuse that she is a “judge” re: the Lighthouse and therefore, in this position, it would be “unfair” to sit down with Wang and Rechler and discuss or negotiate specifics of the project.  Now, on the eve of a deadline that’s been in place for months, she picks up the phone near end of business on a Friday?
    Not for nothing, but I’ve been losing 8 figures annually while sitting around waiting for a legislative body to come at me with SOMEthing, ANYthing concrete about what they wanted or expected from the project, make this Friday call to me, and then make a call to the local paper as soon as we hang up to make sure they’re play makes the highlight reel, then yeah, I’m a little peeved.
    I’m really thinking that the backlash of the have/have-not war that’s currently raging in this country (that no one wants to specifically address) has taken some ludicrous turns, the most relevant to us here being how some of us begrudge a guy who’s been losing upwards of $20mil a year for a decade trying to turn it around and make something back off the deal.  People, if there weren’t  million- and billionaires out there finding ways to make a profit from owning a professional sports team, we wouldn’t have any professional sports teams.
    Wang’s clear displays of frustration may not sit well with a lot of us, and it’s certainly not always helpful that he appears to wear his heart on his sleeve all the time.  But at least from Wang I’m getting a reason WHY he’s so pissed at this point.  From Murray and the TOH, I get: bull$#^% petitions and mailers started up (at taxpayer expense) asking the federal gov’t for stimulus money to do nothing but renovate a sports arena; a county exec claiming she can’t even attend an information session as she as an arbiter on the project, and arbiters of course should not make any effort to know anything about what they’ll be judging (aside from what the local political bosses want them to know, naturally); a phone call reaching out to Wang late in the business day on the eve of his deadline to take calls on offers for the team.
    And Chris – they could grant Wang a new arena and if the SMG lease still holds, Wang still will not make any money.

  20. JKP says:

    BD, I don’t get your point. Wang is spending tens of millions of dollars on the project just to make himself look good? Doesn’t make sense. Ego is one thing, but losing $70M on the LH project preliminaries + what he’s lost on the Isles surely isn’t (solely) about ego.
    I’m guessing the reason they don’t want to scale the project down any further is because their return would be reduced and thus maybe financing becomes more difficult or they could make more $$ investing elsewhere. Or the hardball they’re playing is to minimize any more downscaling.

  21. Paul in Canada says:

    Somehow you’ve gotten the idea that, for the Wang and Murray are coming from equal but opposite perspectives, each with their own value and for the sake of the ‘fans’ (think of the children!) Wang should just be meeting her somewhere in the middle. 

    Fact is, Wang offering to build a $4 billion development in a Town/County crying for it, she acts like Queen of Hempstead all summer and then calls him on Friday (yeas THAT Friday) at 4:30?!   You’ve lost sight of whose money this is.  This is not a co-sponsored initiative.  Wang has a right to be pissed for the way he’s been treated.  Should he be sorry his frustration is starting to show (again, Friday at 4:30?!)?   Its not up to him to be cordial at this point for anybody.  Its your elected official who is dropping the ball here and, in the end, if you allow her to make him come off as the bag guy…

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