HOT TO TROT: A Source On Bryan Trottier’s Role With Isles

As you might know, the Isles also dissolved Bryan Trottier’s position within the organization. That said, they are trying to find a new position for the lauded Islanders Alumni. However, on the backend of the HiJanks panic, it was just another nail in the coffin for some fans who have been searching for ledges to stand on with aplomb lately.

I spoke to a source who knew Trottier and had some things to say on it.


He always told me that he had “a fancy title, but had no freakin’ idea what his duties really were.” He told me he has always wanted to be a coach again, but that Snow was dead-set against him. He always said he was shocked that they “let him come around.”

He also said. “They just tell me which kid to go see and I go and take him out to dinner and “evaluate” him…whatever that is.” He used to laugh and say “they’ve never listened to me about a kid.”



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  2. MJS says:

    Somewhere, someone who was just becoming a fan during the dynasty days weeps, cancels his season tickets, and hope the Lighthouse tower gets built so he has a high place from which to jump… Everywhere else the rebuild continues…

    I would love to see if the Isles try to pick up some new people for the front office. I would doubt that they would, but it’s interesting to think about whether they’re just trimming things back for whatever reason, or if this is a turning point for the hockey ops side of the team in keeping with the rebuild.

  3. Battfist says:

    With all due respect…Us Islander fans have every right to question personnel moves made under Wang. Especially since fans have been misinformed and lied to in the past. The last 15 or so years have been no picnic.

    It is nice to read possibly why Trottier’s contract wasnt renewed. Thanks.

  4. RobC/KO21 says:

    Im so sorry I chose the Isles to root for a few years after the Glory Years…All Ive endured is embarrassments. Im trying to imagine life without a hockey team to love.

  5. Isles27 says:

    This is a business first and foremost, just because a guy was a great player doesn’t mean he’s going to be a great executive or coach. I was a big fan of Trottier the player and remember when he started his career here back in the 70′s but what exactly has he done, off the ice since he retired on the management side of things, that we should be up in arms about his contract not being renewed? Remember it’s a business. From what I can tell he wasn’t disrespected by the Isles unless you consider him not being renewed disrespected. Look at what happened in Phoenix with “the Great One” possibly the greatest player to ever play but certainly not one of the greatest coaches to ever coach. One more thing 20 years ago when everyone didn’t have a computer and we weren’t kept up to date on every little detail that was going on with our favorite teams I doubt we would have been going nuts over some of the things we are going nuts over today.

  6. BDGallof says:

    I take it as he would have preferred to be more integral part of Isles system. If anything, a assist. coach. I think he was just not quite utilized, especially within last year.

    • Isles27 says:

      Maybe he was just not that good at that end of the business BD and they did him a favor by keeping him on the payroll, maybe he would be better off in the PR side of the business. I hate to say it because he seems like a really nice guy but he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed that’s just my impression of him.

      • BDGallof says:

        he was considered a pretty bright guy by the Avs staff.

        • Isles27 says:

          I didn’t follow him in Colorado but when he was coaching the Rangers I didn’t think much of his post game press conferences. It seemed like he was in over his head. That’s just my impression.

          • BDGallof says:

            I think Rags let him wave in the wind with a mess around him. I’m sure it was a good learning experience.

          • Isles27 says:

            Fair enough BD you know these guys better than me, but after going 17 years without winning a playoff series I try to keep sentimentality out of it.

  7. Joyce says:

    It would be nice for the Islanders to issue some statement explaining the Jankowski and Trottier splits, but I figure they have nothing good to say. Surely they jest about not replacing them.

  8. Madchef says:

    and his track record as a coach is so great that…..Listen great isles player seems like a good guy but there is a coach here. Who says he wants to be and Assistant. I think people are way to into the interpersonnel descisions of this team and I get its because of the lousy product we have endured for forever but the team is getting better on ice. I guess there is only so much to talk about in isles country right now.

    • MJS says:

      That’s the thing about Trottier and the rest of the dynasty Islanders these days. It’s not that it’s a fiasco that Trottier is out, but so many people think this is an embarrassment because they feel so nostalgic about the dynasty that even if Trottier was just sitting in an office playing solitaire all day and doing dinner with a prospect once in a while it becomes a huge deal. I would love to have the dynasty Islanders contributing to the rebuild, but at some point the team makes business decisions and they can’t always take nostalgia into account.

  9. Fred Poulin says:

    On a side note Bryan Trottier is my team captain in my Simulated Fantasy Hockey league. He played for the Atlanta/Calgary Flames his whole career and helped me win a cup in 1982-83 lol. We are now in 1986-87.

  10. HyeDray says:

    It is always tough when a former player you grew up and viewed as one of your hockey heroes does not fair quite so well in coaching or management.

    This is not just Trottier. Goring and Henning were never given proper chances with the Isles. Then again—they never got much of a chance elsewhere.

    Gretzky certainly is not the same level of coach as he was a player.

    As much as we would all like to see nothing but our former super stars back and playing top rolls—lets understand that there is no guarantee they will be as effective off the ice, as they were on the ice.

    I still support my team. I have no choice. Been that way since the mid 70s. And Garth Snow has done a solid job with the rebuild so far. His choice for coach is turning out to be a good one. Sure we have not won a darn thing—but USA Hockey is not going to let a boob run one of their teams, and he was selected as an assistant for Vancouver. Gordon has every right to hire the assistants he wants. I suppose he could have made a putch to bring Trotts behind the bench, but didn’t.

    The stars of the glory days should remain fixed in our memories as the heroes they were. They represent a time and place for all of us that we hold dear—because of how good they were, and because we have seen some very turbulent years—with bad owners, non-owners, nightmare general managers and a bunch of Clowns in local government all with their hands out caring less about hockey and our team.

    My biggest issue continues to be PR. The Isles PR department is a mess and has been since Botta left. I am not sure why the team does not see the need to treat its outgoing people with some level of dignity. A statement should be released and it is frankly inappropriate that it hasn’t.

  11. HyeDray says:

    By the way fans… I sent Ms. Strang a letter…it is here…maybe you all shoucld do the same. Perhaps with some pressure, the franchise may need to rethink how it handles (or doesnt handle) P.R.



    You do a great job following, and writing about the Isles.

    You have recently written about the Isles cutting ties with Jankowski and attempting to reassign Trottier.

    What is puzzling to me—and from what I can determine from many Isles fans—where is the statement from the team?

    Why does this team seem to think it is perfectly okay to treat outgoing players and personnel with what appears to be disdain, and a callousness that smacks of arrogance that is not exactly deserved. This is a franchise that has to beg on bended knee for free agents to come here. We all blame the building and arena mess and lack of a mature core and competitive team, but is it possible that a big part of the ‘icing” from UFA’s is the cold shoulder given by team management to its own people?

    Would it be so difficult for P.R. or Communications to issue a release that “Mr. Jankowski will be pursuing other managerial options. We want to thank him for his years of triumphant work in helping the Islanders rebuild their farm system, and working with management and scouts to build one of league top prospect pools. We wish Ryan and his family much success as he enters a new chapter in his life.”

    A similar sentiment for Brian Trottier—a man who was intragal in building this franchise to begin with—to treat him without so much as a comment about his effort—however small it might be—is not only classless, it is inappropriate.

    Fans throughout the blogosphere are commenting on this topic and are disgusted. They see this lack of communication as unprofessional. Fans have no other news and no information. They are left guessing about why these moves are being made. The most popular assumption currently in debate—is this cost-cutting in preparation of Wang selling the franchise? It the absence of a statement from the franchise, are all left guessing and speculating.

    This seems to be club policy—and it is a failing policy.

    Fans who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for tickets don’t like to be treated as if they are stupid.
    Giving fans—and in turn the media—no information proved poisonous once Rick DePietro was showing signs of trouble yet again.
    The treatment of Martin Biron as a result—leaving him swinging in the wind—is more of the same when it comes to what happened with Jankowski and Trottier this week.

    The franchise can try all it wants to put the focus on the blue/orange scrimmage and mini camp this week, but there is a dark cloud looming over Long Island.

    I have no idea if this is something worth your effort and time to follow-up on. Have other fans written to you about this topic?
    I hope they do, and I hope that Newsday, through your efforts—can craft some kind of piece about why this team continues to handle its Public Relations in such an amateurish and appalling way.

    Garth Snow has done a very nice job in rebuilding the franchise. He is not a joke GM. He and his people—who Jankowski help lead—are a big reason why the prospect pool looks so good. Nonetheless, Charles Wang and Garth Snow should address what is becoming the Achilles heel of the franchise. The way P.R. is handled has a direct impact on everything from ticket sales to free agency. You would think this would be a more pressing matter.

    Thank you for your time,