In a news vacuum, nobody can hear Isles fans scream

There is a scene in M*A*S*H, and when I say MASH, I mean the original movie, not the TV show, where “Painless” the dentist is given a fake funeral as the doctors give him sleeping pills instead of what he thinks is poison. When the Lighthouse shut out the lights back in October, it was no different than this scene. The lights were shut off, but the hopes that things would change had not.  So since then has been this silent shell game on one side…and this vocal “oh, we’ll save the day” by the ToH.

The ToH and Wang’s group had meeting back in October. Wang denied this back when they shut off the lights, and was denied again when he had that questionable interview with Howie Rose. In that, he was caught in a bald-faced lie. He had met with the ToH, and so had some of his LHP staff.

In November, however, the Lighthouse group stopped paying FP Clark. Can’t pay bills if you are dead, folks. The Kabuki show continued as later on, the Mangano’s group was wondering if Charles was going to call them back. Then all LHP staff was reassigned. Their PR staff now works for Isles team.

Chris Botta yesterday, in a NHL Fanhouse scoop, connected the Isles/Wilpon/Queens and a large real estate firm. This follows the Ken Campbell blog from THN last month that tied it to the Wilpons.

Newsday, who has been constantly scooped by the blogosphere on the Lighthouse Project, was caught snoozing once again. They snapped into action, pressing their Isles blogger to find a source denying this.

Botta turns around and cites that Newsday is owned by the Dolans, who happen to run the Rangers. Well, of course that a reason…umm…. to what exactly, Chris?

Then Katie Strang’s story disappears from the site for a while this morning but now it is back. Meanwhile, Botta stands behind his story. So just who is blinking here? Will Newsday suddenly have some sort of “scoop” on all this, ignoring that they have been last to the well throughout this entire process for well over a year?


Back at the Town of Hempstead: all quiet of the western front. They have not met their Memorial Day weekend deadline date for any announcement and sources have been silent. That is simply unacceptable. 

The problem is, like most things on all the blogs…all are things off the record. I cannot recall the last time someone said something on record. Maybe the hearing back last year? Even Wilpon’s words about exploratory talk was about as solid as goose feathers. Until things are quoted from the horses mouth and we know the actual horse, take everything with many grains of salt.

Meanwhile, don’t think that some people are in-the-know or have an answer from the hockey groups or even the NHL. Nobody outside the LHP brainstrust has a clue. I had journalists, bloggers and even the NHL people coming to me asking what is going on with the Lighthouse Project.

There is still a battle brewing because despite that the Lighthouse Project is dead, Wang still holds out hope that the Town of Hempstead will come to their senses and work out something. As broken here, he has been in touch with the ToH as little as two months ago. So don’t buy the Queens train tickets just yet. 

We all just sit and wait, meantime for the ToH to fulfill their development promise. …

Many objective people and politicos are fearful that the ToH plan is some sort of farce with an insane reduction of everything to almost minuscule proportions (below 50 to 60% the size of LHP). This would not be reasonable, smart, helpful, or workable. It would be just another slap in the face by the Town of Hempstead…and ultimately to the NY Islanders fans as well. It would be the topper to the multitude of mistakes, miscommunication, miscues and misinformation by the Town of Hempstead in regard to the Lighthouse Project.

If there is any afterlife to raise the dead; the ToH plan must be a substantial workable answer that does not merely sate their donors. Sating donors seems the new framework on how things get done now that Edward Mangano, the new Nassau Exec, proposed a casino, taking up the flag of his own biggest donor, Alphonse D’Amato, who is an enemy of the Lighthouse Project and Charles Wang, besides gambling supporter who represents the Poker Players Alliance.

In fact, it gets even more interesting with the casino, Mangano and D’Amato:

BREAKING NEWS - The Shinnecock nation, the one Mangano was cheerleading to get a casino in Uniondale received national recognition today. This means they can actively seek a casino. Oh, also today, Al D’Amato’s daughter JOINS Mangano. That’s right, Mangano’s biggest donor now has his daughter working for our Nassau Executive. Talk about conflicts of interest. I don’t even know where to begin.

This is all enough to make an Isles fan sick with disgust. Politics as usual has left things in the lurch once again. The true death might be Nassau County’s future as people leave it left and right for better places who aren’t bent on some suicidal self-interested glut.

So we can all say goodbye to Painless, who lies in the coffin. It is getting bleak. Even a bit dark. But don’t cry just yet. There is much more to this. Someone call a nurse.

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  2. orngfan says:

    after everyone leaves LI these guys are gonna have quite the playground left to divide amongst themselves.

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  4. anthony c says:

    I hate politicians more then anything. Especially republicans, they are the ones who tend to have their hands in the cookie jar more then those democrats. And they always seem to be the ones who think ass backward, and got more skeletons in their closets.

    • chris says:

      wow you got that wrong .. every one knows a democrat is backwards and dirty just look at your lousy president

  5. Mike from Philly says:

    At this point, you cannot actually think something is going to happen in the TOH with the Coliseum sight. The politics are an embarassment and at this point I am really hoping something happens in Queens. There is no hope in Nassau County and to think so is crazy.

  6. Fred Poulin says:

    So do you guys think the Islanders will be moved out of the State of New York in a near future?

  7. BDGallof says:

    i can’t see Bettman allowing isles to be moved. Dynasty team with history in a lucrative market. He’s push for Wang to sell or get more involved.

    • Isle27 says:

      With Wang’s track record (15 yr DP contract, Yashin, firing of Lavy, backup goalie as GM, etc) I would think he would want Wang to be less involved.