MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL: Our Satire Picked Up As A News Item By MSNBC (can be seen via Google Cache)

Al Rankin writes under the name Duncan_Disorderly. He’s been our main satire guy for the season. He’s hit with some great ones like Brian Burke’s Time Travel piece, the infamous Bryan McCabe on the Phaneauf trade, and so many more.

But it is this last one that will now live in MSNBC infamy:
Canucks Wellwood & O’Brien Fined For Planning Deep Dish Pizza Crawl

It was picked up by NBC Chicago and then MSNBC themselves, with the following added to their own take which was met with giggles and some degree of horror:

“The Canucks’ press office could not immediately confirm the report, but the Independent published a screen cap of the invite…Center Kyle Wellwood and defenseman Shane O’Brien will be reprimanded, but to what extent isn’t clear.”

Imagine that it is quite likely that Wellwood and O’Brien were actually questioned on a pizza crawl by the Vancouver Media Department.

The piece has subsequently been taken down. Some have wondered if it deserved a retraction than simply trying to remove it from the site, but one has to wonder about a lot of MSM things these days as they picked it up as fact in the first place.

Of course, once I tweeted about it on twitter, all hilarity ensued as it was retweeted across the NHL twittersphere with much mirth, incredulity and bafflement.


5holeblog: @BDGallof Kyle Welwood is fat his hit the MSM.

icybits: @BDGallof MSNBC will be reporting stories from the #Onion next. Nice satire from you. Brutal reporting from them.

GTBradLee: @BDGallof I like how MSNBC sic’d the text and had the screencap as “evidence.” Well done.

felixpotvin: hahahahahahaha RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our sites satire reports it as fact & questions the Vancouver org over it.

JonJordan: Absolutely HILARIOUS! RT: @BDGallof MSNBC picks up our satire, reports it as fact & questions Vancouver org over it.

HockeyJoeGM: Journalism = dead. RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our sites satire reports it as fact & questions Vancouver over it.

Space_Weed: MSM fails again RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our sites satire reports it as fact & questions the Vancouver org over it.

felixpotvin: @BDGallof jesus I can’t stop laughing

Editor's Note to MSNBC: This isn't REALLY Felix Potvin.

DownGoesBrown: If you missed this… um, wow. RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our site’s satire, reports it as fact.

mlse: Wellwood is so fat a deep dish pizza crawl is believable RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our satire reports it as fact

KenGHarrison: *facepalm* RT @BDGallof: MSNBC picks up our site’s satire, reports it as fact. (via @DownGoesBrown)

Sean_Leahy: Awww MSNBC finally took down the @BDGallof link. Though, it’s  not entirely false that Wellwood, Brodeur & Hitchcock would be FB friends

Al_Rankin: @BDGallof Ha they removed all trace of it now. My time in the sun has passed.

Not quite Al. This just came over the wire on Deadspin:

NBC Falls For Silly NHL Pizza Party Hoax

We at HI are a mix of credentialed bloggers, satirists, and up-and-comers. We talk exception when something clearly comedic is misconstrued….but will be assuaged by the hilarity that it just keeps on giving. Mainstream Media needs to read and filter what it aggregates or gets reposted. We’ll just keep doing what we do best.

- BD

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  1. George Prax says:

    I can’t put into words how amazing this is. I’ve been laughing for nearly half an hour straight.

  2. Symo says:

    Epic Fail for MSNBC. Uber Epic Win for the Satire. Awesome.

  3. missy says:

    NBC Chicago still has their story up, btw. they just added an editor’s note apologizing for mistaking it as satire. here is their story:

    btw, this is absolutely hilarious!

  4. Kevin says:

    I would have loved to have been the Canucks PR rep answering that call/question, “WTF are you talking about.”

    Yay for HI for the great gag. Keep up the good work!

    Et le Boo on MSNBC for letting it fly without confirming first.

  5. “Editor’s Note to MSNBC: This isn’t REALLY Felix Potvin.”


  6. Mike Aldred says:

    This is absolute GOLD!