KATE MURRAY AND ME: A Chance Meeting Leads To Some Interesting Answers When Kate Tells Me “Project Is Fine”


I don’t know if it was something in the air or the stars aligning a certain way this first day or autumn. To Isles fans, Fall is how they are feeling from reading Newsday’s skewed take on the proceedings yesterday at the Lighthouse Hearing. Newsday coverage of the Lighthouse Project and the Town of Hempstead is one of the most sloppy, inconsistent, just plain wrong, if not amateurish I have ever seen in a newspaper besides the NY Post.

Then later I read Christopher Botta’s blog on AOL Fanhouse, and have to say, love the guy, but not quite agreeing with his blog either. The blogs and many fans feedback ranged from anger, frustration, panic, to defeat, to…now a MOVING VAN? However, his strong point is that this hearing is putting Charles Wang date of “certainty” on October 3rd in jeopardy. But it is Charles Wang himself who is downplaying October 3rd recently.

Has anyone actually been to a hearing before. A zoning hearing no less? Someone once told me the tale of how the Town Board hammered two guys for over 45 minutes when all they wanted to do is landscape around their Auto body shop. Listen, I don’t think the hearing went that great from a Lighthouse point-of-view. But, the air is getting mighty thick with all sorts of takes. Let’s try to make sense of it . . .

Look, I am as concerned as an Islanders fan as anyone else on the longterm health of the team, the business and believe in the Lighthouse Project. I get that many, including former Isles employees who fought the fight for 20 some odd years during some VERY rough and tumble times, are going to be concerned about yesterday. Nick Giglia, Dee Karl, Doug Davidson, and many others all had strong takes and concerns on the goings on.

The Lighthouse House Project Is From Mars, And The Town of Hempstead Is From Venus

To me, yesterday’s hearing feel I was getting was polar opposition moving away from the center than towards it. That the Town of Hempstead made a big production of taking the Lighthouse to task at the hearing, even if they also looked like horses asses while doing it. As we read in last night’s blog, there are completely two different takes stemming from the proceedings. There is a large expanse between both perceptions, and that to me was also concerning.

I publicly warned what it might lead to if the ToH continues to play hardball. Evidently, they seem quite clear on that. For this morning at the Baldwin train station was none other than Mark Bonilla and the matriarch of the Town of Hempstead itself, Kate Murray.

So I spoke to Mark Bonilla first, telling him my concerns over the Lighthouse Project/ToH post meeting. Bonilla was very positive about the project.

“Listen, we just need to make sure of things. Don’t worry, this is going to happen. But it is our job to ask those questions and check certain things.”
Interesting take on the record, having identified myself as a NY Islanders blogger.

Murray & Me:

The Big Kahuna waiting for me at the top of the LIRR stairs where we had about a 10 minute conversation, after identifying myself.

Her first words out of her mouth floored me: “Listen, don’t worry, the Lighthouse Project is going to happen.”

Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!??!?!?!? I then talked to her about some feedback I got from many fans, bloggers and some of the text I was reading on the subject this morning. I mentioned the “dire straits” of what we were reading, hearing and seeing.

“It’s not dire at all. the meeting was usual for hearings like that. That is how those meetings go. That’s interesting that Isles fans walked away that it was contentious and they were disheartened, but this is how these types of hearings go. The Project is fine. Take heart.”

Now, we can all wonder where the truth is to all this. Is it the undisguised panic on one end? Is it the calm reassurance of the other? Or is it the thinly disguised contempt for Charles Wang from one source who called him a bully earlier this year? Or is it “Ass-to-Mouth” who cited yesterday that the Town Board has serious concerns and did not like the answers? Or is it Nick Giglia’s sharp take on that the Board didn’t seem to listen, or simply didn’t want to?

Or is it really somewhere in-between? Is it beneath the veneer of the political shellac which is being liberally applied by both parties, as Christopher Botta (or as his friends call him…Chris), Nick, myself and many others try to somehow plow through all of this, all coming up with different feels and takes?

I guess the question is, and sadly in the surprise of being there talking to her trying to get her take on yesterday, I did not think to try to pin her on the October 3rd date when she told me to not worry/be happy. But, just the same, a interesting take on the record the day after many people came away from that hearing terribly confused and some disillusioned.


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About the Author: B.D. Gallof is a published writer and hockey blogger. He writes about Hockey, NY Islanders & the NY Islanders venue situation for CBS New York. BD has been written up in Sports Illustrated, TSN.ca, the NY Times Slapshots blog, Yahoo's Sports and SportsBusiness Journal. He has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as owner, lead writer, and managing editor at HockeyIndependent.com.

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  1. Justin Marques says:

    Great read, BD. That comment of her's really makes me wonder what is really going on behind closed doors.

  2. I guess thats great news BD! I just hope she isnt blowing smoke up your ass but if she said that then it makes me extremely happy!

  3. Chris TMC says:

    Great entry, BD- appreciate you sharing.
    And I am so disgusted by the misinformation in Newsday that I punched my newspaper.

  4. Chris TMC says:

    By the way… with Murray's comments to you, Murray and Santino's recent TOH rendition of "good cop/bad cop" is now in full force.

  5. B2B76 says:

    Hey B.D, great job here. Newsday is as big a rag as the NY Post of late, terrible paper. And people wonder why more & more youth are getting their info/news from the internet & great blogger like you.

  6. Jethro09 says:

    I hope she's not lying to your face. If she is, I say make sure that those lies are exposed before the upcoming election. If she baltanlty lied to your face, she must be outed and taken to task for it.

  7. Rich Stevens says:

    That's a nice update and may not be a similar feeling for the pessimists, but I'd like to walk away feeling a little more optimistic.
    I'd rather see the NVMC as half full than half empty..!!
    By the way, did she tell you that she was breaking for brunch, lunch, or both maybe..?

  8. A most informative and enlightening blogpost.

    While all may be well in Murrayville, be cautioned not to take the Town Supervisor at her word. [We prefer to view her actions -- when there are any -- which often speak much louder, and frequently head off in the opposite direction!]

    Not exactly issuing a Joe Wilsonesque "You Lie" on Kate's assurances, but let's just say we've been down that road with Kate Murray many times before — especially in an election year — only to find that road dotted with detours, all leading to be a dead end.
    - – -
    Read The Community Alliance blog at http://thecommunityalliance.blogspot.com/

  9. BD….do you think she is blowing smoke up your ass or she is serious? I hope she is serious but i dont know if I trust her.

  10. Hextall72 says:

    Good stuff BD.. Hopefully she is talking the truth and not just telling you what you want to hear!!

  11. TPJM says:

    And you believe what Murray says? She'll say anything good to get elected. Wait for her answer after Election day. Until then, it seems pretty naive to believe her or Wang on anything.

  12. Jsr1034 says:

    Great read BD, thanks!

  13. Inquiring says:

    If they build it do you think the new ticket prices will be doubled or tripled?

  14. IsleofNJ says:

    I would not trust her as far as I could throw her….which ain’t too far !!!!
    Politician is a synonym for liar in this case.
    She is just biding her time until the election.
    Actions speak louder than words….. if she was so pro-lighthouse, she would have kept the other attack dogs in line during the hearing.
    Her actions are far more telling than her words.

  15. cusi says:

    Nice read BD.  I met Santino at the East Rockaway train station a while back and asked him about the Lighthouse.  He had the same answer as Murray gave you.