It is a volatile time for NY Islanders fans. We as fans have been asked a lot, and then left for dead by both the Town of Hempstead and the Lighthouse Project. The Town of Hempstead has a lot to answer for in the poor communication and handling of this large project and to working with developers at the start of this process. The Lighthouse Project has a lot to answer for in a “date of certainty” that both Nick Giglia and I both reported that could never be met almost a year ago. Then a self-implosion within, and then going dark, running seemingly adrift since that time.

As some seem to pull the melodramatic button in a moments notice, including the esteemed Chris Botta who had a great evenhanded piece  suddenly veered to this piece of panic & assumption , erroneously implying that he actually forecast something that other bloggers had already taken the lead on almost 12 hours before on Twitter and hours before in blog. Come on now. Time to read around a bit, don’t you think?

As I alluded on Twitter and as I pointed to long before that the Town of Hempstead is having a press conference this morning on what seems to be the next step (for them that is).

It is not a vote no. It is calling out Charles Wang for not paying the developer FP Clark, who stopped the environmental report. Now, we have bashed both the ToH and FP Clark over 6 months ago for failing to inform the Lighthouse Project of a payment discrepancy. However this is far different. After that, one would think the LHP, had they been serious about finishing this part of things would do their due diligence.

They did not, and there is no excuse.

In fact, it is made many, including, reportedly those around Scott Rechler’s group say that there is no long financing from the Lighthouse Project. That it is dead in the water, and has been since the lights went dark.

There is also the contradiction of meetings, meetings that did happen behind the scenes. That is reportedly where the schism lies. That Charles will not go below 10% reduction to something many people believe he can go far more to still be economically viable. The Town of Hempstead, reportedly, might want a 30-35% reduction of size.

Yet these two stubborn elements can not find a middleground? I would love to blame the Town of Hempstead here (and holy god there is so much to slam them for last year), but it is the Lighthouse who went dark and is doing the misinforming over the very fact they had meetings or even communication.

Very questionable actions that must have me scrutinize motives. 

Kate Murray spoke to NEWS 12 and NEWSDAY last week telegraphing this next move that will be announced. One of whom likely leaked to the Islanders causing the rush to put Charles Wang in front of the camera on Saturday in an attempt to save some face. Instead he dug a hole deeper.  

But it was the LI Herald that broke the news embargo yesterday with this report of what precisely they will announce today at 11am.  

Here is NEWS 12, also pushing forward with their piece. Notice the NEWS12 piece has precise talking points from the ToH, most interestingly.

This does not mean the lights go dark. This does not mean bloggers and fans run around like chickens without a head.

It means we now see where everyone stands.

It means that the Town of Hempstead is pushing forward with their version of the reduction of size and scope

This I do not agree with because it is likely the 30-35% (or more) reduction that they have been pushing. I feel if they really wanted to have things done with the project, they’d at least come to a 25%. For that, they are playing a hard line they better show some flexibility on IF Charles Wang and the Lighthouse Project swallow some hubris and start acting like a development group, and begins a negotiation process.

The problem is….I don’t think that will happen. I think that the Lighthouse Project have been waiting for an excuse to extricate themselves from this with as much saved face as possible. And the rest will be finger pointing by both sides and their advocates thereafter.

It is a sad state of affairs.

I will point to one place now that responsibility now lies. The new County Executive. This is where Mangano now MUST step in and find a common ground. We have heard empty words of Project support, including a ridiculous article on how Ed Mangano has Project supporters around him. A source cites: “Mangano really wants to get this moving”

Well, now it’s time Ed.

The County Executive must now step in…as long as the Lighthouse Project doesn’t further implode and use this as an escape hatch trying to blame the ToH…which is very possible here.  

The new SMG revised lease and the China training camp PR story might be just what Charles Wang wants to walk away with, removing himself trying to put blame on the town. Many have cited he has clearly backed away from the Lighthouse Project since the media blackout, using that to blanket it. If so, then there is a ton of blame here to go on them as well.

Mangano, if he is serious on getting things moving must step in and really tack both sides down. Press on the Lighthouse Project’s true commitment. Press on the Town of Hempstead to make sure they are flexible to some sort of negotiation.

Is this the end game, where everything washes away in anger and blame? All it does is leave Islanders fans high and dry.

Or is this where, when all goes bleak, some sense of responsibility, propriety, honesty and problem-solving step in to get these two sides together. ToH thinks that their plans has them heroes here. They are no heroes. They are an extremely flawed group who sees things through muddle small-town lenses. Lighthouse Project seems to keep playing the victim, which they are not. They have now made themselves the victim by being obstinate and in denial.

Lots to blame. Lots of emotion. Where are the solutions to this mess?


Town of Hempstead is voting on retaining FP Clark to do a zoning review. There is a 150k cap on this cost.  The desire is to create a scaled down development of the area.

Kate Murray does not want NY Islanders to leave, and does not believe they will. Plans will include refurbished arena.

Newsday: If Wang doesn’t want to do it, they report it will be opened for other developers, who might be interested.

Wang called Kate Murray and was very “pleasant” on the phone about an hour before conference. Looks forward to seeing the plan.

Per Kate Murray, this plan will incorporate many of the things in Charles Wang’s vision

Source: Charles Wang still has not called new Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano. Mangano’s group has called him twice now.

Vote is tomorrow night on it.

Goosby cites that those things she and others have questioned at hearing are not in the report, as the LHP keeps repeating.

Source: If it was in the report, one would think they’d come in and show us the page, right?

She also cited that the Environmental Study is required by state law.

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About the Author: B.D. Gallof is a published writer and hockey blogger. He writes about Hockey, NY Islanders & the NY Islanders venue situation for CBS New York. BD has been written up in Sports Illustrated,, the NY Times Slapshots blog, Yahoo's Sports and SportsBusiness Journal. He has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as owner, lead writer, and managing editor at

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  1. Isles Fanatic says:

    There are really two sad parts to this read…

    First of all, what with the Point Blank bashing??  Take it fom someone that lives too far from Long Island toget any real credible team insight, there are only  few of yo that are credible good reads, bashing amongst yourselves really defeats the pupose and is childish.

    The real sad part and the real crime here is not that fans will never know the whole truth, or that the two sides may be or may not be lying but that the Islanders are continuously in turmoil off the ice.  If the team really wants its fan support in the long term, they (fans) should be focused on watching the kids develop and improve, not be forced to endure the gargbage that is going on between the two imature sides. 

    If the TOH will not approave the proposal as is, then I cannot blame Charles Wang for selling or moving, anyone that does, simply lives in a dream world.  I am not stating that I blame the TOH for the mess this is turning into either, both sides are to blame here, equally. The team bleeds money as is, retrofitting the old barn will not make the team solvant, therefore, sadly, I cannot envision the Islanders staying put in the long run….and that… the really sad part of this whole story.
    TOH shame on you, Charles Wang, shame on you….

  2. Mike from Philly says:

    And now we have to wait another 6 months for the TOH blueprints to be completed. Please….enough is enough. I love the idea of the LH project but why does a Pro sports team play in a county where the only way they can make money is being sourrouned by a mini-city? Between the ignorence and stupidity of the TOH and Charles Wang this project looks like it is dead in the water. Best case scenario is Wang selling to someone who will develop a new arena in Queens or join Ratner in Brooklyn. I have had enough…..

  3. BDGallof says:

    Forecast: To estimate or calculate in advance, especially to predict

    PB: Taking credit for something he did not forecast isn’t bashing, it is him trying to take credit that other bloggers were ahead of him on. It is irresponsible and no different to when he ripped Eklund for doing the same. And I will call it..and call it again when apropos. It is something that happens too often, and he knows better.

  4. Isles Fanatic says:

    Well feel free to do so and fill your boots….as a fan of both of you, I really don’t care who says what first, and how, I just want unbiased reads and points of view…I appreciate the different perspectives… But I re-itterate, the real tragedy, is that we have to talk, debate and wait for this foolishness in the first place (TOH vs Charles Wang).

    I just wish our team could just focus on building a championship team, one we can all be proud of. and as fans, we had no outside distractions to argue over… I know….I know…

  5. BDGallof says:

    I hear you. I am just peeved at his melodramatic piece and that a full-time writer who takes the time to write about the LHP doesn’t bother to read others.

    As for the situation itself…it is rife with all sorts of feelings. And yes, the quickest way to get this done is the best way…which means the TOH and Wang need to reach a common ground and get this done now.

  6. Jason says:

    at this pt i hope someone buys the Isles and is willing to keep them here.  It seems like Wang from the beginning only wanted the team for this real estate project.  It is a shame that as the team continues to get younger and should be good in a few yrs they might not be here anymore.

  7. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by eyeontheisland: Plz RT -IS IT THE END OF DAYS FOR THE LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT? #nhl #isles #lhp (via @BDGallof) I say yes(n have for awhile)…

  8. WillMX says:

    Mangano is a puppet, man. He was a candidate set-up by his party to lose to Suozzi so the recently Republican county legislature could appoint the dude from Oyster Bay to the position once Suozzi left for that State position he wants so bad. Suozzi took it for granted and now we have some guy that didn’t want the job in the first place. Mangano doesn’t know what’s up. He’ll walk the party line for the duration of his tenure. period.

  9. Islander505 says:

    Botta bashing?!?!?

    How dare you!!

  10. BDGallof says:

    I remember stopping Botta from writing a blog bashing you, 505, very early on his site. You had gotten under his skin mighty quick.



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  12. MJS says:

    At least Botta proofreads. To reiterate what Isles Fanatic said, the people that read your respective sites don’t really care who dropped what story first. It’s actually a huge turnoff to have to read that type of thing as it’s generally not relevant to the story, not even a little bit. Also, speaking of how he doesn’t read the other Isles bloggers, it’s weird how he linked Let There Be Light(House) top and bottom of the of his most recent post. Also, in Botta’s “forecast” he linked Nick’s work from September 4th of last year. So, at least he’s acknowledging in some way that his “forecast” was based on other people’s work. From the way you seem to enjoy taking Botta to task it seems like there’s something personal going on between you guys. I mean, you did used to put up guest posts on Point Blank, now you flame him almost every chance you get.
    In any case, whole media blackout thing was a terrible idea. Wang caused his own loss of momentum. If he really does want a way out of the project then not paying Clark is a good place to start. Could you really blame Wang for wanting out, though? I mean if he feels that Clark isn’t doing an unbiased job, which they seem to have never even attempted then why pay? After the project was first proposed anyone could see that Kate Murray would never allow that kind of development if it was up to her? Of course, if that was Wang’s thinking then he probably should’ve said something on or about October 4th, kept the heat up on Murray to do something. The rezoning that the town is doing now is something that likely could have been done months ago. Also, I find it hard to believe that Wang never planned on renegotiating the size of this project. But hell, maybe it’s all a huge conspiracy. Maybe Wang was meeting with Murray under the cover of night to ask her to force the project to be scaled down because he was short on cash. That’s a way that he might save face. Or else that’s ridiculous. I guess we shall all have to wait and see.

  13. bigaudio says:

    Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the arena.  I’ve been there to see a game recently and my seats were not premium priced, they were up there.  But I had a great view of the entire ice, and the experience was a really good one.  I don’t see why a new arena is even necessary.  This is just a push by Wang and his groups to get the land and control it.  The fact that the ToH is even considering this plan is more a product of the economy than a desire for more stores and high-rise buildings.  A grasp for some $$$.  That is all this has EVER been about.  And in the long history of corruption, graft etc. in the county and town, these type of things were commonplace.  But we the people who live here and will end up paying for all this, we are sick and tired of backroom meetings that determine how badly we the people get fleeced by millionaires.  Pffft to the whole thing.
    I’d endorse a plan to renovate the arena and even pay for it.  But the lighthouse idea is bogus and reeks of greed.
    Meanwhile we can’t even get massive potholes filled in the ToH.  Uh huh.

  14. BDGallof says:

    MJS: he added that later. your other citation..i’d have to look back…but i am 90% sure he added later after i criticized.

    we are entitled to our opinion. and if you think i’m alone on are much mistaken. he and i have personal/professional issues. our last argument was one on his coverage of the lighthouse. he told me he could take the criticism (he couldn’t)…and it didn’t matter on accuracy when he had the audience (i found that hypocritical).

    So i have been making sure to call issues as i see fit since he doesn’t care, and just wants audience share (like he once accused Eklund)

    hope you understand.

    - BD

  15. nyichamp39 says:

    BD, Eklund is a hack and everyone knows it. And if I am remembering correctly it wasn’t Eklund or his claim to have all of these “sources” that Chris was criticizing mostly. It was the fact that he propagated all that CRAP while charging members 20 bucks to see his “special” trade rumors chart. Seriously dude, I love the articles but all of this “calling out” other bloggers stuff is getting kinda old. And the way in which you do it, or at least the way it is perceived, is childish and immature. Its like watching high school girls gossip and talk trash behind each others’ backs. Ive read your articles since your days at Hockeybuzz. Always insightful, interesting, and funny. But lately this stuff has really turned me and many others off to your work.

  16. FantasyIsles says:

    I don’t mind a shill, really.

    Some of my best friends are shills.

    But that masquerade is just no fun at all; and the Botta mask is downright disturbing.

    You lapdog you.

  17. TPJM22 says:

    Enough with the Botta bashing/envy.  It’s weak and old.  Grow up.

    Enough with Wang & TOH.  The best thing for NYI is to rid itself of these 2 bad influences.  Wang selling to Brooklyn or Queens is the only solution to this mess.

  18. BDGallof says:

    this issue with Botta vs Ek was over pandering to audience. i feel he’s doing the same these days. but i’ll adhere to my audience wishes and drop it.

  19. MJS says:

    Are you sure you’re not Kate Murray? Joe Ra? Someone else connected with the town?
    As far as sporting and entertainment venues go the Coliseum is small and all but totally outdated. Believe it or not, that has an impact on the Islanders and the County as it makes it very difficult to draw major concerts and the like. Sure Wang is motivated by money, but that can’t be the entire motivating force behind this. He’s lived on the Island his whole life. I mean, in an attempt to make the Coliseum look shiny, if only for a few seconds, Wang bought the Coliseum it’s fancy HD scoreboard. The rest of the Lighthouse project seems to be a good way to break up the ever growing sprawl that exists in Nassau County. As for potholes, well, maybe write a letter to Kate Murray? That kind of thing is an example of effective leadership, though, isn’t it?

  20. VancouverIslesFan says:

    I’m not quite sure I understand something BD.  If your opinion is that the Lighthouse Developers would be looking for a reason to walk away from this, and if the Town is not giving them what they’ve been asking for, and instead is pushing for a 30-35% reduction in scope..then how is Botta’s headline unfair?  If I’m reading this correctly, you both agree that this could be something that causes Wang to walk away, then your beef is…what?  That he’s using a somewhat sensationalized title? 

    Seems more like a personal issue than a journalism issue. 

    Look, I enjoy reading both sites, and both of your opinions.  I don’t enjoy reading bashing from one to another.  You do not gain credibility by attacking someone else’s blog. 

    If I’m reading this incorrectly please let me know, I’m not trying to take a shot at you or defend Botta, I just don’t understand the attack based on what I’ve read here.

  21. FantasyIsles says:

    Problem with Botta is he’s an unapologetic hack, a (formerly? (look into it Gallof )) paid propagandist and a rabid opportunist…

    And I hear he borrows neighbors tools and doesn’t return them.

  22. BDGallof says:

    The point was sensationalism…just as it was pushing fans to Brooklyn, Queens and over the summer Kansas City with some panicky title or piece like “pack your bags”. Isn’t my cup of tea, and is something I personally have not liked from his blogs over this season as opposed to last season. And I am not alone on this change.

    I always preferred the straight shooting of Logan. Back last season, Botta brought us great stories and things we wouldn’t have gotten a look at. N0t so much this season. My personal take. And yes we have personal issues…over this very thing. I was asked to take part in some chats this season, but I balked because I was extremely disappointed in his LHP work. Including taking much exception to his statement that he spoke to all sides. I knew he did not.

    I felt that is a disservice to fans and an inaccurate statement to make. I started not to trust what he was presenting.

    Suddenly this past weekend, we get admittance that he isn’t so keen on the goings on in the ToH. Maybe it was because he was being hammered a bit by someone who wanted him to just tell the truth.

    Or not. Who knows.

    My conscious is pretty clear. As I said, if this is something that is becoming a complaint, I am willing to listen and change gears.

    But I am far from a fan of the 2009-2010 Chris Botta. I was a big one of the last season. Let’s leave it there and move on.

  23. TPJM22 says:

    Thought you said you’d drop it.  And now this?  ENOUGH!

    Seems you and NYIFC only liked Botta when he was paid to be pro NYI, pro LI and deleted the negative truths from his blog.  Now the truth is being heard and his blog is refreshing and much better than last season.

    NYIFC couldn’t be more wrong – everything associated with NYI for the last decade has been a CIRCUS!!!

  24. BDGallof says:

    ((rolling eyes))

  25. Isle27 says:

    Botta is no hockey genius either. He was the one “suggesting” that fans may riot at the Draft Party last summer if the Isles didn’t choose Tavares, it was like he was out there scouting these players himself that he had such a strong opinion. Well as it turns out Duchene appears to have more tools in the tool box than Tavares which was the opinion of a lot of the PROFESSIONAL scouts.  His new thing is to push for Okposo to be captain, sorry but I want my captain to not only stick up for himself but for his teammates Okposo has shown to do neither and I point to an incident in a game with Tampa where Okposo took a cheap shot and then went over to the Tampa player and instead of challenging him basically told him “that’s not nice don’t do that again”  Maybe he thinks because he has 12 goals he’s too good to fight and please I don’t want to hear it’s not his game I’ve seen Crosby, Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, need I go on all drop the gloves at one time but the great Okposo can’t? Let me be the first to say this if anyone on the Isles retaliates against Phaneuf for the hit on Okposo in the pre season it should be OKPOSO it’s time he grew a pair.

  26. VancouverIslesFan says:

    I can see where BD is coming from.  This season it is very noticeable that there is a…”bite” to Botta and without the Isles sponsoring his blog he’s at times been quite negative with the team.  That being said, it’s a little difficult when you’re emotionally invested in something not to overreact at times.  I still visit point blank every day as I do here, so I do get both points of view, I just think it would be best to report it as you see it, BD, and let readers form their own opinion. 

    I think this has been hashed out enough though, so I’ll stop here and drop it

  27. BDGallof says:

    All good. I am glad we can discuss it openly. I’ll relent, and just ask people read everything with some scrutiny as well as an open mind, and not follow any writer wholesale…him, me or anyone. And let us move on to something more cheery…like the losing skid stopped.

    The LHP has a lot more trials and tribulations. This season is not yet lost, nor is a playoff spot in our sight at the moment. But we have a two week break and hopefully this team heals. But of course, before they can do that…they have a back to back series of tilts.

  28. VancouverIslesFan says:

    the losing skid has stopped but one thing I’d like to know if someone can total up, is the amount of times JT has hit the post or crossbar over the last 20 games.  The poor kid has hit the post in my estimation about every second game during his slide.  If half of those go in he’s over 20 goals and the pressure is off. 
    I like that Moulson has been on his line the last couple of games, but would like to see KO back on that line.  If no one is scoring, why continue to try and spread out the best scorers on different lines?  Put them back together and see if you can spark them
    One very very good thing though, is that JT is looking more and more assertive as a player.  He’s delivering hits now, and avoiding hits where early in the year he was tentative and knocked around constantly.  He’s also carrying the puck more and making plays with it, where before he’d look to immediately dump it off to someone else.  I like what I see and I think next year is a big year for him.  If he manages to score a couple in the next few games it could spark another streak and he could finish the season with 25 goals.  I just wish he could catch a break and have it hit the post and go in!

  29. RobC/KO21 says:

    First of all what happened to Murrays policy that she cant meet with the developers since shes like a judge in a court case and it would be a conflict of interest???I feel like we have dirty rotten lier’s and down right criminals running our govt…I feel bad for Long Island
    Wang looked like a weasil in his interview and I feel bad for the Isles fans and people like Nick from Lettherebelighthouse who dedictated his precious time to Wangs fantasy…He had us all dreaming of something special and he is backing out….
    REgarding, Botta, I love 99% of his work but hes definatly in need of some humble pie…He banned me from posting on his blog because I criticized him on my Twitter page for banning me for disagreed with him on his site….

  30. RobC/KO21 says:

    Give it up already…Ur looking for a reason to bash the best all around player we got???The guy who out works everyone on the ice almost every single night???I will tell you, its not his game and when Nielson got hit it was KO who had a fit and tried to fight but he couldn’t get to the guy

  31. Who Dat says:

    That was a fun read….lol.
    BDG…how dare you call out Botta?!  lol…
    I called him out on his site on this recent development and he deleted my comments each time.  CB acts so childish at times.
    CB=narrow minded
    BDG-great question-where are the solutions?
    Here’s a couple…maybe KM should focus on this project and not the back door deals shes getting if the LHP fails.  And to Wang-just be honest to the fanbase.
    Go Isles!!!

  32. FantasyIsles says:

    Wang be honest with the fans, you say?

    Hmm… like the “honesty” he displayed with the shareholders of Computer Associates?

    See:  Kumar, Sanjay

    ‘Nuff said

  33. FantasyIsles says:

    Oh, and as per Computer Associates internal investigators…

    Special Litigation Committee’s Report:

    Fraud pervaded the entire CA organization at every level, and was imbedded in CA’s culture, as instilled by Mr. Wang almost from the company’s inception.”

    They also described CA under Wang as a “One-headed dragon” and said “No significant decisions were made without his participation and approval.”

    Yes, boys and girls, past is prologue.

  34. Isle27 says:

    Excuse me for criticizing the anointed one Rob. So the PP has been awful he is a big part of the PP but he gets no blame? The Isles can’t put the puck in the net and it seems like all the fan base wants to do is hammer the fourth line players. Guess what, Okposo gets paid to put the puck in the net, he’s not, which makes him part of the problem. As far as dropping the gloves once in a while like I stated above if those ELITE players I mentioned could do it AND ITS NOT THEIR GAME then Okposo who is not an elite player could do it. In fact maybe if he did drop the gloves once in awhile maybe he would have made Team USA since that is the type of player Burke likes. Next time the Isles play the Leafs if anyone drops the gloves with Phaneuf it should be OKPOSO Rob, he’s not too good to drop the gloves, he’s not Bossy, he’s a 12 GOAL SCORER. Time for Kyle to grow a pair.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Okposo is “practically” in his sophmore season because he only played 9 games in 2008…How can you say he gets paid to be a goal scorer yet???He isnt paid like a star yet but we see the star in him…The other stars who you say fight, they maybe fight once in a year if that…When Crysby fought last year it was a huge story and he hasn’t faught since if M wrong  then let me know because it cant be many more…Im sure KO will get into some scruffs in his career…Did Crysby get into a fist fight in his 1st 2 seasons???I doubt it because like I said when he did it was a big deal…
      Kyle Okposo is this fans favorite player and to say hes paid as a goal scorer in rediculous…Hes not getting paid like a finisher, yet…Hes on a preliminary contract and its up to him to become the scorer and then he will get paid as such..I dont always agree with Botta but the kids a leader by the way he plays the game and not by the way he can throw fists so I think he is capt material…I dont give a darn if he fights…Hes the most noticable player on the ice almost every game, for the Isles and the opposition,  because of how he plays the game and how he never gives up on a play….Like I said, hes only in his 2nd full season and I think he will become a great play maker and score 30 goals and allot more assists than goals…Give the kid a break, man…Its allot easier to watch the kids and criticize….

  35. BDGallof says:

    Wow. I should have given tickets away at #50. ;)


    Which will be happening after the Olympic break, actually. Stay tuned for giveaways in comments sections.


    Okposo might not be raining the goals, but his rounded out play has been noticed by many. Just might need one more year to be the player we hoped he would be.

    I always like when a top player is willing to use his fists…especially in lieu of missing an enforcer.


    • RobC/KO21 says:

      BD, I admit I’m concerned about his lack of finish but hes definatly a play maker and will be setting JT up for a large % of his future goals, IMHO…The finishing tough isn’t there now but thiesleague isnt easy…The NHL goalies are great and they wear  huge pads…Thats why there is only a small % of consistent  finishers in the league and thats why they get the HUGE contracts…KO doesn’t have a contract of a finisher as Isle27 claims

  36. Isle27 says:

    Snow should be embarrassed how soft this team is. They went a month and a half without a fighting major. I also lost some respect for Sutton tonight he should have dropped the gloves with Rupp he had given a cheap shot in the previous game with these guys and he should have answered for it tonight. Maybe I’m too old school but that’s what I think.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Isles27, as Jaffee says, hes is needed on the ice and not in the penalty box…Thats what enforcers are for…I agree Snow is to blame and should be embarrassed…Thats why Martin stepped in, its his job

  37. TPJM22 says:


    BITE ME.

  38. RobC/KO21 says:

    Lastly, its nice to actually post without fear of banishment

    • FantasyIsles says:

      I’ll second that!

      Long live Hockey Independent!

      Il Douchebag and his fascistic tactics needs be thwarted at every turn!

  39. Isle27 says:

    Overused excuse Rob “he’s needed on the ice and not in the penalty box” announcers seem to use that excuse only when it pertains to someone on their team who doesn’t drop the gloves. I’ve seen many players over the years who delivered a cheap shot drop their gloves when challenged it’s the right thing to do and let’s not confuse Sutton with Bobby Orr.  Martins job is to step in for a player like Tavares not a guy like Sutton who should be able to take care of himself. Okposo is a -11. He is a big part of the pp AND pk which have been awful this season. I’ve seen just about every player on the team criticized for the lousy special teams this season except him. I’ll give you an example of the free ride he gets in the last game they played against Tampa Isles on the PP Okposo takes a dumb penalty in the offensive zone and Tampa ends up scoring on their part of the PP. No one called him out for this but had that been someone else I guarantee they would have been called out I just don’t go for the double standard when it comes to him. Tavares gets hammered by the fans and he’s younger and less experienced than Okposo so don’t use that as an excuse. I’d like to see him smile less out there and play with more of an edge to his game then maybe we can talk about him being a captain one day.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Isle27, I get your point on Sutton and I also think KO should play with more of an edge and hit, finish more checks…Thats a fact and Im sure the coach is working to make KO  more effective…Hes still YOUNG…Regarding JT…I would never bash him…He has made MANY feeble passes resulting in turn overs but I understand hes 19 and will learn by his mistakes…KO has made mistakes but hes on his way to becoming a great player…Hes got the tools and work ethic..I think you’re too critical of KO as others are too critical of JT…KO isn’t always smiling…I dont see none of that but again I dont understand why he isnt throwing his body around as much as he should but it seems like the whole team is playng soft…When the hit they craete space and scoring chances but they dont do it consistently yet…

  40. Isle27 says:

    Well Rob it looks like we might have reached some common ground here. I don’t know if you saw the Ranger/Pens game last night,  the game that Chris Drury played last night (I know he hasn’t played good this season just last night’s game) is the type of game I want my captain to play. He set up a goal with a great pass, blocked shots AND dropped the gloves and mixed it up. I think if I was the Isles coach I would show Okposo that tape and tell him this is the way a captain leads his team in a game.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      Isle27, I hope KO turns out as a better player and leader than Drury….He has 1 good game and fights  but KO has better skill than Drury…Drury seems to have a few special goals in his life so hes overrated, imho…I agree with you tho, a capt should stand up for himself and his teammates…KO did smile last night after they won and he contributed with some great play and a goal…He also got really mad about something….Hopefully some time we will see him throw some fists and show some more heart instead of just getting angry…If he starts scoring more 30-40 goals like he should, I don’t care if he ever fights tho…
      On another note, did you read the Tavares bashing on Pointblank???Its ridiculous!!!!It wasn’t that long ago when KO was struggling, getting knocked off the puck easily and just wasn’t effective…He balked up and learned that he needs to play like every shift is his last and hes is not easily knocked off the puck….He took a good half season of games before he finally clicked…
      JT has shown what he can bring…For a good good stretch he wasn’t even getting chances, he  was invisible just like KO was at one point…Lately hes struggling to find the back of the net but how many posts has he hit???How many times has he created chances but just missed the net by a fraction or just got robbed by a goalie????I hope to God most of the posters who PB allows to post are a small % of internet flamers…I also hope JT doesn’t read that crap…We don’t deserve him to play here long term if thats what our fans are gonna act like…These kids will bail out of this hell hole as soon as possible and we have no right to complain…I cant stand these guys who are so irrational

  41. Isle27 says:

    Rob I hope you see the double standard I am talking about with Tavares and Okposo.  Okposo is the one tonight that missed a wide open net that would have made the score 4-1 early in the third and I doubt Ottawa would have come back but because they were able to kill that 5 on 3 it gave them a lift and they came back. Okposo also missed another either breakaway or in this case a semi breakaway tonight and yet not a peep from Botta’s crew but they bash Tavares and everyone else. I’m not bashing Okposo but I’m a little sick and tired of this double standard and it seems no matter what Okposo does he gets a plus after every game on that blog (maybe because he is Botta’s favorite player?) he certainly doesn’t deserve a plus for this game. On another note not one player on the Isles challenged Carkner for what he did to Jackman the last time they played Ottawa I really can’t blame Martin because he wasn’t in Ottawa for that sucker punch but this just illustrates how soft this team is.

    • RobC/KO21 says:

      I don’t know if you heard Scott Gordons press conference because he didn’t give KO a pass on that pass across he shouldve slammed home…He called him out saying that shouldve been a goal…I still think you are too critical of him because on that break away, as he was about to shoot, the dman behind him lifted his stick…Give the kid credit for creating the breakaway while short handed…I think you are putting to much stock in Chris Bottas opinions… I’m not even allowed to post over there because I disagreed with him and called him out on some of his posts…I agree KO has to learn to be a better finisher and maybe throw the body around more but other than that hes my favorite player…I think the majority of Isles fans love KO, you’re in the minority here so I guess we can agree to disagree….
      On the JT situation, theyre over there trashing a friggen teenager!!!!!I cant even read those posts anymore coz they just piss me off and Im unable to express it so I think I’m done reading those flamers…

  42. Couldent have put it any better my self, some points in this article is very accurate.

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