WELCOME BACK BROOKLYN RUMOR! Rumors Galore But Little Else As We Come Towards Sept 22nd Hearing

Today’s blog is based on the Chris Botta blog that has source citing Brooklyn today in his always excellent IslandersPointBlank. However, we will take that theory and others for a spin today. Hold onto your hats . . . .


Welcome Back Brooklyn!

(apologies to Welcome Back Kotter)

Welcome back,
Your dreams of Charles Wang’s ticket out.

Welcome back,
To that same old place Isles fans laugh nervously about.


Well the locations have all changed since you hung around,
But still remind us every time Charles and the Lighthouse wear a frown.

Who’d have thought in September we’d hear ya (Who’d have thought in September we’d hear ya)
Because over there no Island fans will see ya? (Because over there no Island fans will see ya?)


Yeah THEY tease here a lot cause the ToH has the Lighthouse on the spot, welcome back,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Oh yeah, THEY tease here a lot cause the ToH has the Lighthouse on the spot, welcome back,
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Well, here we are dealing with the latest rumor du jour once again as the Lighthouse Project seems to be listing into the September 22nd hearing and even Town of Hempstead highly placed source called: “nearing the finish line”. Yet, it is the rumormill that has kicked in post-Town of Hempstead’s letter to Suozzi and their open letter to Long Islanders.

We have read Christopher Botta (who looks strangely a lot like that Islanders blogger Chris Botta), who has finally made AOL Fanhouse readable again along with Adam Gretz and Kevin Schultz, who have been great hockey stalwarts over there. Botta’s Fanhouse piece citied a source saying that 6…that’s right 6, places could be destinations for the Islanders.


Ooh ooh ooh...I know! Is it Brooklyn????

Well, if it is, it’s news to most people. Charles Wang admitted publicly during a Legislature meeting this summer that there really was never any chance of the Isles going to KC. I wrote all the back at the beginning of this year that the Kansas City Rumors Were Decadent and Depraved. I wrote that there was no chance at the time the Isles pushed the notion of the them ever going there. KC is and was a lark. Sorry to those in KC, but Gary Bettman will not let a team move with a cup history from a lucrative and deep NY market. Moreover, he will not look EVEN weaker after the Phoenix/Basillie/Hamilton fiasco. Most of all, the 2015 lease that the Isles already have will assure they remain in litigation if they try to move anything anywhere.

So, let’s call it 5. We can also remove the hair-brained thought of Hamilton. Toronto will sue in seconds. 4. Ok, now lets remove Las Vegas which has a shelf life of one time for visiting fans to see a hockey game while gambling their life savings. 3. Queens. Not quite. Hazardous waste is chalk-filled below the land and it is not so smooth a move now. 2. Suffolk? Oh yeah, let’s do this all over again with another zoning and land deal. Good freakin’ luck. 1. Brooklyn? Brooklyn?????

Sorry, not a chance.

A majority of Brooklyn doesn’t even know what hockey is. I was born there. I grew up there. I went to college there. A hockey team would simply sink in someone else’s rich back pocket there. How many fans feel like traveling the LIRR to Brooklyn to get over there? Yeah, not so easy. And, ever take a car over the BQE in the evening? Not that fun.

Brooklyn is, as it has always been, an empty threat.

Sorry to break this to the Botta blog apologists who post positively Brooklyn would be an acceptable venue. Whatever Botta’s source motives, despite even if they’ve approached the Isles, it is a dumb dumb dumb move for a hockey team. Brooklyn has little to NO demographic to support a hockey team. None. Makes Phoenix look like Montreal.

It is one of the stupidest, most ass backwards, lame and simply empty locations for a hockey team ever. It would take them over 20 years to make Brooklynites even accept that there is any team but the Rangers (except for the 5 Isles fans that comment on Botta’s blog, clearly). Oh great, another Billionaire wants to sink money into a hole? Fantastic. After all, we know how the last one went.

Want to know what is rarer than finding a tree in Brooklyn? How about a hockey puck.

The Bottom Line

It is time for the Lighthouse Project to stop pushing their press and media buttons and sit down and answer the Town Board and negotiate that approval. No more bullshit. No more games. No more of this “the governor and Senator are behind us, we don’t have to agree to anything”*. Oh really, so why all the panic?

Yet, when the Town of Hempstead put forth “demands” after having the Lighthouse Project refuse to negotiate two weeks back, there was KC again, despite the fact it was never any destination except a loose threat. Since then, we’ve heard sheer panic, whining, and a whirling rumor mill campaign in order to bewilder the Long Island hockey masses.

Yet, not many have actually seemed to rally the troops to actually show up to the hearing except as a blog after-thought. Well except for HockeyIndependent’s own NY Islanders blogger, Nick Giglia, who wrote this on his personal blog. Nick will be on the always excellent Buddy Oakes Preds On The Glass radio show tomorrow night. Make sure to check it out.

The hearing meanwhile seems to be a last vestige place for the boobs of the opposition, where in Garden City were rumbles and crabbing by a real estate property group who is a self-interested party trying to kill any forward progress in any town but theirs. They are frustrated and trying to get opposition to show up at the hearing on Tuesday.

So it should be very clear that Isles fans must come to this hearing on Tuesday. And it is a lot more important than even August 4th hearing.

So let us talk about the hearing:


A zoning hearing has been scheduled for the Lighthouse project and all supporters are needed to attend. The hearing has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 22nd at the Adams Playhouse, on the campus of Hofstra University. The meeting will run in two sessions. The day session will run from 9am – 5pm with a one-hour break from 1pm – 2pm. The night session is scheduled to run from 6pm – 9pm.

This next step makes all the difference. At the last meeting, those in attendance had the opportunity to voice their thoughts on the environmental impact of the project. This upcoming meeting will focus on the zoning of the entire project. Why is it important to have a multi-use development plan at the Coliseum site? What are the benefits of smart growth? Why does Long Island need this? This is your chance to tell Supervisor Kate Murray and the Town Board. You may also submit your comments to the Town in writing by emailing lighthousecomment@tohmail.org or sending a letter to Lighthouse Comment, One Washington Street, Hempstead, NY 11550.


So, from the Lighthouse Projects own words, fans need to show up and be counted.

Let the Town of Hempstead Town Board, who is so concerned on the welfare of their district (for once?….people are still waiting for solution to the Courtesy Hotel debacle) ask their questions in front of Islanders fans. If their demands are so important, they will have their opportunity to ask the Lighthouse Project for definitive answers on many questions for the public record.

Some might be very pertinent. I also implore Islanders fans to push the Lighthouse Project to not only answer those questions, but to meet the ToH at least halfway on those wishes. For anything else will be another  political back and forth that once again plays fans in-between both parties. If there has been anything through all of this that has gone on, it is this very notion that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Too much “using” and just not enough “doing”.

Charles Wang needs to step-up and make some movement and flexibility. These are things they begged for earlier when all seemed doom and gloom, but disappeared soon after they got momentum. It is time to meet some of those demands, especially on issues of the Islanders long term on Long Island. They have tagged our team loyalty strings far too often.

BD’s Approved List of Concessions:

1. If there is anything from those ToH letter I support 100% it is that they indeed PRIORITIZE the refurbishment of Nassau Coliseum IMMEDIATELY. Not after they sell off a chunk of housing. If I have to sit in that wreck of a place one more game more than I have to, head’s will roll.

2. That they do employ Nassau and Suffolk County workers for the work (Hempstead? Nice try ToH). The  Lighthouse Project made a big show with union unity. They better conform to using those local unions and workers to do the work, and at NY State wages.

3. That they agree to certain parameters that assure that the Islanders play in that new venue for all home games (except for NHL-approved international venues overseas) for the next 30 years.

These things to me, are paramount. To me, the Lighthouse Project should have no problem agreeing to all of these I listed because they’ve always been on the level. Right? RIGHT??????

Well, we will really see on Tuesday, won’t we.

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s time the Lighthouse Project does something for fans. They certainly asked a lot of us over the course of months. Now, they need to go to that hearing ready to make a deal.

If anything comes off that further separates the two sides from that hearing it will be because of reticence to do the 3 things I listed. And if so, then there are severe problems because they are what many Isles fans want them to do.

Class dismissed.


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